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I was going to say "it's not much", but well, a dragon just flew down and started wrestling with Kazric in the middle of town square. Um. Well.   Ironfalls is weird, and it's always changing, and you can't trust the waffles, and... it's home, more than any other place on this planet.
  The town of Ironfalls was established in 5623 by the Lost Ones, with express permission from both Lady Alysia Undria and then-prince Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia. Though only three years have passed, the town attracts a number of powerful individuals that aid the many immigrants and refugees the town gets with settling in. When Princess Ashlyn Alarian, official leader of the town, is not present, Mery Eventide takes care of day-to-day operations.


Dwarves and humans make up the bulk of Ironfalls's population, but virtually any common humanoid can be found there. Drow are more visible in Ironfalls than practically any other Aletheian settlement, and manage to co-exist peacefully with the town's elven populace - a state of affairs carefully watched by Miriam Eventide, elven mother of Mery.


Ironfalls falls under the Everfall Mountains region of the Aletheian Empire and was governed by Alysia Undria until her death. The post is being managed by Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia and his advisors until a worthy successor can be appointed; it is likely that the role will fall to Ashlyn Alarian, Mery Eventide, or potentially even Pin Whisperbreath.   Issues within the town are handled by Mery Eventide, 'Genji', and present members of the Lost Ones. The town guard is run by Vanbrute Ironbeard with assistance from Kazric Szithna and Azyel Lathronon, and Yiranna Adair largely handles both divine and medical matters with aid from any present Champions (or in the latter case, healers).


Liese, can you please tell them that we don't need a train? Pin is trying to set up a train line again and we really don't need that hassle right now.
  In the three years since its foundation, Ironfalls has established an immense amount of infrastructure. The existing mines left by the long-gone dwarven inhabitants of Fort Kildaine have been vastly expanded, and the Issenflow River now grants life to the fields and farms surrounding the town's new walls. Roads link the settlement with Lunaron and Roseford more easily, providing greater trade access, and rumour has it that the underground network links to the rebuilt Yuethin'tar to allow for trade with the Underdark cities as well.   So far has their expansion gone that the family of Kraia Woodslough, who remain in charge of lumber, have begun to construct an airship dock and the architects of the town are now working on expanding up the mountains. Ironfalls may soon wind its way up the mountains and explode into city status, if the current projects are any indication.


To sum up the amount of stores and speciality areas within Ironfalls would be a task upon itself; this section will focus only on some of the more significant shops.  
Clancy Foodle by Kahbuki

Foodle's Foods is one of the most famed shops within Ironfalls - and perhaps across the entire Aletheian Empire. It is a simple bakery run by one Clancy Foodle, a demigod-level figure on the same level of power as Liese Celadrion and Sir Pennyswaggle (and indeed, a former companion of theirs).   Foodle Foods, despite the name, only sells bread and occasional bread-related products if Clancy can be convinced to do so. This bread is of near-unparalleled quality and has been known to bring grown men to tears with its soft fluffiness and delicious aroma. It may seem odd that even royalty would send away for something as simple as bread, but anyone who has tried it understands.
  The Strip Club, run by Marbinbur Telan, is a particularly good fried chicken restaurant that focuses on the production and sale of 'fast food'. They prize themselves on their chicken infrastructure and elaborate magical equipment designed to turn a live chicken into tasty spiced strips of fried chicken in the space of ten minutes, and make use of local farm produce to add varying side dishes to the menu.  

Settled up on the cliffs around Ironfalls is Liese's Tower of Learning, founded by Liese Celadrion as a focal point for arcane study within the town that has since expanded into a repository of knowledge and research rivalling even Thrinda's Arcanium.   There is no bad blood between the two mages - on the contrary, Liese knew Lore Flametongue and has befriended her daughter (Thrinda) over the past few years. The Arcanium is pleased to see another font of knowledge spring up, especially one so close to home.
Elysandrae 'Liese' Celadrion by Hanhula


I'm gonna make you my bitch!
Cid La Flaga to a thunderbird menacing Ironfalls in the wake of Mount Elendûr's eruption, seconds before the panicked intervention of Ashlyn Alarian

