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A dark elf bartender who is a self-trained arcanist, he also might be at every bar ever? We're still working out on how.

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Mon 21st Aug 2023 04:11

Journal #79: Dreamwalker Jinne [Text Roleplay]

by Aniks Aliforn

Begin writing your story here...Not wanting to fill his night with Azyel's brand of Chaos, Aniks found himself again with his Dreamer friend. Choosing to catch Jinne up if she had any questions. They found themselves in his rented room, Aniks sat down on the side of the bed. "Celuriel will be back eventually, she is out playing the fair games and I told her you're here. That aside, I have to tell you. Lyadri thinks I've been speaking to you *far* too much."
Jinne blinked, settling herself down on the floor with her legs crossed, peering up at Aniks through her messy fringe in an almost owlish way. The blank eyes didn't help. "But we are not speaking too much at all! You are always having business, so we do not get to! Why is she thinking this - what has happened to be making her think of such?"
“We haven’t but apparently you’ve left enough of an impression. I had to spend some time with Lyadri recently, and we spoke on arcane theory where I had mentioned the Source.” Aniks said smiling. The impression was true enough, one of his champion tattoos was a silver orb. There was a thought to tell her but then the drow shrugged “I admit I’ve been a bit busy lately, which is probably the only reason we spoke once while we were in Ironfalls.”
"You both are holding memories of the Source? Of my words on the Way? I am very happy for it!" Jinne certainly seemed brighter - not quite literally, but almost - for it, her smile wide. "It is a pity that there has not been much more time! We have had so much happen too. Sonja is having much hope that this will have the shortness of the Harp's adventure and not the problems of the March so I can be joining her again and we can have happiness together. But, those are things undecided. How are your thoughts on these troubles?"
Aniks groaned, a very clear indication of how he felt “Soon I’ll spend a year in the natural flow of the time. Genuinely not sure if I’m one hundred twenty-seven or eight at this point. That aside I hope this one doesn’t take long. Best not to dwell on the time lost, but I do have my reasons for wanting to return quickly.” The weariness of Sonja aside, Aniks hoped Jinne could return to her safe. Then with an arm, gestured to her whole armored attire “You seemingly are handling this looming shard fight well? You showed up through that portal practically swinging. How was the travel over, you said there were difficulties?
"It was having.. strangeness," she said carefully, choosing the words as if each was precious. "The Way here is different, and all of the paths are being watched by shadowing dark. I was needing the blinding belief and the help of earth-magic to have my orb carry me here! Dreams were too challenging. But I am not worried for the fight that is coming, because this will be our third and you have such strength now. I have small worries on what it will be doing to me again, but you can stand against me if I am made to fight you! It is not a fear, not now." She smiled at him, expression clear. "Why are you lost in time?"
"I've spent over a year in Pharasma's Realm, but that plane is timeless. I hadn't aged a second past when I arrived. Lost three years to the March. It's more annoying than anything else." Aniks said with a shrug. Leaning forward the drow continued. "The Shard has been effecting our dreams, even when we are shielded. That could be an explanation for something watching and effecting the Ways. Given how you called it strange I am guessing that was new for you?"
Jinne considered him, her fringe swaying sideways with the chimes of the beads woven into her hair as she did so. "Four or so years? It is not so many. But I am seeing with different eyes. My kind, we are eternal in many ways, so it is normal to have strange time." She beamed, apparently very proud of this, though it faded back as she thought on the Shard's effects. "...The March tried to touch dreams, too, but it could not do much. It could have our minds, but not further to the Way, so I did not think it would be so bad here. But it is, and I am also thinking it is the Shard that watches and plays. Maybe we can see it in our dreams this night?"
"You were seeing into the minds and dreams with the March, has the memory run away too soon? But it was leaving the Champions alone - maybe that is why you are forgetting..?" She gave him a reassuring smile, hands absent-mindedly toying with the ends of her plait. "I am hoping to see the dream changes too tonight, now, then! I wish to hear its words. What are the dreams it has given you in the past days? Have they taught many things - has it played with the rest, too?"
“Huh, I never considered those dreams. Always thought they were glimpses into their mindscapes and bad memories. That might not be too different from what a dream typically is.” Then considered her next words. “You might want to be careful about that, despite your connections to dreams it is still a shard. My dreams have been family related. The others confirmed that with their dreams. I had one where I was a child in the Underdark. Training with my mother, my sister was also there but their faces were hard to see. I had failed to cross the chasm and Pharasma saved me from that fall. The others had similar dreams each with their own mother in their respective dreams. The other happened this morning, A pleasant dream for the most part. Only changing when my Sister-In-Law appeared to torment Celu. That dream was much clearer.”
"So it is talking about family a lot? Family and something bad with the family, because on both of your dreamings, you were having a bad thing happen. It is to scare you perhaps? Those are not so easy to think on." Jinne shrugged, not letting the description unsettle her. "And there are many things that are dreaming, because your dreams are so close with your memory. It is not just imagination and fancy falsity, you know, when you are dreaming. Mental realms are very close to the land of dreams."
"They lost their family... according to Burdyr. So I am not completely surprised by the nature of our dreams. If I end up facing a magic facsimile of my mother during the shard's trials, well I won't be too shocked." Not the most pleasing idea, but Aniks had different people to worry about seeing. Especially since previous shard fights had pulled from their past. Those thoughts aside "Jinne if memory affects dreams like that, would a majority of the blocks a dreamer finds on The Way be from their memory?"
"He was speaking to the Shard..? How was he so doing?" She seemed incredibly curious, glancing over to the wall through to their room. "...Maybe, it was something of Azsire? They are so close now! It is very sweet, no? But it would be less sweet to fight your mother - if it is an event, I will make sure you are not harmed by her." She offered him a smile - one that turned more radiant as he continued. "Yes! Yes, it is memory - dreams and memories. But it is not theirs only. Dreaming is not a lonely experience for many, you know. Even if they are not knowing, their mind drifts through the Dimension of Dreams to brush against others, even against the gods of the beyond. When we are walking the Paths, we see the steps we take - we can know our way through the dreams!"
A small laugh escaped Aniks’ lips, the mental image of Jinne blade in hand against his mother would be something, but seeing how bright Jinne became as she broke into talks about dreams, he didn’t want to interrupt. “I wouldn’t say less sweet, the women fought like Skein. Something I am not too keen on doing again. If she does appear then we’ll deal with her together.”
Aniks shifted off the bed, back against the frame before speaking again. “I am not aware of the exact nature of how he came across the information, maybe speaking with the harp? As for influencing dreams? It would be nice to see how Ava’s or Celu’s dreams change mine, anything other than those types of gods. Hell, I’d rather Kazric brush up against mine. Still, if that’s the case by traversing the Ways, the path would or could be changed if brush up against another mind or their dreams? The shards presence was there, did we affect it any?"

