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Short of leg and full of beard, the dwarves are a hardy, kind folk born from the earth itself...
— The Codex of Species
  Dwarves are short, stocky humanoids that were created by the original dwarven god, Torag, from the rocks and gems within the crust of Istralar very early in the Era of the Divine. As all dwarves once originated from the Heartforge of Iskaldhal, the traditions and faiths of dwarves tend to remain consistent across the various dwarven countries and cultural groups across the world. They hold a deep understanding with the planet and bond deeply with their homes, often to the point of excluding outsiders.   As a species directly born of and acknowledged by the gods, dwarves have always proven incredibly skilled with divine magic. Clerics, warpriests, paladins, and other divine servants are entirely common in dwarf-dominant civilisations, and many dwarf-dominant cultures - like Gildómar, where they first settled - have strict rules prohibiting or restricting arcane magic.
Average Skin Colours
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Genetic Descendants

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