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Kazric Szithna

Champion Kazric Szithna

Fuckin' moon dragons, man.
— Kazric
  No matter the challenge, no matter the danger - Kazric is up for anything, provided it doesn't interfere with his kids. His courage is legendary (as is his lack of patience), his alcohol tolerance is higher than any mortal's should be, and his sword is - to quote the man himself - 'absolutely fucking massive'. He's never one to turn down a fight, and actively seeks combat out to entertain himself - however, since his second brush with death and since the birth of his children, he's been a little more careful about what, exactly, he picks out a fight with. Long gone are the times where he'd throw himself into the void to grab a sword (yes, that happened) - these days, he prefers throwing other people at the problem. Literally: he's reportedly training to become a gnome punting champion in his free time.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Extremely well-muscled and in perfect shape. Scars run across his body, leaving deep gouges of unknown origin. Shax's symbol still lingers in the form of faint scars on his face and twisting ropes of scar tissue that wind up from his shoulder. Sinaske's symbol - and accompanying starry patterns - wind across his body, too, in an expanse of night that he claims the ladies will love.

Body Features

Deep purple skin marred with Shax's former sigils of ownership and decorated with Sinaske's gentle night breeze. He's added his own tattoos on top in white ink, largely representing his favourite people - Zaryana, Kailas, and Veldrin especially.

Facial Features

His features are surprisingly sharp for a drow, thick brows often pinched together in bloodlusty rage. The faint scars on his face catch the light when he moves, often set shimmering by the starlight from his void-flecked eyes.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a secret bellybutton piercing, bears the mark of Sinaske on his left wrist, and proudly carries the impact of his current and former champion marks alongside the fierce scarring left by the void.

Physical quirks

Right-handed, struts like he owns the world. Used to believe he could if he tried; now acts like his children ARE the world.

Special abilities

Fuckin' watch me fight shit if you want to see my kickass moves.
— Kazric

Apparel & Accessories

Tends to wear whatever looks most intimidating, and doesn't wash his clothes too as often as everyone around him wants him to. Doesn't care about their reactions, but will jump into a river if encouraged or dared.

Specialized Equipment

Wields a greatsword and uses it well, channelling his anger into his strength.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Days

Kazric grew up as one of the many expendable male drow of House Szithna in Vaermyrhel, though wasn't often allowed to stay in the one place. As is standard for his House, he grew up worshipping the demon lord Shax, and was trained in the art of torture as both a form of worship and a way to make use of him. Drow males are not looked on highly in Aletheia, and this was no different for Kazric. As he learnt how best to wring screams from his victims, he was also taught to fight. This, he excelled at. Though he was never tested in any of the Aletheian Underdark's arenas, Kazric's prowess was standout amongst his cohort. Between his shifts as a guard, torturer, and occasional experiment, Kazric's superiors set him to spar as often as possible - sometimes going for days without rest. He was not alone in this: his brother, Sharzic, was equally strong, and some of his other peers were not far behind. To prove their worth, one of House Szithna's higher-ranking women arranged a competition: they would fight, and the strongest survivor would be granted permission to take on outside contracts on behalf of the House.   Kazric won. It was a bittersweet victory: he'd fought Sharzic in the end, and he'd won without hesitation. The callous victory won him respect, and it wasn't long before his services were contracted to the Crimson Claw, a bandit group that had much success smuggling illicit magical items and creatures into the Aletheian Empire. He quickly rose to be one of the group's leaders alongside the dhampir Kisten Piscary and the witch Eleanor Samarkand. Whilst the time he spent in charge was profitable, it wasn't to last: The Eagle's Shadows were onto their activities, and soon sent Azyel Lathronon's group after him.   The ensuing fight with the fledgling Lost Ones killed Kisten and let the adventurers recruit Kazric to their side thanks to a powerful magical artefact bending his mind to their views of law and good for a small time - Eleanor, meanwhile, escaped in the fray. Though the effects of the wild magic mostly wore off, Kazric chose to remain with his new 'friends' thanks to another magical effect: Vanbrute Ironbeard had managed to become permanently effected with something that allowed all drow to see him as a drow, and Kazric had immediately declared them 'bros'.   Naturally, this had consequences.  

