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the Mages Guild

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  Established on Terra Arcana prior to its fall, the unimaginatively-named Mages Guild is a long-standing guild celebrating knowledge and understanding of all magic, though they do prefer to focus on the arcane. They care little for national borders, though healthy competition is welcomed between each of their branches.   They have many schools throughout the world, but their most significant presence is across Valathe. They maintain strong ties with the Kartovian Exploration Society and the Eagle's Shadows, but hold significant grudges and maintain rivalries with both the Keykeeper Syndicate and the Keepers of Divinity. Their most significant rivals, though, are other arcane organisations - Thrinda's Arcanium key among them.   The Aletheian branch, largely considered to be the current leading branch and where the headquarters is currently based, was established in Ilendras prior to its incorporation into the Aletheian Empire. They were key in the former Ilendran nation's defence against the northern dwarven kingdom within the Everfall Mountains and the subterranean threat of Yuethin'tar's drow, amongst other threats. Once their home nation fell, they joined its replacement Empire with little fanfare.   Many of their schools are specialised around particular schools of arcane magic, and are located in areas safest for the practice of that particular kind of magic. Notably, schools of necromancy are generally isolated in distant corners of mountains or in the depths of the Underdark.

Public Agenda

The Mages Guild seeks to unlock the secrets of magic and educate all who seek knowledge with a deeper understanding of the arcane arts.
Guild, Mages
Alternative Names
Mages, the Arcane Menace
Related Traditions
Related Professions
Archmage - Has an immense wealth of knowledge and is charged with managing diplomatic relations with the nation. Most senior authority in the branch. Inter-guild conferences see them referred to as 'the Archmage of Aletheia'.   Spellmaster: Twelve mages fill this role and make up a council who assign roles and manage the day-to-day organisation of the guild.   High Mage of [school]: The leader of specific wizarding schools or arcane talents. They manage the curriculum for that school's teachings. Other arcane disciplines modify the title slightly - alchemists may be known as the Chief Doctor of Alchemy, bards as the Head Bard, et cetera.   Master Wizard: Highly talented mage, well-proven. For this and all other general rankings, the title changes according to discipline (Master Bard, Master Arcanist, etc). These mages often function as heads of other schools or research labs, chief mages in armies, or high-ranking advisers to members of the nobility. Generally level 15+. Master rank is required to move up in rank.   Expert Wizard: Skilled mage. Often function as researchers, professors, magical item traders or magical soldiers. Levels 11 - 15.   Adept Wizard: Middle-level of talent. Many can't progress further than here. Often researchers, low-level magical item traders, members of arcane squads and eccentrics. Levels 5 - 10.   Apprentice Wizard: Mages who know some spells and have decent talents, but have yet to prove their ability and often still need to learn more. Levels 2 - 4.   Novice Wizard: Beginners who're still learning. Levels 0 - 1, occasionally 2 depending on talents.

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