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Serendel Forest

Travellers, beware: Do not stray from the marked paths. Do not trust the lights. Fey lurk beyond this point.
— Sign at the forest's entrance
  Stretching from the outskirts of Port Amarin across the Aletheian Empire's northwestern coast stands the ancient Serendel Forest, home to mysteries and magic that Istralar has kept to herself for millennia. The forest has faced many tragedies across its lifespan. Wildfire has ravaged it many a time before, as have western hurricanes lost from their usual southern paths. In more recent years, it suffered the life-sapping torment brought on by the Gemstone of Life until the actions of the Lost Ones restored its dreary woods to true life. While these occurrences are brutal and often accompany mass loss of life, the forest is never entirely destroyed - and what is wiped out will always regrow.   There are few settlements within the woods, most likely because of the many dangerous creatures calling them home. Ilendras is the oldest and most protected of these, functioning as a bastion of elven power within Aletheia. In fact, the Ilendran elves once ruled the forest in its entirety - ruins of their former towns can still be discovered under layers of moss and ivy.
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