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Clancy Foodle


What, the bread guy? He's great! He made us up a whole basket even though we only asked for a loaf!
— Ironfalls Resident
  Clancy Foodle, the renowned Orc baker. The loveable giant has found himself a comfortable place among the citizens of Ironfalls as their local Baker, supplying the people with delicious breads and treats whose quality is beyond any standards found in this world; perhaps far more literally than the quickly growing town has realised.   To those that knew him before, he was much the same: A delightful baker with a heart of gold-- And a capacity for overwhelming destruction and rage against those that would hurt his friends.

Physical Description

Facial Features

He has a rounded face, elongated ears that are bitten and chipped away at the ends with the softest of expressions in his eyes. On his chin sits a full-but-messy goatee, large bushy sideburns and a mess of long black hair. And of course, large tusks.

Identifying Characteristics

Clancy by TheDumbOwl
Clancy could almost be described as unremarkable; He has no physical scarring or markings that are distinct to him, and his most identifiable characteristics come from his attire. The flour-covered apron, floppy chef hat, and Intimidatingly massive spiked hammer make him incredibly easy to identify, when also paired with his significant height.   Another key trait that has him stand out over the rest is his demeanor; Clancy is always wearing a cheerful smile, and it is rare any would see him in a mood besides what you would call 'festive'.

Special abilities

The path of the bloodrager granted Clancy the ability to channel his overwhelming rage into feats of magic, allowing him to cast spells as well as be granted with overwhelming strength and vitality. A notable ability he often relies on in battle is to transform himself into the Tikbalang, a horrific human/horse hybrid that could close the gap between his foes without sacrificing his stopping power.

Apparel & Accessories

A great baker is never too far from their tools. Clancy is immediately recognisable by his leather apron, and Chef Toque, neither of which he is ever seen without. The apron had since been combined with the baker's own Bag of Holding, and is used for storage of his various baking utensils, as well as a seemingly endless supply of a special flour.
"It's called a 'toque'? I thought it was just the droopy doopy cookperson helmet.."
— Clancy

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early days

Clancy's early life is obscure, mainly for the Orc's poor memory of it all. His father left their family at an incredibly early age, leaving Clancy's mother to raise him alone. She had moved them from their tribe to live in a city, where she established the 'Foodle Bakery'. Clancy's mother was an adept baker, and quickly established their business as a staple of the area. It was there that Clancy honed his own skills and proficiency in baking, being taught by the very best. When he came of age, he would perform the more active duties of the bakery, as well as posting himself outside to draw in passers-by to their baked delights.

Adventuring life

Clancy was never had the itch to a higher calling. In fact, he was quite happy simply being as he was, running the shop with his mum. That had changed when an adventuring party arrived at their shores in their walking boat, and their Captain, Foo Kyu, approached clancy. Being a fellow orc, Foo was immediately captured at the humble delightfulness of this baker boy. Before he could even dispute, he had been swept up and made a part of their crew, taking only his mother's Earthbreaker Hammer from her own past life, with him.   Crystal dragons, manifestations of sin and pool tables not filled with water awaited this humble Orc. He became bound to a being known as Thraw, the Sin of Wrath, that fed into his ability as a bloodrager to draw a deeper furiousity from him, and one of the former creators of their world. It was then the group discovered the existence of The Beast, a calamitous being that spelled the end of all worlds, of which theirs was soon to approach.   Being adventurers, they disagreed with that. Scouring the world to build their strength, they had discovered the Beast was one of their own, Foo Kyu's Father. A fierce battle broke out with the beast, where it was unclear if the whole group would survive, and Clancy was presented with the impossible choice.   Earlier into their adventure, Clancy was given an Artefact. Said object would grant an overwhelming amount of protection to his and his group if used, but at the cost of countless alternate worlds, of which the party had discovered in their travels. Endless worlds-- Destroyed, or saving his near and dear friends.   The group had survived, never knowing the true cost of their victory; Besides Clancy.   The baker had entered a dark place following their defeat of The Beast, resigning himself back to the bakery, with his newfound powers that made him akin to a god. Between then and now, the Orc had somehow found himself in a strange land unfamiliar to him, with his powers muted but no less frightening as they had been before.

Time in Istralar

The Orc drifted in these lands for a time, trying to familiarse himself with an entirely new history and world, before eventually settling in Ironfalls, Where he also found his old adventuring companions Liese Celadrion and Sir Pennyswaggle.


"No thanks!"
— Clancy Foodle


Clancy has recieved no formal education, only tutoring from his mother in the ways of baking, and the odd reading session from Liese, with help from his Enchanted Earthbreaker, Mister Hammer.  
— Mister Hammer
Clancy Foodle by Kahbuki
Dark green
Messy, black hair. Very thick and wirey.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Also Green
Clancy Foodle by Qu33nAce
"Is just box!"
— Clancy Foodle

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