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Humans are representative of the most diverse cultures upon Istralar, and certainly the most varied. Scholars have argued for centuries about the origin of the human race, never coming to the same conclusion, and have largely given up on the topic in favour of magical debate. They are remarkably adaptable, and no two cultures of humans will look or act the same; whilst this adaptability has led to their dominance over the planet, it has also led to many wars due to the lack of unity.   Their societies are largely formed from a mix of both past and future: the remnants of what they once were, and the glimmer of what they can yet be, combine into a strong ambitious streak in the race as a whole. This is usually tempered by their shorter lifespans, but those who are particularly ambitious have achieved much - the Medimian Empire, for example, was started and continued to be run by humans, and has succeeded in conflict against far longer-lived races.   [IN PROGRESS; Just wanted to be able to select 'human']
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens
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Cover image: Istralar Generic Header by Hanhula (ft. photos from Phil Botha, Jonny McKenna, and Luca Bravo)


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