Midna Alarian

Princess Midna Alarian

Midna is a young fetchling who was taken in by Ashlyn Alarian after the aasimar discovered her (and her circumstances) in Undria. When adopted, she was brave, but didn't give her trust lightly. She was amazed at everything she saw, and could hardly believe that she'd been taken in by a princess. Over time, her playful and mischievous nature has begun to emerge, though she still worries that Ashlyn might never come back - or worse, will send her back to the streets. She still has very few personal belongings (though her new guardians have been fixing that), and is incredibly protective over them.   Due to Ashlyn's duties as an adventurer, princess and Champion, Mery Eventide has been raising Midna and teaching her some of life's basics with the assistance of those in Undria (particularly the family members of Cyne Undria). This has largely been focused on bringing up her current education levels, as the girl received very little education.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Has a number of small scars from her rough upbringing, and runic tattoos mar her skin. Slightly underweight still.

Body Features

Her skin is patchy in colour - blueish-grey in two different tones, with cyan tattoos.

Identifying Characteristics

Turquoise runic tattoos. Strange eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Midna was raised by her father until she was 4, her mother having died in childbirth. She was an only child. Her father left her at a workhouse and promised to come back, telling her that he needed to go protect her, but it wasn't even a year later that the workhouse's governess passed on the message that her father had been killed in action.   She has no familial possessions, nor other family so to speak, and thus grew up in a workhouse on the outskirts of Undria's industrial district, but due to her unusual skin and the prejudice of the mistress, was refused housing inside the workhouse when she reached 9 years old (and suffered regular beatings and punishments before that, giving her a healthy distrust of those in comfier lifestyles).   She then lived on the streets, begging and stealing food as necessary, and working at the workhouse when they'd let her, until she met the party. Ashlyn had been attempting to hand out coin to the poor, but nobody dared approach her aside from Midna. As soon as she'd stepped away from the princess, however, she'd been mugged - causing Ashlyn to step in, punish the muggers, and rescue the young girl permanently by adopting her (much to Cyne's chagrin).




Family Ties

Ashlyn Alarian is her mama! And her mum is Mery Eventide!

Religious Views

Mum told me

Social Aptitude

Charismatic! Confident! Scared/untrusting of strangers!


Always really excited! Except when she's sad. Then she hides it because she doesn't wanna make other people sad or think she's weak!
Current Location
Year of Birth
5612 EA 14 Years old
Current Residence
Yellow instead of white, with red irises.
Bright auburn

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