Foundation of Ironfalls

  Ironfalls was originally Fort Kildaine alone, and was the base of operations for Ruben "The Nightmare" Goldblood and his bandits, the Goldblood Wolves. The Goldbloods had been polluting the Issenflow River with toxic substances, robbing merchant traders blind, and generally causing chaos across the Everfall Region for years, even going so far as to be responsible for the attacks in Cid La Flaga's past.   The Lost Ones, to claim authority over the Fort and dethrone Ruben, first sought out Lady Alysia Undria in Undria by recommendation of her brother. Due to their assistance with the troubles in Ilendras that year, and subsequent help with problems at the Undric Ball, she gladly granted them the land - provided they deal with Ruben.   A fortified keep was not an enemy that a small group of adventurers could face alone. With Azyel Lathronon rejoining for the occasion, they sought help from a few different quarters. Dhun Volkulgar offered them a small armed force after the party spoke with their King, and Thrinda's Arcanium followed that up with a magical squadron of their own - to be augmented by the potential addition of Thrinda Flametongue herself, if the mood so took her. They also received aid from Sonja Ilsyth and her party after meeting the other adventuring group in Undria, and Cyne made sure to lend them his blade - but only from the shadows.   Reconnaissance led to siege, and siege led to an intense battle against Goldblood. But eventually, the Lost Ones won out. Their victory came with losses - a number of their forces had been injured, and Sonja's team made the mistake of discovering passages into the Underdark beneath the fort that would lead to their gruesome end - but it was a victory nonetheless.   And so the stage was set for the town to begin construction.  

Constructing a Home

The initial inhabitants of Ironfalls were few - the adventurers who had conquered it, those few bandits who had converted, a small group of former rebels that wished to find peace, and some of those selfsame armed forces who had joined them for the fight. Housing was conjured quickly using a Lyre of Building, and over the course of months, the town begin to grow.   The eruption of Mount Elendûr was both boon and detriment to the town's early days. It became the first port of call for refugees of the fallen Dhun Volkulgar, and thus Vanbrute Ironbeard had to swiftly form the town's law enforcement with 'Genji' and Azyel Lathronon. For the dwarves brought with them bitter resentment and racism versus the drow, seeing the dark elves as responsible for their home's plight.   Later expansion came as the town grew in significance. Liese Celadrion's arcane library drew scholars from both Thrinda's Arcanium and the Mages Guild, and adventurers from across Valathe found themselves intrigued by the twin bars established by Aniks Alas'thil and Azyel Lathronon - and the amount of adventuring tasks that always seemed to be waiting for them there.  

On a more morose note, the war against the Medimian Empire provided all the impetus citizens of northern Aletheia needed to flee to more secure settlements. Undria was seen by some as being too exposed, and so they fled to Solariste, Roseford, and other inland towns.   Ironfalls, as a place for the skilled and adventurous, received plenty of immigrants wishing to escape the ravages of war. These people settled down and took up the mundane jobs that so many warriors would complain at: they opened stores for necessary items and unnecessary sundries, they joined dwarven mining initiatives, they aided in scribing, teaching, and establishing the basics of society. War might be horrible, but it did allow Ironfalls to prosper.

Refugees of War

Though most of the new population of Ironfalls is made up of Aletheian citizens, the fall of Terenholt and troubles in Ordan gave the Empire a number of war-torn refugees to care for. Lady Alysia Undria proposed that some settle down in Ironfalls under the guidance of the wise beings within, and Emperor Asterion - followed by Emperor Aneirin - agreed.   The town was granted extra funding to support the settlement of these displaced families, and Mery Eventide saw to it that it was used to grant them peaceful and meaningful lives.
  Currently in 5626, Ironfalls stands as one of the fastest-growing economies and settlements within the Empire and has certainly earnt the personal attention of the Emperor's best. Whilst its establishing adventurers are rarely able to be in residence, their stewards and close friends keep the town running smoothly.
Initial Plans for Ironfalls by Hanhula w/ help of Party
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