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Liese Celadrion

Arcanist Elysandrae Celadrion (a.k.a. Liese) didn't deserve the fate you have been given, although I doubt anyone in this world deserved what is happening right now.
Holst 'Caelum' Illdan to Liese, months before the Beast was destroyed
  Elysandrae 'Liese' Celadrion is a neutral good half-elven arcanist with a significant amount of power. Though originally a naive and shy woman, she has become passionate about her beliefs, strong-willed and slightly jaded over the course of her adventures. She's fairly quiet and can usually be found tucked away in a library with a pile of books, but when peace is threatened, she doesn't hesitate to bring her magical powers into the fray. She advocates for calm resolution of problems in most cases, but understands that at some point, all must act.   Upon Istralar, Liese claims to hail from Ilendras, and none have cause to doubt her. She limits her displayed powers and knowledge to avoid arousing suspicion of her true nature - a powerful archmage and demigoddess visiting from another world aside her former party member, Sir Pennyswaggle.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Her face is pointed, as are her ears. Her eyes are rounded and light blue, and she tends to wear an expression of slight worry at all times.

Identifying Characteristics

Single and very faint scar running down her left eye as a result of the Dagger Incident.

Special abilities

18th level Arcanist / mythic rank 7 Archmage (at the moment, at least). Knows every single spell available to her, and can craft an incredible amount of magical items if she puts her mind to it.

Apparel & Accessories

Generally wears a pale blue skirt paired with a white blouse and a darker cyan waistcoat. Over this, she wears a dark blue coat with princess sleeves. Around her waist sits a silvery belt, from which her Bag of Holding and spellbook hang. A few ioun stones dance around her head at all times. A thin silvery-blue Headband of Intelligence sits underneath her bangs, and she wears the Crown of House Fel - a beautiful tiara - despite never using its magical properties.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Days

  She was raised in an elven culture, always looked down on for not being as pure, as magical, as beautiful as her peers. That she was, however distantly, considered to be of noble blood did not help – her father was strict, but never close to her, and constantly added to the pressure. Until she was a teenager, she bore the bullying of the elven children, pressure from her tutors and shame for her own race in silence, and kept hidden her upset at her treatment by the elves of all ages around her. She resided in the library most of the time, leafing through pages of spellbooks, encouraged by her mentors to look into wizardry. She'd make a good wizard, they'd told her. It was an acceptable subject for her to study as one of vaguely noble blood.   She kept quiet about her sorcery, testing herself in private and comparing herself to the sorcerers and wizards in books. Nobody told her that it was possible to become both; it always seemed to be one or the other, or other types of magic - she really didn't want to try combining magic and melee, magic and music, or any other kind of weird spellcasting that others had come up with. That wasn't her. She wasn’t into dedicating herself to the divine, though worshipping Yuelral had quickly become one of the few things keeping her sane. That a goddess accepted her race – her so-called 'terrible hybrid status' (or, as the more crude elven children called her, half-breed) – was a relief, even as she slowly fell into melancholic depression. If not in the library, she hid in the forests, trusting in nature and her goddess to prevent her from coming to harm (even if she could never really go too far as, well, guards were everywhere). As an aside - during these times, she kept a diary with her at all times, pouring her heart out into it when everything became too much. Each entry was, of course, addressed to the mother she'd never known (and knew very little about - she was simply told that her mother was a beautiful human woman; even today, Liese doesn't know anything of her, and it's one of the things she's most curious about, deep down). This ended, temporarily, when her diary was taken from her and delivered to her father.   It was this, and the general oppressive and depressing environment, that meant that she knew by the time she was 18 that she wanted to be something more than what her elven city had to offer, something more than some half-elven handmaiden relegated to the back of the courts, forced to be some lackey wizard for the family's own good. She didn't want to live in relative peace as an enchantress or illusionist, looked down on by those around her. She wanted to live her own life, and so, she left for the forests with a backpack full of supplies, again trusting her god to guide her steps. These dwindled quickly, but fortune smiled on her in the form of a small, yet terrifying gnome whose smile promised hidden power. The gnome, whilst far more terrifying than any of the elven mentors Elysandrae had dealt with, was incredibly skilled and helped to teach her the skills of both wizardry and sorcery, teaching her how to blend spontaneity with preparation, despite clearly being both insane and purely spontaneous herself.   'Elysandrae' effectively ceased to exist after her experience with the gnome, who'd introduced herself as Lore. The gnome had warned her that her views would likely shift, and she'd not believed her at first, attempting to remain as Lawful and as Good as possible - the perfect, pure 'elf' she'd been encouraged to be. Obviously, with an incredibly powerful and Chaotic Neutral gnome thrown into the mix, her Lawful nature had gone straight out of the window as Lore threw fireballs through the logic of courts. Lore, whilst not amazingly knowledgeable, could be persuasive, and Elysandrae eventually decided to give up on her past life entirely, vowing to never go running back to her father, to the familiar. She would, instead, seek the unknown. After a year of living in the forest with the 'mildly' insane magical gnome (who, apparently, drank with dragons) and a wizened human warrior (or, well, guard), Elysandrae left as Liese, leaving behind her past with her old name, never to look back (she hoped).   She had never been able to find Lore again; even going back into that forest revealed nothing but nature. She wonders, sometimes, if it was ever even real. All of her research showed that it wasn't possible; the one she'd learnt from was an ancient figure from centuries ago - but her experiences had been true, there had been no dreamlike quality. It's a mystery she does want to one day find the answer to.   In any case, it was as Liese that she travelled the roads, studying magic and eventually learning how to practice the arcane, combining her natural sorcerer powers with the wizard-style magic taught to her by the elves. She wasn't amazing at survival, but she could at least pass for a human and remain wary of those who spoke to her. She wasn't rich by any standards, but she could make do, earning an easy wage through magic and her extensive knowledge.   After a scarring incident with a dagger, Liese has never really liked the short things - whilst they're quite handy for her as a mage, as they're just small weapons she can keep close for emergencies, they hold bad memories.When idle, she can quite often be seen tracing the pale, jagged outline of the scar marking her eye, a reminder of the past, caused by one of the few times she got dragged into a brawl. Really, it's a miracle she survived, but the scar remains as a reminder for her to stay out of the way of blades (and that daggers are sharp).  

