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Everfall Mountains

There's history to these rocks. Listen close, and you can hear them sing of it.
  At the northern tip of the Aletheian Empire stands the Everfall Mountain Range. These high peaks serve as a natural shield against attacks from the Medimian Empire, and as a strong source of minerals and gemstones. Many species have made their homes in these mountains, from the dwarves of Dhun Volkulgar to the drow of Vaermyrhel. Living within the mountains is never an experience free of danger: the native dragons see visitors as easy prey, and undead lurk within dark overhangs to lure travellers into their dens. Prospective victims should plan routes ahead of time and, if possible, travel through the well-guarded underpass that can be entered either in Pinefold Hollow or Lunaron.  


Recorded history states that the Everfall Mountains were first claimed by a legion of dwarves and their kin for the fledgling Kingdom of Eivnfalr, displacing the barbaric R'kal orcs. However, the kingdom was never to maintain a peaceful hold on the region. Attacks from other nearby states were near-constant, and the Kingdom suffered civil wars of its own. Splinter states began to appear in more distant corners of the range, and enterprising souls dug deep beneath the earth to establish highly- defensible civilisations of their own.   By the time of the Worldrend, most of these smaller states had collapsed, leaving Eivnfalr in tenuous control as the elves of what would become Ilendras warred against them. Neither elves nor dwarves expected the rise of the drow beneath the earth, and after decades of warring, it was only the eventual arrival of Aletheia that restored some semblance of peace to the realm. Whilst there have been outbreaks of civil war within the Empire, none have been successful - Aletheia has maintained their control of the renamed Everfall Mountains.
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the Everfall Range
Mountain Range
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