Wed 11th Apr 2018 03:35

Letter to Lord Andron

by Ashlyn Alarian

Written in Celestial
Dear Lord Andron,

I wish to borrow a bit of your parental
wisdom. I was hoping to to hire a tutor for
my dear Midna. Cyne seems incredibly
intelligent which speaks volumes about
the education you and Lady Ceridwen
provided him. Thus I turn to you for advice,
Im hoping to find someone who could teach
her in a scholarly sense, I would also like
to hire a instructor for martial combat, she knows not how to
protect herself and thus I worry for,
this is relevant to my next query.
I was wondering if you knew of any
trust-worthy soul I could hire as a
bodyguard for Midna and Mery. Hence returning to Ironfalls
after the rescue of your daughter, I unfortunately
came to learn that some strange woman
has been kidnapping Mery and hiding her in some demi-plane
whilst impersonating her. I left this woman in Cynes
care when I whilst I went to check on Mery and Midna.
For whatever reason he let her go, I know naught why he would do that
but as such with people like her around
I need to seek out trust-worthy protection for my loved ones.
Hence my inquiry.
Thank you for your patience in this regard,
and I thank you for your time.
Sincerely in your debt,
Lady Ashlyn Alarian