Kazric Szithna

Champion Kazric Szithna

No matter the challenge, no matter the danger, Kazric is up for anything. His courage is enough for the bards to spin legends about him... if, that is, he was willing to tolerate any of their 'pansy shit', and if he'd stop killing half the people he meets. Whilst he might have courage and tolerance of basically anything, he's also incredibly violent, obsessed with drinking (a habit that formed after his death), and in love with both killing and torturing people due to his upbringing.   Kazric died after taking a blow for Vanbrute Ironbeard, a dwarven inquisitor who formerly travelled with the party, in a bloody chapel in Port Amarin. He'd previously attacked the party due to orders from his former employer, but wild magic had confused him into thinking the dwarf was a drow, and he'd declared Vanbrute was his 'brother' and switched sides. The party promptly used a scroll of Reincarnate to restore him to life, this time as a half-orc. He was displeased and took to alcohol to recover, but did stay with the party until Vanbrute's departure.  

He and Vanbrute lived together in Dhun Volkulgar at Vanbrute's residence. Whilst Kazric has never confirmed the details of their 'bromance', certain assumptions can be made. He returned to the party when his help was needed with Yuethin'tar, as former drow were no longer bound by racial secrecy, wielding a strange black greatsword that seemed to absorb souls that he'd received in return for him joining (and, in part, leading) an army in the Underdark. The true nature of the sword was revealed when he struck the final blow on the plant creature that had been absorbing souls from across the entirety of Serendel Forest, creating a magical backlash between two artefacts that sent the party into Pharasma's Boneyard to meet with the Goddess of Death herself. Before this confrontation, however, he was marked by the demon lord Shax as his Champion, which has involved a bloody tattoo of Shax's symbol appearing on his wrist and slowly spreading outwards from it.
  He travelled with the party until they reached Undria, at which point he departed on the orders of his House (warning the party as he left). He was later found being controlled in an uprising spurred on by the drow, used as a warrior by a female drow enchantress from his House, but was rescued by the party and forbidden from wandering off again.   The last thing the party knew of him was that he'd become separated from them in Vaermhyrel, his home city in the Underdark. They have received word from Aniks's sister that Kazric is in the hands of the Bloodwalker (also known as Riven Drast), and have just felt his despair through a psychic link. His status is, at the moment, unknown.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Extremely well-muscled and in perfect shape. Various scars from his rough life, though far fewer than were on his drow body. Scars around his neck and back from the brief time he was in drow company in Undria, and deep wounds on his wrist around his Champion mark due to the nature of Shax's mark.

Body Features

His once-purple skin is now a warm olive-green. He has no particularly standout features that would separate him from a usual half-orc.

Facial Features

His jaw is square, his eyebrows are thick and generally narrowed in either anger, confusion or mock intensity, and his beard is short but well-kept.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a secret bellybutton piercing and bears the mark of Shax on his left wrist.

Physical quirks

Right-handed, struts like he owns the world. Probably believes he could if he tried.

Special abilities

Standard barbarian abilities.

Apparel & Accessories

Tends to wear whatever looks most intimidating, and doesn't wash his clothes often. This leads to a lot of bloodstains unless Pin can Prestidigitate him.

Specialized Equipment

Wields a greatsword and uses it well, channelling his anger into his strength.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Grew up as a lesser male drow of House Szithna and was trained as an exceptional torturer and fighter. Slew his brothers to prove that he was worthy of working with those outside the Underdark to further Shax's goals and spread fear of their family's name.   Worked with Kisten Piscary and Eleanor Samarkand, under his family's orders, as a leader of the Crimson Claw, a bandit group that successfully smuggled hundreds of illicit magical items and creatures into Aletheia before the Shadows noticed and assigned Azyel Lathronon and his party to infiltrate and deal with the threat.


Highly trained warrior.

Accomplishments & Achievements

    • Spread fear of the Szithna name throughout Port Amarin and the ships of traders everywhere
    • Caught the attention of one of the most powerful mortals in the Underdark and was given a blade in return
    • Destroyed an evil creature that threatened the Underdark (and the elves, whatever) with the party
    • Became the Champion of Shax, his divine patron
    • Saved Vanbrute
  • Met some really fuckin cool people
  • Failures & Embarrassments

      • Tricked into being mind-controlled by his House
      • Manipulated by Drast
  • Whipped by Pin
  • Mental Trauma

    Still disturbed by the race-switch. Conditioned to obey female drow no matter what.

    Intellectual Characteristics

    He's not amazingly smart. Whilst he's not too dumb, and he can actually be fairly wise if he can be bothered with it, he's never been the brightest. He's more charismatic than anything.

    Morality & Philosophy

    He loves the thrill of fighting, killing and torturing anyone he sees fit. Whilst travelling with the party has helped him build a better moral centre, he's prone to falling back into old habits, especially with the encouragement his god provides. He's extremely brave and values his freedom very highly, and would not hesitate to take a killing blow for someone he sees as a brother or close friend.


    No mind-altering drugs.

    Personality Characteristics


    Wants to prove he's the best. At what? Anything he feels like!

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

    Extremely good at torture, interrogation and execution, to the point where the dwarves were willing to use him as a specialist. Also a fantastic fighter. Absolutely horrendous at any game that requires patience.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Loves alcohol, weaponry, food, murder, torture, sex, darkness, sleep and pain. Very kinky.   Hates mind-control, enchantment spells in general, the colour orange, oranges and cowards. Doesn't like elves, half-elves or most dwarves, and mocks half-drow.

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Courageous, quick to act and very loyal.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Addicted to alcohol, quick to anger, and horrendously bad at identifying/resisting manipulative behaviour. Extremely violent, extremely crude.

    Personality Quirks

    Horrible at lying. Tends to start playing with his greatsword and threatening people/swearing more when nervous or annoyed.


    Pretends to not care about hygiene. Secretly cares a lot... in a different way. Tries to keep himself smelling intimidating and looking like he's had no trouble in a fight instead of trying to keep himself clean and smelling sweet.


    Contacts & Relations

    House Szithna   Crimson Claw   Lost Ones   Dhun Volkulgar - Specialist executioner   Vanbrute Ironbeard - Bromantic partner

    Family Ties

    Member of House Szithna. Has never talked about specific family ties.

    Religious Views

    Worships Lord Shax.

    Social Aptitude

    Very charismatic, but tends to be offensive (and is aware of that). Excessively confident with a massive ego.

    Hobbies & Pets

    No pets. Hobbies are either drinking or killing/torturing/otherwise causing pain to either others or himself. Or having sex. Or doing some combination of these. Or thrillseeking through other means.


    Low, rough voice. Swears a lot.


    Aniks Alas'thil

    Ally? (Important)

    Towards Kazric Szithna



    Kazric Szithna

    Bro (Important)

    Towards Aniks Alas'thil



    Kazric Szithna cover
    Kazric Szithna, as a half-orc
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Champion of Shax
    Current Residence
    Biological Sex
    Doesn't give a fuck as long as it's an adult.
    Once bright purple, now olive-green.
    Once white; now brown. Slicked back.
    Known Languages
    Common, orc, undercommon, elven. Can understand a decent amount of spoken Abyssal as of late, but can't speak it.


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