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The major events and journals in Aniks's history, from the beginning to today.

Journal 35th: Emperor Aneirin of Aletheia

Pharasma’s domain, The Boneyard, a place where it takes weeks to find a blank journal. I had to use the last fifty pages to jot down all the notes I had decided to study life here in The Boneyard. It was not enough, but finding a blank journal was an ex...

06:38 am - 27.08.2019

Journal #37th: Not Alone

After my failed attempt to get the umbrite, which included a walk to check on my half-siblings, of course, I did not say anything to them, simply watched them. I know that I should probably feel something when I looked at them but in all honesty. I think ...

02:24 am - 17.09.2019

Journal 36th#: Matron Nivinle Alas'thil [Text Role Play]

After the shopping trip to gather the colder weather clothing, Aniks had decided to put one of his plans in motion. While the materials of the blade did not have to start in his home, he had other uses for umbrite besides wanting to fashion a blade out s...

03:39 am - 17.09.2019

Journal #38th: The Dark Spire [Text Role Play]

One of the first things that struck Celuriel - after they'd clambered out of the river and thoroughly examined the beach - was how cold the Boneyard was. She could see black sand - could feel it shifting under her feet like a living thing - and dark skies...

03:13 pm - 17.09.2019

Journal #40th: Longest four days of our lives

One long year and three months, that is how long Celuriel and I were in The Boneyard. Currently, this journal entry is being written from the icy continent of Iskaldhal four days after we dove into that pool that leads us to the banks of the river Styx. I...

09:23 pm - 20.09.2019

Journal Entry #41th: Stolen Book [Text Roleplay]

A hand opened and closed tightly, writing for prolonged periods of time always hurt Aniks. No matter how often he wrote. The ink was just about dry on the page as he finished another journal entry. He placed the also dry book, pen and ink on a bedside tab...

07:43 am - 21.09.2019

Journal Entry #39 Death's Champion

Planar travel always brings with it odd complications. For example, time is far more flexible in differing planes. The rules are ever-shifting compared to our normal sense of time that the Material Plane has. Sleeping was the only way I could think to tra...

