Empress Lucia Seianus Adrastea

Empress Lucia Adrastea Seianus

They worship her as a goddess. Why wouldn't they? It was at her hands that Medimia climbed to greatness - without her, Medimia might well have collapsed into history like so many other smaller countries did.   She is no goddess. She was human, and she was a brutal murderer. Never forget that when thinking on her valorous acts.
  Empress Lucia Seianus Adrastea, born Lucia Carelus, was a warrior and military tactician of the former Kingdom of Entius whose actions led to the Stampede of Viruin and subsequently the Siege of Thensus. She married her fellow praefectus, Cyrus Seianus Merinus, shortly after the IIIrd Legion of Merianum claimed its first military victory over the Entius army, at the age of 28. Though her fame had already been secured through her tactical victories, she was cemented as the primary choice for leader of the new state of Medimia when she mounted an impossible rescue of her rival, Julianus Gallus Orestes, and his troops from the grasp of the Entium Arcanum.   She was proclaimed Imperator of Medimia at 31, and the dirt had barely time to settle upon the graves of her foes before she set about turning her new domain into an Empire. Thousands died to grant her dreams of an empire to challenge all others. She survived her husband's untimely death and raised their six children alone before eventually meeting her end at the magical trickery of Scylla Circea. Her eldest son, Emperor Lycaon Seianus Diomedes, would go on to condemn all magic in her name.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Relatively tall in stature, with a lithe but sturdy body that belied her training even as the years went on. Carried a small collection of scars from the battlefield, displaying them proudly as marks of her victory. Dark-haired with tanned skin and glimmering eyes, Lucia certainly cut a beautiful figure - even as she cut down her enemies.

Facial Features

Rounded face with strong eyebrows and plump lips. Faint burn scar on the left side of her jaw from a Fireball gone awry.

Identifying Characteristics

Red battleaxe tattoo crossed with a black sword and entwined in green thorns tattooed in the small of her back, to represent her union with Cyrus.

Apparel & Accessories

Dressed for the occasion - political outings necessitated ballgowns and heavy makeup, whilst the battlefield had her showing up in full armour. She never travelled without protection or a weapon, and met with enemy factions - such as the Aletheian Empire - in armour no matter the arena.

Specialized Equipment

Carried the labrys Anima Emundans, a double-axe engraved with runes to enhance its natural powers of destruction. Her enemies warned that it could cleave the head off a man's shoulders in one clean swing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lucia was born in the city of Thensus, then-controlled by the Kingdom of Entius. She was the youngest of three children, and became acquainted with the concept of death at the early age of 7 when her 16-year-old sister was murdered by a spurned lover. Her parents never overcame their grief entirely and spoilt both her and her brother, something she reportedly later quoted as being 'oppressive'.   At the age of 13, Lucia impressed her tutors with her grasp of the nation's politics and tactics. One of these tutors happened to be Verus Antonus, retired military strategist of Entius, who strongly encouraged her to join the country's legions when she was old enough. She demanded further instruction from him, and he obliged. From he and his contacts, she learnt stratagems and the arts of war.  
If that man hadn't run into her - who knows, perhaps we'd face the Entium Empire instead today.
  She was barely 16 when she met Cyrus Seianus - a young revolutionary - at a parade celebrating the King's birthday. The chance meeting led to a whirlwind romance and an argument with her parents, whom she soon abandoned in favour of her new beau.   The rest of her life's story is better read about in the many books documenting the Rise of the Medimian Empire - but let it be known that she made few friends of the conquered in her bloody reign, and despite the love she showed each of her children, her legacy remains dark to this day.

Gender Identity

Female in body and spirit.



Intellectual Characteristics

Logical and in possession of a knife-sharp wit. Both served her well on the battlefield.

Morality & Philosophy

Lucia often stated that power was to be considered above all else. If a serving girl showed promise and skill with the kitchen knives, she should be taken and trained to take advantage of her innate power. Yet she also considered power beyond simple strength - Lucia was well-trained in tactics and politics, and knew the intricacies of political power and the true weight held by gold. Those without any form of power were weak, in her eyes, and needed a leader powerful enough to serve as a role model for their development.   She didn't concern herself with matters of good or evil, instead determining the worth of her own actions from what it gained her and the country she ruled. If she had needed to delve into 'evil acts' to allow her country to grow, she wouldn't have hesitated - and, from the bloodied stains left on history's pages, definitely didn't. This didn't preclude her from acts of heroism and self-sacrifice: she knew more than well what was to be gained from them, and encouraged would-be heroes by performing numerous daring deeds of her own.


Children were her limit. No matter the cause, they were a sign of the future and were to be protected. In practice, this translated to children of starving villagers being taken from their families to be re-educated under the Empire's guidance.

Personality Characteristics


She intended to claim her righteous place as ruler and overthrow the weak and corrupt government that stood before. She intended to conquer as far as she could see, that all might live under the strict rulings and care she and Cyrus could provide them. She intended to begin a new era of human history, where sin could not interfere with the success of the innocent.   She succeeded in two of these three things.
Lawful Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Empress of the Medimian Empire, and many other military and revolutionary titles.
1380 EA 1457 EA 77 years old
Circumstances of Death
Murdered by arcane trickery
Olive-green and callously determined.
Dark brunette, wavy and twisted.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light brown.
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements
Character Prototype
Based largely on Sicilian features (see sidebar image).
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