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Aegrotus Dilectum

It is an honour to serve your country. Able-bodied souls work to the bone to support those less fortunate; even those burdened by violet sin may atone by serving in the Amethystine Regiment.   In times of war, we cannot afford to let the elderly and invalid stand by. You must serve. If not with your body, then with your life.
  In the Medimian Empire, military service is compulsory for all persons aged between 16 and 25. The exact amount of time varies depending on the current state of the nation, but is usually held to be between three and ten years. Some particularly rough periods in the nation's history demand a far more expansive conscription extending to those who have long-since completed their service and holding servicemen for far longer than is traditional. This conscription is waived for those with magical ability, as anyone possessing magical ability in Medimia must face a greater fate than simple military service: arcane magicians are ushered into the Amethystine Regiment, and divine casters are instead overseen by the state's heads to prevent potential rebellion.   Usually, tasks of greater importance may override the compulsory conscription. Those still in training may also avoid it for the duration of their training, so that they can better serve their country. Most relevantly, the sick and disabled are never conscripted, as weakness on the battlefield is a detriment to all.   This is waived in one specific circumstance: the Aegrotus Dilectum, or the Draft of Invalids. Should a given war drag on for too long and put pressure on the survival of those at home, the country's rulers will begin to gather the chronically ill or extremely elderly. Their lives will be volunteered as sacrifices to bring in greater reinforcements from other planes sympathetic to Medimia's cause. The practice is considered highly appalling to visitors from both outside and inside the country, and is thus usually kept secret as a tactical and morale-based move.
Latest known use
5625 EA
Practiced in
The Medimian Empire
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