03:02 pm - 05.11.2019

Desk Duty of the Spire [text roleplay on going]

Journal Entry #40 ~The Daemons in the trench coat~ While on desk duty one night you see a medium height elf with a trench coat come up to you and asks for directions to the Spire. With your passive perception you can see that their walk seems very s...

04:52 pm - 05.11.2019

Journal #42th: Basics to Necromancy, why is this even a book.

Our trip to Gildomar was a two-day journey, we rode knowing that at least that we'd be going to the one sold clue to finding Teras Galewin, Licia's Father. Using a phantasmal steed, I had conjured the trip was far faster than the eight days. However, t...

04:11 pm - 02.12.2019

Journal #43th: Soul to Soul Talk

Curiosity might have gotten the better of him, dragons in general were always something the barkeep had interest in. Now in the palm of his hand, a purple gem held the soul of one. Speaking to a trapped soul wasn’t something he had learned in the Boney...

04:19 pm - 02.12.2019

Journal #44th: Gold is not what King’s Envy

After leaving the lost cause that was the Prince, our goal was now set on the Jade Shrine. Which we acquired one dwarf, which I was not terribly upset with. His opinion of the Prince really changed my mind on him. That was not what we did this morning....

04:16 am - 11.12.2019

Journal #7: The Vetala

Celuriel: Please don't starve me. You promised no harm. Celuriel has pretty much been lurking around the barkeep's area permanently. Watches any other visitors with caution. Drowbie: So what do you think about the strange group of people we have h...

04:48 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #21: Demon's Champion

“Do any mortal have choices, Free Will, or are we just instruments for higher beings to use… if that is the case, I wanted nothing to do with them. I just wanted to live in a world where I am free from outside influences. Though I am not a so dumb a...

04:52 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #27: Pray to Fate

“I have a request to ask of you, I am not one who is familiar with praying in general. To the one who watches Fate, Pharasma a deal was struck with one the of my companions. Normally this would not be a reason to pray for guidance. I made stupid deals a...

04:57 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #29: Back from hell

So, when the others aren't paying attention, Celuriel (or Eurydice, I suppose) will pull Orpheus to the side to talk to him."...where are we? it's been too busy for me to ask." "Tenaerul, I have to apologies for having the deal in here. I thought we wou...

05:03 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #30: Her thoughts on life.

“Although it was not technically you that asked this, I feel that it is only natural that I ask. I overheard the others briefly mention your wrist after we left the Ivory Maze. Are you okay with this, with that mark around your wrist Celuriel?” ".....

05:06 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #32: The Apology

Aniks will attempt after a couple of days on the airship to find Celuriel where he can speak to her in private. He is determined to at least attempt to apologize to her to make amends. “I know to say that your upset with me Celuriel is an understatem...

05:09 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #??: Dear Niks

Dear Niks, It's been a long time, hasn't it? I know you've been through a lot since we left you, and I'm sorry you had to go through so much alone. Guess there was always going to be something to stop us. If it hadn't been the illness, it'd have been...

05:11 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #??: The Elder Sister

Nivinle Alas’thil, the only blood relative Aniks felt some modicum of familial bond with. Even that might be pushing it since it was more accurate to say, she was the only family that had not betrayed him. Though that one fact did not speak volumes for ...

05:14 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #33: The Samsaran and Her Dreamers

After while of being in that timeless room, letting the events of the shards trails shimmer down. Aniks will start shuffling around in his bag till he pulls a single white business card out. Which glowed softly with that strange white light. He will appro...

05:17 pm - 16.01.2020

Journal #57: The Trail of the Sapphire Shrine

There are no words, but I could express in this journal that would accurately describe how I felt about Cid. That is a topic that I will get into when the time is right, still something that needs to be talked about eventually and explained. Putting the m...

05:46 pm - 03.03.2020

Journal #58: The sign says it all

Journal Entry #58: The Sign says it all Besides Celuriel's involvement with the fae, I rather hate how easily they just warp the world around us when they need help. Regardless of my vexation towards the first world beings, one of them deemed it an ...

06:01 pm - 03.03.2020

Journal #60: A bartender once again.

After all this shrine mess, the fey time displacing us, dealing with the dwarven prince’s scry blocking everything to do with Licia’s Father. The Lost Ones and our traveling company finally decided we need a break. Which encluded a ludicrous amount of...

06:05 pm - 03.03.2020

Journal #61: The Dreamcatcher

Journal Entry #61: The Dreamcatcher [Text Roleplay] The Barkeep was surprisingly shocked he could keep his drink down tonight. The last time he actually drank, well elven ale was heavily involved. That being said the alcohol had hit him. It was clear a...