Adventuring Life

  At a tournament in a far-off land, Liese would meet her adventuring companions - Graves the tiefling, Foo Kyu the half-orc, Piquel the half-elf, and Khyrilda the drow. Their tournament adventures were stopped by the rise of a destructive cult that killed a young friend they'd made, and in their attempt to halt the spreading fires, their lives would forever be changed.   Over the course of many years, Liese went through hell. Literally, at one point. Holst, a mysterious white-haired man, would give her a ring that would corrupt her so that she would eventually turn her into his vessel. This had the other side-effect of linking her to the noble House of Illdan - the very same House her mother had been part of, unbeknownst to Liese. Holst would, over the course of many adventures, reveal himself to be one of the Seven Sins (Sloth, to be specific) - fragments of one of their world's creators. He would explain that their world went through a cycle of destruction and recreation, and theirs was almost complete. It had to be that way, he said, due to a dark entity known as the Beast that wished to consume all of the universe.   Of course, that entity turned out to be Foo Kyu's father. Initially believed to be the silly demigod of 'FUCK YOU', Larry Butz, the destructive entity had been following the party all along in hopes of them leading the world to its own demise. The party would eventually defeat this foe and save their world from destruction, but not without significant losses and changes in their party.   After their victory, Liese was granted near-godlike power, and found a way to power strange machinery left behind by the Creators to build her own worlds. She and her partner Jericho would go on to explore these and live without fear of being controlled or destroyed by matters out of their control. Holst would eventually help Liese restore a backup of those who'd been lost, too, allowing her to finally spend time with her family and form a loving relationship with them.   Liese's adventures would eventually lead to her travel to Istralar, where she'd restrain her powers significantly and live a new life.  

Upon Istralar


Gender Identity





Studied wizardry initially, but found the path of arcanists more to her liking. Spent many years practicing and practically living in libraries, and then later was tutored in high-level magic by Holst, a 5000+ year old mage with extensive knowledge of all sorts of magic.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Saved her world from the Beast and helped redeem it from the destruction that had been wreaked on its surface by the evil Virtues. Ascended to demigod level over the course of her adventuring, and now has the ability to create countless worlds through special machinery. Is effectively immortal as a result.

Failures & Embarrassments

Fell victim to Holst's manipulations. Didn't stop Graves from committing genocide upon her race. Murdered (however out of her control it was) Piquel. Failed to stop Foo Kyu from selling his soul to Asmodeus.   More recently, fell victim to Elias's manipulations due to her suppressed level of power, and was experimented upon as a result.

Mental Trauma

Severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD caused by the intensity of the events she's been through and the loss of many that she couldn't save.

Intellectual Characteristics

One of the most intelligent beings around. Extremely logical, with a love for reading.

