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Ashlyn Alarian

Princess Ashlyn Alarian

I don't think there's anyone who quite matches up to Ashlyn, honestly. She is the light of my life, and a beacon to so many others.
  Ashlyn Alarian is an aasimar paladin and Champion of Sarenrae, a former bard, and current heiress to the Aletheian Empire. Though she was born over a thousand years ago in an entirely different time, she has been welcomed into the current Aletheian royal family and considers them the only blood family she has left; Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia regularly names her as his favourite aunt (often prefixing many a "great-" before that).   Ashlyn is engaged to Mery Eventide, and has an adopted daughter in Midna Alarian; though her travels keep her away from them often, they constantly keep in touch via Cyne's Books of Communication. She's firmly on the side of law and justice, and would give anything to defend her friends and fight the forces of evil.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Perfect health; slender but muscular and attractive.

Body Features

Peach-gold skin, golden wings.

Facial Features

Metallic hair, bright blue eyes, extreme resemblance to Princess Peach.

Identifying Characteristics

Champion tattoo of Sarenrae on her wrists (and onwards up her arms). Generally looks like an angel.

Physical quirks

Likes to twirl finger in hair when day dreaming.

Special abilities

General Paladin/oracle/evangelist abilities. Also possesses the ka-me-ha-me-ha of Sarenrae, due to her Champion abilities.

Apparel & Accessories

Full plate armour that looks like a fine dress or whatever outfit she imagines to all that don't have true-sight.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Lost Princess was an Aletheian myth for years. A mythical princess stolen from her family... I suppose we must all just be glad that one day, she found her way home.
— scholar

A Long, Long Time Ago

In years long past, Empress Angeline Aletheia and her King Consort, Edward Alarian, were extremely proud to announce the birth of their firstborn daughter. Her name was Ashlyn, and she was perfect to them. Whilst she was never excited to read, she adored her first 'training sessions' where her father would guide her wooden blades, and happily played along with her mother's attempts to teach her how to sing and dance. She was a model princess, obedient yet brave, and stunningly gorgeous even at a young age. As an aasimar, her bloodline hailed back to angels and divine servants, giving her hair a metallic tint and her peachy skin a warm golden shimmer, and her soft voice was enough to melt the heart of any who considered defying her will.   She was too young when violence broke out. As she lay in her bed, recovering from a strong bout of flu, assassins struck. The palace was set alight and, in the chaos, her father suffered a blow that left him unconscious and her undefended. She was 11 years old when they took her. A pawn to be used in war, held ransom by the neighbouring nation of Ordan. Her mother was given the choice: her heiress for their surrender.   The Empress, with a heavy heart, declined.   The princess never would see her home again, but nor would she perish in foreign lands. Time passed, never once touching her. Her cell fell to pieces, taking her memories of home with it, but leaving her free to wander, forever lost, her memories forever fading into oblivion. Or... so it seemed.  

