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  When the elves first arrived upon Istralar, they stayed far from their human neighbours. Ever-distant and seemingly immortal, humans - particularly those closest to the fantastical elven capital of Melaeden - began to idealise the elves, envying their slender figures and ethereal beauty. Some elves, meanwhile, began to find themselves drawn to the daring short-lived creatures, entranced by the passion and courage they possessed.   It would not be an easy match-up to create. Elven culture was incredibly isolated from the rest of the world, largely due to their natural distrust of others. For a member of the great elven race to treat a human as an equal was simply unacceptable - it was nigh unimaginable to picture the two races falling in love, let alone coupling.   No barrier can stand forever, though, and the first half-elves were created by mistake, standing as the living results of secretive passion. Bearing the pointed ears and delicate grace of their elven heritage and the shorter lifespans and greater adaptability of their human forebears, half-elves are nowadays a mixture of both worlds, carrying with them culture and heritage from both sides of their blood. And in most cases, they are damned proud to be who they are.   Half-elves are humanoid beings like their forebears, and resemble them in appearance and action.  
Creatures born of human lust thrust upon the least caring of our species, half-elves are a mockery of true elven form. They live a cursed half-life, never to be accepted by the homes of their parents, and must eke out an existence in their own peculiar way.
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