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This article is extremely out of date and will be updated shortly. For now, the text refers to the Empire.
  Led by an Emperor, this ruthless empire stands in stark contrast to the Aletheian empire that lies nearby: instead of gentle guidance and peace, this empire demands obedience at all times.   The state mandates religion, function, casting... all of it. Any arcane mage born is to either be executed or recruited into the Emperor's service (as part of the Amethystine Regiment). Any foreign arcane caster is bestowed with a rune upon their hands marking them as such: failure to produce this mark when asked by the guard is cause for arrest, trial, and possibly execution. The only ones immune to such disgrace are those of another nation's royalty: this is, of course, to prevent extreme political trouble.   Former nobles of ex-nations now under the Medimian Empire's control are not permitted this royal exception unless granted it by the Emperor himself. Divine casters are likewise kept sequestered from the general populace; in this case, however, they coordinate with the Keepers of Divinity and train those blessed (or cursed) with power in temples dedicated to specific pantheons or gods. Of course, the state-mandated religion is worship of Lord Asmodeus, but as a courtesy to him, other religions are permitted their clerics and paladins. Shamanic and druidic worship is looked down upon by the Emperor, but he respects their neutrality and care for the land: thus, he restricts their movement to the more natural areas (mountains and forest, mostly), banning them from cities and any area where he plans on violating nature. Those who intentionally combine arcane and divine magic (i.e. training as a cleric then trying to combine that with the arcane) are arrested and never seen again. Those who do so unintentionally (i.e. being cursed to be an oracle, but trying to learn wizardry such as Pin) are branded and mistrusted worse than most arcane casters. Psychic power is unknown here; the few occurrences of it have been thought to be arcane magic.   The Empire has strict laws on marriage - permission to marry outside ones race must be sought. Additionally, any pregnancy must be registered - if the Empire does not wish for a certain couple to breed, or considers the population growth to be too high, the pregnancy will be gently terminated. Memories of this occurring will be removed to maintain mental stability.
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