Ashlyn: Adventurer, Bard, and Heroine

You know, I didn't expect the random bard that the guard had found to actually be a princess. Let alone my great-great-great-etc aunt.
— Cyne
  After a string of attempted kidnappings and a flight through Serendel Forest, Ashlyn found herself in Port Amarin at the same time a guard known as Vanbrute Ironbeard was charged with proving his worth by defending the town from smugglers. Her lawful nature prevailed, and she insisted on helping. Her bardic magics proved instrumental in defeating them, and preventing the magical beast they'd brought in from causing further chaos. Her claims of royalty - for though she couldn't remember her family, she knew of her title - intrigued the partly-undercover Lord Cyne Undria, who recruited the fledgling party for a simple bandit infiltration mission to follow up on the smugglers.   It was here that she began to shine. Whilst she did suffer serious injuries from simple door traps and a monstrous clockwork zombie abomination, she managed to rescue a sorceress named Mery Eventide from the abuse of a mysterious alchemist known as 'E' and the manipulations of a bandit group known as the Crimson Claw. She also assisted in turning Kazric Szithna, one of the leading bandits, to their side - much to the surprise of Cyne - after viciously executing the dhampir squad leader for his brutal crimes and evil nature.   Continuing to help in Port Amarin led them to the Church of All-Worship, where a traumatised samsaran woman told them of a brutal massacre that had occurred inside. Ashlyn led the charge, dragging even the still-evil Kazric along with them. They discovered the captain of the guard, Iryani Lilan, had been chained to an altar and her essence channelled into an evil gemstone that projected a dark antipaladin towards them. The horrifying discovery lead them to a brutal fight in which Kazric gave his life. It was only by virtue of luck that they found a scroll of Reincarnate shortly after the fight, bringing back the drow as a half-orc instead.   Afterwards, Ashlyn proudly used the rescue of Captain Lilan to plead for Vanbrute to be freed from his service to return home, leading to an incredibly biased dwarven trial that ended with Vanbrute's freedom... and the death of multiple townspeople. As the judgement was given, a member of the jury - a stunningly beautiful woman named Lady Cedrella Marchelle - threw a fireball into the audience in anger and fled the scene. Mery, who Ashlyn had become steadily closer to, was one of those injured, and gravely so. Whilst she didn't die, narrowly surviving by rite of her draconic bloodline, the close call was enough to terrify Ashlyn.   She no longer wanted to sing, dance and perform arcane magic. No, she wanted to be able to protect the ones she cared about, and to wreak vengeance on those who spread evil across the world. As the party bid their farewells to Vanbrute and welcomed a wizard named Pin Whisperbreath to the party, Ashlyn began her training. A paladin of Iomedae named Forgall took her under his wing in the Sylvancliffs, putting her through numerous seemingly-pointless training exercises to hone her will and force her to prove her worth as she suffered the vengeful aftereffects of abandoning the arcane in the form of an oracle's curse. Her training was cut short by an earthquake that tore through the land and a panicked letter from Ilendras informing them of a deadly monster that was slowly killing the land... and all its inhabitants.  

Encountering the Shards

  The party raced to Ilendras, swiftly meeting with the Mages Guild present there. Ashlyn was highly suspicious of the guild's secretive leader, Elias, particularly when she used her newfound paladin abilities to detect his evil aura - not that she could do much about it then. The party continued to investigate the strange monstrosity, and regrettably, Ashlyn was left behind when they found the need to descend into the Underdark (as she would have likely tried to murder many of the drow there). When they returned, it was with news that her suspicions had been confirmed: they had needed to rescue Liese Celadrion, sister to partymate Azyel Lathronon, from Elias, and she was furious when he later appeared before their fight against the Gemstone of Life.   The fight was rough. The Gemstone manifested as a horrific creature that had been draining souls, and she fought against it with great determination to prevent it from continuing. When Sarenrae, her goddess, had blessed her as her Champion, she had been delighted - and also accepting of her duty. When they fought the gemstone, the first glimmers of that duty began to manifest. In the aftermath, when they were transported to the realm of Death herself, Ashlyn was ecstatic to be able to meet a genuine angel. Her inner light was strong enough that he noticed and praised her, even gifting her with a feather of his own for her to draw on in times of need, and her faith pure enough that Pharasma felt it safe to trust them with the truth of the artifacts that had drawn them into her domain - and with a mission to find and destroy them before the forces of evil could utilise them.




Noble education until pre-teen years, then education from old hermit in woods till late 20's, then sought out own education in librarys and forgotten ruins/tombs throughout the world for several hundred years. Earned a Master's Degree in hatred of trapped doors.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lady Sarenrae's favored Champions, a Hero of the Forests and as one born of celestial blood.

Failures & Embarrassments

Was unable to save Cid from dying to an umbral dragon. Her Vampire foes have escaped her wrath multiple times.

Mental Trauma

Is afraid of loss, whether it be her memory, her freedom, or her comrades.

Intellectual Characteristics

She's not particularly smart.

Morality & Philosophy

Everyone deserves a second chance, but if you squander it what comes is of your own making. All are subject to the laws of Sarenrae.


Betrayal, lying, generally all things that are objectively EVIIIIIIL

Personality Characteristics


To protect those she loves so they'll never experience the same hardships she has, to remove as much evil from the world as she can.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good at combat, bad at anything that requires initiative.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves honey, hates peas.

Virtues & Personality perks

Quick to act, honest, just.

Vices & Personality flaws

Impatient, loses temper easily when evil is involved.

Personality Quirks

Drinks mead and eats a lot of comfort food when depressed.


Very cleanly.


