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  Ilendras is a very large town located within Serendel Forest. Once the seat of the fallen nation of Ilendras - from which the town drew its name - the Ilendras of today and its surrounds are the most elf-dominated areas of the whole of the Aletheian Empire, and indeed, all of Valathe.   Ilendras maintains the only Aletheian Elf-Gate due to its past status, and through this, is often a political pawn in maintaining relationships with the elven nation of Galasthin. Rumour states that if Ilendras is ever threatened by other forces or if the Elf-Gate comes under threat, Galasthin will step in and reclaim their former satellite territory and shatter their lengthy alliance with the Aletheian Empire in the process.   The Mages Guild currently maintains its capital in Ilendras.   Ilendras and Serendel Forest came under threat by the Gemstone of Life in 5623, and were only saved by the combined efforts of the Lost Ones, the then-leader of the Mages Guild Elias Cielwood, the then-prince Cyne of Undria, and Ilendras's leadership. The Gemstone's destruction in Yuethin'tar, a subterranean drow settlement beneath Ilendras, resulted in a large explosion that caused some surface disturbances and a significant change to the Guild's power within Ilendran society.
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