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Saeryn Ki'renna

Agent of the Eru'deiara An Saeryn Ki'renna

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  Ever the misfit, Saeryn is from The Kingdom of the Galasthin Elves, born and raised in a small village near to Melaeden. As she aged, her parents discovered her prowess with the blade, and she was sent - unwillingly, at first - to the Eru'deiara An.   Whilst her skills were honed, she found plenty of opportunity to cause mischief, ending up with ever increasing punishments and responsibilities to try and train her. This is how, merely a few weeks after her third graduation, she was assigned as the official ambassador to the Aletheian contingent - much to her horror. When this led her to escape Galasthin to instead join the Lost Ones and their fight against the Shards of the Void, she would begrudgingly be fine with the rough assignment.   Both of Saeryn's parents have long since passed. Her mother willingly gave her life within the Crystals, and her father passed shortly into her adulthood. She's since enjoyed living by her own means even though this sometimes involves taking things that aren't exactly hers or doing things she doesn't really like.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Saeryn grew up in Irithal, a small elven village within Kingdom of the Galasthin Elves. Her mother worked as a priestess of Seren (and partially named her for it) while her father was a simple nonmagical hunter. To their credit, they did try to raise her, but both of them held fairly busy positions. Even with the distraction of school, she could often be found wandering Irithal alone as a child. She was a troublemaker even then - the others of her village quickly learnt to blame her for small amounts of missing food or silly traps - but never did she attempt to cause harm or interfere with their weaponry.   This didn't change until around the age of 40, when the village's blacksmith decided to give her something to do on her daily wanders. He handed her a smaller elven blade and pointed her at a target - and it was barely a week before he regretted doing so, as she quickly learnt that it was fun to swing around pointy things. The only way he could keep a lid on her behaviour was to request permission from her parents to give her some instruction in weaponry, to which they reluctantly agreed on the provision that she keep up her other studies.   Naturally, she excelled.


Saeryn Ki'renna


Towards Cid La Flaga


Cid La Flaga


Towards Saeryn Ki'renna


Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
5478 EA 148 Years old
Vibrant purple
Jet-black and swept to one side, shaved on the other
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark olive
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, elven, ???
Extremely gay.

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