Family Ties

  • In a relationship with Mery Eventide
  • Adopted Midna Alarian
  • Distant aunt of the current ruling family, including Cyne and Alysia Undria.
  • Religious Views

    Sarenrae is the truth and law.

    Social Aptitude

    Polite but aloof; views all as equals or lessers - none are higher than her except Sarenrae and her Angelic Hosts.

    Hobbies & Pets

    Singing and dancing.


    Says EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIL every-time she detects evil and intends to act upon it.


    Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia

    Great-great-great... grand-nephew (Vital)

    Towards Ashlyn Alarian



    Ashlyn Alarian

    Great-great-great... great-aunt (Vital)

    Towards Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia



    Nicknames & Petnames

    He tends to call her 'grandmother' and similar family-based nicknames.

    Relationship Reasoning

    Ashlyn doesn't approve of his methods. But still loves him as family. Cyne doesn't care for her fervent religiousness, nor does he care so much about the law. And he finds her naive & paranoid nature to be endlessly amusing. However, he admires her might in battle and ability to uphold the law no matter what, and essentially views her as another sibling (given their similar mental ages).

    Legal Status


    Cid La Flaga

    Partymate (Vital)

    Towards Ashlyn Alarian



    Ashlyn Alarian

    Partymate (Vital)

    Towards Cid La Flaga



    Aniks Aliforn

    Partymate (Vital)

    Towards Ashlyn Alarian



    Ashlyn Alarian

    Partymate (Vital)

    Towards Aniks Aliforn



    Wealth & Financial state

    She is well off and saves most of her money for the time that she passes away and is able to leave her loved ones with enough money to live the rest of their lives in a rather wealthy state.
    Character Location
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    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Lost Princess of Aletheia, Champion of Sarenrae
    Currently Held Titles
    Year of Birth
    4436 EA 1190 Years old
    Current Residence
    Pin's Train
    Sky-blue, rounded.
    Seemingly metallic blonde, long, and thick.
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    — Ashlyn
    Known Languages
    Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, and Gnome
    Ruled Locations
    Character Prototype
    Princess Peach.


    I write this as we rest within the horrid maze that these mages call a library.   I have quickly come to see that those of the Arcane tend to overthink most situations. They see danger and instead of confronting it they think to sneak past it, leaving themselves unaware of what it does out of their sight. I fear without me here to throw myself at the obstacles before us my companions would become rooted to the spot worrying about the trap behind every door. The point of traps are that the one that the trap is laid for must not expect it. I expect a trap at all times and am therefore always prepared. My companions seems surprised by things such as "anti-magic" in a place based on the memories of a mages mind, would not the best weapon against magic be anti-magic? What did they do? Tried to cast magic to avoid it. Aniks at the very least attempted to disarm the traps in a mechanical way, far more sensible. Though them being stumped at every moment where they can't use magic is quite frustrating.   I cannot wait to be out of this maddening place and back in a realm were the foes are more tangible and not some poor saps regrets or memories of earlier in their life, also why must every person we encounter have some horribly tragic event that we have to partake in? Why have we not been absorbed into some plane of existence where I can enjoy an expansive year long vacation in the time it takes someone in our plane to make a cup of tea?   Instead constant hellish wizard puzzles and time passing a thousand times faster outside than inside! I know that the world is troubled and terrible things are happening but why can it not happen a little bit slower so I can help those I love and know instead of having to run around the world helping those I know not and have no pity for, for it seems most of these people get themselves into these terrible situations through ignorance and falling to their own base desires.   How I wish more than anything I could be home helping my people battle those that threaten our homeland. This world-wide chasing of time altering artifacts makes me grow weary.


