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It is said that millions of years ago, the first gods appeared and began to sculpt the cosmos by their whims.   One of said whims was a small planet named Earth. Another, Golarion. These are not relevant to this story.   This is Istralar. To those who travel the stars, it's known as one of the most heavily magical planets of all, though it may not seem that way to its inhabitants. It has survived wars between gods and the birth of two entirely new magical systems, though the scars these events have caused run deep. Magical anomalies are not uncommon, nor are bleeding magical wounds of prior wars.   It currently stands as the world that a certain party of six strange adventurers run around in, unaware of the ripples they're sending across its surface...
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Cover image: Istralar Generic Header by Hanhula (ft. photos from Phil Botha, Jonny McKenna, and Luca Bravo)


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