The Lost Ones

  The Lost Ones continued their adventures, tearing a trail through criminals in Port Amarin as they went. Kazric was all too happy to join them on that. Eventually, Captain Iryani Lilan of the Amarin Guard went missing at a local church and Kazric joined the group for the investigation. The bloodstained chapel held host to an aberrant horror that didn't phase the drow much - but when he saw his new drow 'bro' standing in the path of a deadly attack, he threw himself in the way. He died there on the flagstones of a foreign chapel, for a 'brother' who'd lied about his identity. That may have been his story's end if it wasn't for a single worn scroll of Reincarnate found in the chapel's sideroom, which the party promptly used to restore him to life.   He awoke as a half-orc, taller and built differently to anything he'd ever known. Worse: since he was no longer a drow, he could see through Vanbrute's deception. Choosing to embrace the stereotype of his new species, Kazric went binge-drinking to accept the change in circumstances. He did end up rejoining the party, but only for Vanbrute's friendship - when the dwarf returned to Dhun Volkulgar, Kazric followed.   He and Vanbrute lived together in Dhun Volkulgar at Vanbrute's residence. Whilst Kazric has never confirmed the details of their 'bromance', certain assumptions can be made. Some months of peace later, the party were forced to request his aid - their adventures had led them to seek Yuethin'tar, and they required a drow's guidance in finding the place. Kazric, as a former drow, was also no longer bound by the writ of racial secrecy that prevented Aniks Alas'thil from simply guiding them there.   Happy to get to hit more shit, Kazric showed back up - now wielding a strange black soul-eating greatsword that he had allegedly received through his part (and leadership) in an Underdark-bound army far beneath the Dhun. Before he could lead the party to their goal, the demon lord Shax honoured him with the painful and bloody appearance of a Champion mark on Kazric's wrist, black lines digging into his skin. There wasn't time to dwell on this; the party's adventures had to continue.   Kazric led them down into Yue'thintar's outskirts, and joined them for their confrontation against a colossal plant creature that had been absorbing souls and life across the entirety of Serendel Forest. It was here that the true nature of his sword was revealed: as he struck the final blow on the beast, the sword and the plant's gemstone heart resonated to create a magical backlash destructive enough to rend the entire area and send the party directly to Pharasma's court in the Boneyard. Whilst the group were stunned to learn of the Shards of Void, Kazric was more pissed off that he'd lost his favourite sword. He later replaced it with a much simpler magical greatsword.   Though he had no desire to attend any balls Cyne's parents had invited the party to, he travelled with the group until they reached Undria, at which point he departed on the orders of his House with a pointed warning for the others to not get involved. He was later found in an uprising spurred on by a group of drow, mentally controlled and forced to fight by a drow enchantress from his House: the party reluctantly rescued him and recruited half of the 'revolution' as their own allies. He thanked them by throwing a wild party during the ball with all the revolutionaries they'd saved, and later joined them for the capture of Fort Kildaine and subsequent establishment of Ironfalls.   He joined the party again when Alysia Undria was captured by Riven Drast and House Umbra, promising to draw on his familiarity with the city despite not being a drow in appearance. This backfired almost immediately when he, pretending to be one of the many slaves, was led away from the party. Not long after, Nivinle Alas'thil informed them that he was in Drast's hands. When the party rediscovered him, it was to find him restored to the form of a drow -meaning Drast had likely killed and raised him - and chained to one of five black thrones in Castle Umbra's basement by an intricate piece of technology that drew on the power of his champion mark. Ashlyn Alarian freed him by removing the offending arm, and he joined them for the confrontation against Drast - with deadly consequence.   It became clear that Drast sought to restore the Spiritblade, the sword Kazric had previously owned (and destroyed). Drast tore open a gateway to the void, wherein the blade was forming: Aniks Alas'thil was the only other person brave enough to try and steal the blade from the tiefling. Ashlyn yelled to Kazric that his sword was inside, and he wasted no time in launching himself through the portal after Drast.   It closed behind him. The only memento the party had of his part in the fight was the arm Ashlyn had previously removed and stored in her bag of holding. Liese Celadrion's talents were requested in retrieving it, as Ashlyn's attempt to look inside the bag revealed that it had somehow been filled with blood. The baffled mage presented the group with a clean bag after some experimentation, and an oddly-patterned egg that later hatched into Veldrin. There was no sign of Kazric.   They would later learn that prior to his apparent demise in the void, Kazric had gotten Kraia Woodslough's sister, Rosemary Woodslough, pregnant. She wasn't happy to learn that her baby daddy was missing.  

The Timeskip

  As the party were held in suspended animation for three years thanks to the Unbroken March, a lot happened back in Ironfalls. Rosemary gave birth to Kazric's twin children, Zaryana Estelle Nightshade Szithna and Kailas Lucian Darkscar Szithna. Despite Kazric's half-orc heritage at the time of their conception, the children were born as a drow-halfling mix (as evidenced by their notable purple skin).   At some point, Kazric apparently escaped the void and returned to Ironfalls. He has given little detail on how this occurred but bears a number of significant changes thanks to the experience. Most notably, his red eyes are now replaced with blue-tinted windows to the night sky, he can sprout draconic wings and fly, and has become the Champion of Sinaske - a largely unknown deity of lunar dragons. When questioned on what happened, Kazric generally shrugs and blames the moon dragons. It is unknown whether his recent changes in maturity are from the time elapsed, his experiences in the void, or through the experience of fatherhood he's gotten since his return.   It is suspected that Kazric was involved in the death of Alysia Undria. The two had an odd friendship despite not being particularly close, and he is known to be one of the last people to have seen her alive. He took up a silent vigil outside her room before any other knew she had passed, and was the first to speak to Cyne when the Emperor teleported to her room to find out what had happened.

Gender Identity

Male to the core.


Doesn't give a fuck as long as they're an adult.