Morality & Philosophy

Firmly Neutral Good; despises all acts of evil, however necessary they may be. Will always act in favour of the many, even if it means hurting herself in the process. Dislikes overly restrictive laws.


Bringing up Graves, Foo, or any of the traumatic events she's been through is a big taboo of hers. She's accidentally disintegrated (and promptly resurrected) someone for that.

Personality Characteristics


Wants to live out her life in relative peace, spreading knowledge and a level of goodness throughout the world with Jericho by her side. Has mostly achieved this in her homeworld, but travels to find new experiences and adventures that won't traumatise her further.


Contacts & Relations

Sir Pennyswaggle, every time he needs her magical assistance.

Past Adventuring Life

Piquel, TN half-elven fighter, was murdered very early on by Liese (unintentionally - the poor girl had been controlled by Deger, sin of Greed, into using Holst's powers of slumber at a much higher strength, and had her memories of the event removed afterwards), and was replaced in their party by the violent half-orc Tarigh. Tarigh and Liese immediately fostered a strong dislike of each other, and Liese was silently glad when Tarigh was impregnated by Foo and was forced to retire. Tarigh's three children later were used by the Beast (who was their grandfather) as apocalyptic entities of destruction that the party were forced to battle; Tarigh managed to live through the ordeal, but didn't fight with them.   Graves, her initial friend and a tiefling magus (first NG, slowly slipped to CE), became corrupted by Deger - the Sin of Greed - and spun down a dark path that would lead to him destroying the Great Tree of the elves. This triggered a dark corruption on every elf and half-elf, leading to their slow demise - and she would never forgive him for his act of genocide. He was forced out of the party to atone for his sins, surrounded by those he'd doomed. When the time came for the final battle, the Beast took control of Graves and forced him to battle a cornered Liese. She did not kill him, but trapped him - and once the battle was over, she and Foo Kyu ensured he would never make trouble again.   Khyrilda, NE drow druid, had little interest in saving the world, instead taking a backseat to simply enjoy the trip. As she dabbled further with the dark arts, her room upon the party's boat became used as a threat to any who dared. She would survive their adventures and go her separate ways from the party, managing to avoid becoming involved with the final battle.   Liese and Foo were the only two who remained through the entire adventure, but neither were unchanged. Foo Kyu, originally a CN half-orc inquisitor and later a CE orc due to reincarnation shenanigans, became captain of a flying airship, at the same time giving into his chaotic nature and allowing Yltotung - Sin of Gluttony - to claim him. He had no qualms about using her powers of gluttonous destruction, gradually allowing the Sin to claim more of him, and steadily proved his lack of morality by killing indiscriminately, causing utter chaos wherever he passed, and eventually even selling his soul to the Lord of Hell, Asmodeus. Though he would survive the adventure, his choices turned Liese against him, and she holds a large amount of animosity towards him for all he'd done. Asmodeus called in the debt he was owed, and now Foo is eternally bound as captain of a Hellish ship; a servant of Asmodeus for the rest of his existence. Liese has only visited once, and that was to decide on the fate of Graves - Foo's former best friend.   There were other new party members than just Tarigh, however.   Sir Pennyswaggle, CN fetchling rogue/vigilante, is the most intriguing of these. The fetchling's life has always been shrouded in mystery, and he demonstrated a chaotic but firmly neutral presence throughout their adventures by hiding in crawlspaces at night and leaving bear traps everywhere - even managing to slow down 'Larry Butz' with them. Despite his oddities, he maintained a sense of sanity, and Liese considers him a friend to this day. He's the only member of the party she maintains consistent contact with, and she pretends she doesn't notice his strange trips across the multiversal pathways. It's better that way.   Clancy Foodle, CG orcish baker and bloodrager, was the least intelligent member of the party, but one of the only other truly good members of their group. He was slow, calm, and overall dependable, though his anger led to him being claimed by Thraw, Sin of Wrath. As it turned out, he was also a reincarnation of one of their world's two creators - powerful and intelligent beings that intended on saving the world from the Beast at any cost. It was through this that Clancy was given a heavy responsibility. Every person who'd been killed by certain means had been rescued at their last second and imprisoned on copied planets to live in peace; this included Liese's parents. Both of them, including the mother she'd never met. Clancy was given the power to destroy these planets and all who inhabited them to protect his party in the final battle against the Beast. In desperation to save his friends and lead them all to triumph, he used the power - never telling Liese or the others what he'd done. The guilt weighed so heavily upon his soul that he would leave after the battle to travel the world. It was only after Holst's sacrifice - and long after Liese had realised what had happened and grieved - that he was able to be at peace.   Kalameet, tiefling monk, was the final member of the main party. A fairly neutral entity, he focused mainly on aiding Clancy in cooking and on utterly obliterating their enemies with incredibly powerful strikes. He joined after Graves left, and served as a respectful friend of Foo's. After the Beast was slain, he travelled back to his home monastery to continue his search of inner perfection. Liese never saw the point in contacting him after that; he was a reminder of too much.   Holst (Caelum Illdan), Sin of Sloth, was an entity that originally sought to manipulate Liese and her party (and succeeded). Through a magical ring, he used Liese as a host of sorts, granting her powers related to Sloth. She initially treated him as a friend, not realising what he was doing, but later turned against him after realising what he'd been doing. Their relationship took a long time to rebuild, and was incredibly complex - especially when he revealed that, as Head of House Illdan, he was effectively in a grandfatherly position towards her. This was slightly disturbing, considering he could watch her thoughts and see through her eyes. He taught her much, from spells to details about her mother, and eventually was granted the ability to live as himself rather than as a tortured immortal by the party's defeat of the Beast. He'd wanted to die for all he'd done, but felt he had to atone. As a final favour to Liese, he passed away after retrieving a backup of the worlds Clancy had destroyed. With that in her hands, Liese was able to finally reunite with her parents. Though her thoughts of Holst are still conflicted, Liese cannot deny that in the end, she did come to love him as a member of his family, and is forever grateful for what he did.   And finally, Liese's most important adventuring partner: Jericho McGonagall, CG bard/dragon disciple. Initially a pirate, Jericho signed up as part of Foo Kyu's airship crew. He provided the party with music and light entertainment, though became nervous about the more dangerous encounters they dragged him through. Liese found herself attracted to him, though kept that from the rest of the party, and eventually bravely asked him to spend a night with her in a moment of rest. After that, the two entered a relationship that served to keep them both sane - Liese especially. It was later learnt that he, like Clancy, was a reincarnation of one of their world's creators, and could thus power the advanced panels that could control much about the world. Liese and he defended that area from the Beast-controlled Graves, and eventually returned there afterwards for her to learn as much as she could about them. Though he hasn't been with her all of the time, the two are still together, and she cares more strongly for him than possibly anyone else living.  

