Sir Pennyswaggle

King Salvodore Le Rouge (a.k.a. Sir Pennyswaggle)

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Who is Pennyswaggle? Where does he come from? Is Pennyswaggle even his real name? All those answers will soon be revealed on this page.   Shortly after the fall of The Beast, Pennyswaggle faded from that universe and found himself in a strange white room, face to face with none other than The Prophet. The Prophet soon told him that he Pennyswaggle had learned everything he needed to from that universe and it no longer served any purpose, yet Pennyswaggle's training was incomplete. The Prophet opened a rift and Pennyswaggle stepped through into a new universe, similar yet different. He looked and saw the oh so familiar cave where he took the name Pennyswaggle so long ago. He soon heard a noise and decided to try to hide behind some rocks. He had only hidden for a few minutes when he heard the sound of a dagger slicing someone's throat. Quickly realizing what was going on, he snuck out from behind his rock and saw the corpse of Preswaggle and a much younger version of himself rummaging through the corpse's pockets. Pennyswaggle looked at his younger self and felt a pity for the young man, pity for all the things he'd gone through, pity for all the things he'd done, and pity for all the things the young Salvodore would do. The pity soon left Pennyswaggle as he took his trusty dagger and slid it across his younger self's throat. From that day forth, there was no more remorse, no more pity for everything he'd gone through, no more King Salvodore Le Rouge. From that day forth, there was only Sir Pennyswaggle.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A handlebar mustache

Physical Description

Facial Features

A very well trimmed and cared for mustache that is definitely, 100% not stolen from some other guy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hated by parents. Town burned down. Parents killed by assassins. Succeeded father as king of a now dead kingdom. Refuses to accept being king. Threw crown breaking it in half.   Yep, that's the short version.

Gender Identity



Asexual. He's ending his royal line one way or another.



Accomplishments & Achievements

Killed a giant world ending beast.

Failures & Embarrassments

Died once. That won't ever happen again

Mental Trauma

Can only sleep in crawlspaces due to childhood experiences

Morality & Philosophy

Whatever's fun is always right!


Anything to do with his past

Personality Characteristics


Continue gathering power, wipe all information on Salvodore from existence, have fun


Family Ties

Family is dead and will stay dead

Religious Views

Still hates 99% of the gods, Count Ranalc is alright though.

Social Aptitude

Charismatic and apparently incredibly suspicious/untrustworthy


Always behaves like a proper noble. Except when adventuring, which is all the time.


Sir Pennyswaggle

Same Person (Vital)

Towards Sir Pennyswaggle



Sir Pennyswaggle

Same Person (Vital)

Towards Sir Pennyswaggle



Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of the Le Rouge Kingdom King of a dead kingdom, Sir
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
The Shadow Plane
Current Residence
Pin's Travelling Train
112 Pounds
Known Languages

Log Entry #4

19 days after arrival   I was somehow accepted into the Arcanium, I think Liese may have helped there. For the time being, I'm rooming with Liese, just like old times again. Perhaps I might find the others eventually? Anyways, I've recently stumbled upon an adventuring party that apparently Liese's brother is a part of. Has she always had a brother? I don't remember her ever mentioning this before? Thank you Iauvh'op'drurh for reminding me to stay on topic. Anyways, this party reminds me a lot of my old party, perhaps they will finally let me find my purpose here? Perhaps I have no purpose? Was I sent here for no purpose at all? If Liese is here, I wonder, does that mean the others might have actually survived? Hold on, there's someone knocking on the door...

Log Entry #3

15 days after arrival   Wherever I am, I don't like it. I managed to find my way to the Arcanium, and who of all people do I find here? Liese. This is where things get weird, I don't know how, but she seems to have memories from that other world, and even managed to recognize me. Are there other people from that world here? Are Foo and Clancy here? I just hope Graves doesn't exist here as well. Either way, I'm glad I've found a friendly face here at least. I don't know why you're taking so much offense to that Iauvh'op'drurh, you don't even have a face! I'm hoping to stick with Liese for a few adventures. I'm sure I can somehow get into the Arcanium without knowing even an ounce a magic. Wait, Iauvh'op'drurh do you know anything about magic?

Log Entry #2

6 days after arrival.   Turns out I've kept most of my power from whatever that one world was called. Iauvh'op'drurh is telling me that the name of that world was kept a secret for some unknown reason and was only ever given the nickname, Redacted. Truthfully, I don't really care about what that place was called, everyone in it is dead. Luckily the house I uh... borrowed from, kept a map of this world. Something is compelling me to head North to someplace called The Arcanium, perhaps there I will find my purpose.

Log Entry #1

2 days after arrival   It has been a couple of days since I found myself in this strange new world. So much stuff here is similar yet different, Iauvh'op'drurh tells me that this is to be expected. I do not know why I was sent here, but it must be for something big, I hope The Prophet has not sent me here in vain. I am recording all of this on a strange device I picked up in Holst's manor, it allows me to actually speak and replay these rather than writing them down. Just as long as no one bothers me while I'm speaking, these should be much more organized and easier to log than writing. Anyhow, I'm here for a reason, I may not know what or why but I was sent to that exact moment, to kill that... nevermind. All that matters is that I am once again the only Pennyswaggle. Iauvh'op'drurh is telling me that some things have no purpose, but I know that this is not true. Oh, I appear to have stumbled upon a town, I will try to log as much information as I can. Pennyswaggle out!


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The header image was added by my coauthor and is likely just from Google, and the player portrait is a custom image created by the wonderful Qu33nAce (found here: ), commissioned by the GM of the campaign Pennyswaggle is initally from (Overlord59).

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