06:18 pm - 03.03.2020

Journal #62: Discussion and a price that will be payed.

We forgot to drink water. I have not had a hangover that bad in a long time. Celuriel's was likely just as bad as mine. However, I was lucky as she hadn't stabbed me from the pain. We both were pretty miserable when we woke up the next day. Given how ...

06:24 pm - 03.03.2020

Journal Entry #59: The oldest sister

Promethea had already nozzled herself into Aniks lap, clucking softy while asleep. Content with her meal at this odd family dinner. Eating with The Lost One's or Celuriel wasn't that odd. To some extent neither was Nivinle, though she kept writing down ...

04:58 pm - 09.03.2020

Journal #63: The five Stages

We slipped inside the Castle quite easily, Sigrun being one hell of a distraction for the people fighting outside. Ghost and all, with those Silver Orb priests healing those people no matter the side. The Castle itself was of typical dwarven from the pill...

12:00 am - 10.10.2020

Journal #64: Ring of Amethyst and Diamond

Having, of course, been a fair amount of time since their last meal. Aniks had taken it upon himself to find the kitchen and at least make something. It wasn’t too terrible to find. Rather small compared to Sigrun’s but it worked. He began rummaging t...

12:04 am - 10.10.2020

Journal #65: Clash of Ideals

Moments are so quick, but some can last far longer in memory and leave a far longer impression. While it was not the proper place for asking. I asked for Celuriel’s hand in marriage. That moment is something I will treasure, as seeing that smile was wor...

12:09 am - 10.10.2020

Journal #66: A Friend and A Story

Aniks, having told at least Celuriel, was going to try and speak with Jinne for a bit. She was welcomed to join or she could just continue doing whatever she wanted. Regardless of her choice, Aniks found himself with some fruit in hand wandering around th...

12:15 am - 10.10.2020

Journal #67: The Nature of the Shards

It’s the last night we are spending in Rod of Security, and we have learned too much for me not to write something down. Our second night within the small island to be exact. Instead of spending that last night in a bed in that comfy inn on the island. ...

12:19 am - 10.10.2020

Journal #69: Broken and For

Journal Entry #69: Broken and Forgotten Shades The Harp is contained, placed inside a demiplane of Azsire’s creation. At least I assume so. I have not been back to the material plane, as I have spent the past couple of days in the Boneyard. Apparentl...

02:32 am - 25.01.2021

Journal #68: Return of Black Marble

Journal Entry#68: Return of Black Marble Thrones Black marble. It always came back to black marble. The icy portal hadn't been gentle with Aniks this time; hadn't let him fall out onto a beach of soft sand or into the bed he'd been given during his la...

02:07 pm - 10.04.2021

Journal #70: Forging Bonds

Celuriel is thankfully not pregnant. A thought that plagued my mind while I was stuck in the boneyard. Having the ability to perceive souls is quite useful if you're checking on your partner to see if they have a little one on the way. Celu and I have spo...

03:24 pm - 25.08.2021

Journal #71: The Haunted Fey Mansion

The last person I expected at my door was Jinne, it had been two weeks since I returned from the Boneyard. Purposely avoiding the other members of the Lost Ones, I had spent most of my time with my family. I had of course seen them out and about around Ir...

02:34 am - 04.04.2022

Journal #72: Another Shard

I wish we could take Avariel with us but I will not risk my child in a land plagued by a shard. Not till it’s dealt with, though it’s looking like I might end up binding another god before this over. Options are limited, research into healing is compl...

02:37 am - 04.04.2022

Journal #73: Dancing with Demons in the pale morning light

Upon leaving the Peacemaker, the humidity hit like a train. Lush jungle forests were our arrival point near the coast of the Southern Continent. So an easy to find our way given our notes Elias had given us from the few question we got to ask him. Via th...

02:39 am - 04.04.2022

Journal #74: The Succubus's Ultimatum

Again shorter journal entries, too much traveling for long journals. Worried our Medimian friends would find our secret via my journals. I saw right, the fact the shard is killed people, taking their souls. Damn that succubus. Our knowing tour guide ...

02:40 am - 04.04.2022

Extra Journal: The worry of a Barkeep.

How far do the Shard's influences go? How far can they see… Licia claims that a shard made an attempt at her life while she was younger, so why not affect the other champions. What part of their lives could have been affected? Or was it a special case ...

05:39 pm - 25.04.2022

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