Trained as a torturer and a warrior under House Szithna's expert hand; received other general schooling along the way. Likely received further training as an adult in Vaermyrhel when he first obtained the Spiritblade. Unknown amounts of education and progression in the void.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Spread fear of the Szithna name throughout Port Amarin and the ships of traders everywhere.
  • Caught the attention of one of the most powerful mortals in the Underdark and was given the Spiritblade in return.
  • Destroyed an evil creature - a Shard of the Void - that threatened the Underdark (and the elves, whatever) with the party.
  • Became the Champion of Shax, his former divine patron. Later became the Champion of Sinaske, which he takes much more seriously.
  • Saved Vanbrute Ironbeard's life in some weird fucked-up chapel and died gloriously in the process.
  • Met some really fuckin' cool people!
  • Had two amazing children, Kailas and Zaryana.
  • Jumped into the void and came out stronger.
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • Was tricked into being mind-controlled by his House.
  • Was heavily manipulated by Riven Drast on more than one occasion.
  • Jumped into the void because a paladin said so.
  • Mental Trauma

    Conditioned to obey female drow no matter what, and generally conditioned to behave as a male of House Szithna should. Now that he's older and more experienced, he recognises how fucked up the situation from his childhood was, and it screws with his head if he thinks about it too much when he's really drunk. Unknown levels of trauma from whatever happened in the void.

    Intellectual Characteristics

    Kazric will gladly admit that he's not amazingly smart. Whilst he's not too dumb, and he can actually be fairly wise if he can be bothered with it, he's never been the brightest. He's more charismatic than anything.

    Morality & Philosophy

    He loves the thrill of fighting and killing as he sees fit. Whilst travelling with the party has helped him build a better moral centre, he's prone to falling back into old habits if given too tempting an excuse. He's extremely brave and values his freedom very highly, and would not hesitate to take a killing blow for someone he sees as a brother or close friend. Since having children, he prioritises them in his life: even the orders of a god can wait for a little if Kailas has done some kickass artwork to show him.


    No mind-altering drugs; too many bad experiences.

    Personality Characteristics


    Wants to prove he's the best, and wants to show his worth. Also wants to be the best dad he can to his kids.

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

    Extremely good at torture, interrogation and execution, to the point where the dwarves were willing to use him as a specialist. Also a fantastic fighter. Absolutely horrendous at any game that requires patience. Expert at hide and seek.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Loves alcohol, weaponry, food, murder, torture, sex, darkness, sleeping, and his children.   Hates mind-control, enchantment spells in general, the colour orange, oranges and cowards. Not a fan of elves or their half-variant. Used to not like half-drow; now that he's made his own, he's a fan.

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Courageous, quick to act, and endlessly loyal. Doesn't break promises unless the other person betrays him first.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Addicted to alcohol, quick to anger, and horrendously bad at identifying/resisting manipulative behaviour. Incredibly crude.

    Personality Quirks

    Horrible at lying. Tends to start playing with his greatsword and threatening people/swearing more when nervous or annoyed. Dances around questions rather than giving straight answers.


    Pretends to not care about hygiene. Secretly tries to make himself look and smell intimidating. Has had to change this in recent years because of the kids.


    Contacts & Relations

    House Szithna   Crimson Claw   Lost Ones   Dhun Volkulgar - Specialist executioner   Vanbrute Ironbeard - Bromantic partner

    Family Ties

    Father to Kailas Szithna and Zaryana Szithna. Member of House Szithna.

    Religious Views

    Used to worship Shax, but has gone through a significant shift in world view. Faithful to Sinaske, though he hasn't gone into detail about why.

    Social Aptitude

    Very charismatic, but tends to be offensive (and is aware of that). Excessively confident with a massive ego.

    Hobbies & Pets

    No pets. Hobbies are either drinking or killing/torturing/otherwise causing pain to either others or himself. Or having sex. Or doing some combination of these. Or thrillseeking through other means.   Well, actually... nowadays, he's mellowed out. Enjoys flying with Veldrin, playing with his kids, assisting in Midna's combat lessons, and generally causing harmless chaos in Ironfalls. Still likes to fight and kill, but has learnt how to enjoy other things. Still a total drunkard, though.


    Low, rough voice. Swears a lot.


    Aniks Aliforn

    Ally? (Important)

    Towards Kazric Szithna



    Kazric Szithna

    Bro (Important)

    Towards Aniks Aliforn



    Kazric Szithna


    Towards Rosemary Woodslough

    Rosemary Woodslough


    Towards Kazric Szithna

    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Champion of Sinaske
    Currently Held Titles
    Year of Birth
    5498 EA 128 Years old
    Current Residence
    A blue-tinted void drenched in millions of stars.
    Stark white and pulled back; half of it is kept in a ponytail to restrain the rest.
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Deep purple with a slight shimmer in the light.
    Known Languages
    Common, Orcish, Undercommon, Elven, Draconic, and Abyssal.

    Character Portrait image: Kazric by Helena Nikulina (for Hanhula)
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