Current World

Liese has been befriending many strange people upon Istralar.   [tbc]

Family Ties

Her mother is the human Melissa Illdan, and her father the elven Faelarieth Celadrion. They live by her 'grandfather''s sacrifice, and a copy of her father as he was in her childhood currently lives in Ilendras. She is in a long-term relationship with Jericho McGonagall as mentioned above, though the exact nature of their relationship - and the status of their marriage, if there is one - are unknown.   Upon Istralar, she has a half-brother in the form of Azyel Lathronon. His chaotic and teasing nature do remind her of how Graves originally was, and she's determined to ensure he won't fall down a similarly dark path.

Religious Views

Liese was originally faithful to Yuelral, but her faith has faded somewhat due to her own status as a demigod (and, upon some worlds, a full goddess).

Social Aptitude

Quiet and introverted, with delicate manners. Liese doesn't like to speak up much in tense situations due to her overbearing anxieties, but will make her stand when she must. She doesn't think extremely highly of herself, and can occasionally stutter during speech, but has vastly improved over the course of her life.

Hobbies & Pets

Has a familiar: Allure, the agathion silvanshee, who appears as a black cat. Allure is more intelligent than most people, and surprises many by speaking to them with truespeech.   Is also accompanied by an Unseen Servant most of the time, who carries out minor tasks for her such as fetching her books or opening dangerous doors.


Liese speaks gently and quietly, only ever really raising her voice during impassioned speeches. Her voice is higher in pitch and lightly accented in a manner similar to Earth's English. She rarely swears unless a situation is serious, and tends to get lost in thought, leading to occasional rambles about topics she's knowledgeable on or has many ideas about.
Current Location
Year of Birth
5596 EA 30 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born to an elven father and human mother in direct defiance of a Noble House; this led to her mother's death.
Current Residence
Pale, but bright, blue.
Soft wavy blonde hair, keeps it at mid-back length. Two wispy bangs frame her face.
Known Languages
From Intelligence [Racial]: [Common, Elven] Draconic, Undercommon, Sylvan, Abyssal, Gnomish, Aklo, Aquan, Ignan.
From Linguistics: Celestial, Dwarven, Infernal, Auran, Terran.
Ruled Locations

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