    We have spent our recent time in a maze of Evil beings, we began our journey into this cursed land seeking out the soul of a villain to trade for Celu's soul. But in the course of doing so we found ourselves in the maze filled with horrifying beasts, and Minotaurs. We entered here after receiving information that by entering here we would become stronger AND Celu would be returned to true life. We fought horrors, collecting gems and bracelets strewn throughout the maze that we used to progress.   After many difficulties we arrived at a large chamber with a pentagram upon the floor, after we stepped onto a set a pressure plates a creature of what appeared to be carved Ivory appeared and the Gargoyles around the room came to life. Thankfully I was able to defend my companions quite effectively from the Gargoyles with the Divine Bond I share with my Agathion.   The Ivory creature though was on an entirely different level. It decimated Celu and nearly tore Artemis what Pin would refer to as "a new one". After we put it down we were let into a room filled with strange items and a man who had been turned into a statue in a time I would guess before the World Rend. Hopefully we can get him to Ironfalls and help him adjust to this new world. Celu put on a necklace we found and she came back to life and Orpheus (Aniks) was blinded. After that we were drawn out of the maze and Celu was branded with the mark of a champion. Then Cyne summoned a chariot and brought us back to a lake we had visited earlier in our travels through this realm. We're now resting as the Lady of the lake was kind enough to wait for us to be ready to speak with her.


    Tis a joyous day! The healing worked!   Mary's mother has returned to Ironfalls with us. Mary was completely surprised. It was fantastic. Seeing them reunited made all the troubles of dealing with the Elves and their time traveling, reality warping nonsense worth it. Hopefully this will make up for all the time I've had to leave her alone and for not being home to assist with raising our children. I wish I could do more for her. I wish I lived in another time were I could sit down at home and spend all my days with them. I know that I will most likely never have this opportunity and that this quest I have been tasked with will most likely end me and/or consume me. I can only hope to make this world a better place for them whether or not I'm here to share it with them. I know this is selfish and Mary will most assuredly lecture me about making sure to come home, and I will tell her of course I will. I feel we both would know that interaction would be more ceremonial than genuine. At least for now my family is happy.   On an more distressing note, Celu has been kidnapped. By a Devil no less. This is after it decided that Pin owed it a soul. Usually I would lecture Pin but this time I'm in agreement with her, the Devil has falsely accused her of debt owed.   HOWEVER, she has now signed an actual contract with it and we're going into an accursed land to capture a soul to appease it to buy the return of our companion. This is better than their original plan to go hunt down a Lich and try to capture it's soul. It took quite a bit of debating and getting multiple professional opinions for my alternative plan to be accepted. We head to that accursed dome now to try and retrieve a soul of equal or greater than Celu's. Somehow they will have to capture a soul. This seems like a terrible terrible idea. If it takes longer than two weeks I will be leading the party out of this dome. I must make it back for the ritual, whether or not Celu is saved. Though I do truly want nothing more than to save her. Our true mission is of far greater importance.


    It is done, hopefully it has worked and that is the end of it. The drinking was pretty intense and some weird magical things happened. It was fun.   Nutcrusher's performance was quite impressive.   There is not much else to say today.


    She said yes! She's crazy.   After our breakfast date, we met up with our companions and the Lady Rosalie de Valois for a light lunch and a fashion show. Me and Mary greatly enjoyed it but Midna was not amused and Kraia was once again reminded that Cyne does not feel deeply enough about her to act upon it. He chooses his family over her, and this hurts her. I can understand, if I had to make that choice it would kill me, or I would try to resolve the situation even if it killed me without me having to choose one over the other. Greedy and self serving I know, but I would choose that. The Lady Rosalie is a delight and I greatly enjoy my conversations with her, it's nice to speak with nobility every-once in awhile.   After we did what I was second on my list of nervous activity for the day, speaking with my Great-Grand Nephew the Emperor.   We were led into a seemingly empty throne room with none but the Emperor upon his throne. He bade us to speak our case. Thusly my companions spoke for themselves and I for myself,  
    "I am Ashlyn Alarian, chosen of Sarenrae. Shield to those who can not defend themselves. I have naught much else to say."   To which the Emperor smiled and asked "We know not how long you may be gone or if you will return, what does this mean for you and your family?"   "I go happily knowing I may never return and I leave them knowing that they have a home and will never wander and be lost. Knowing this I go to try and save the world and possibly die happily knowing that not all I have done was futile."
      It was then the Emperor that smiled and revealed that in the rafters hidden behind an Illusion was a sizable council to whom he asked their judgement, they deemed us worthy and thus we sat down and enjoyed a nice dinner together.

    Letter to Lord Andron

    Written in Celestial     Dear Lord Andron, I wish to borrow a bit of your parental wisdom. I was hoping to to hire a tutor for my dear Midna. Cyne seems incredibly intelligent which speaks volumes about the education you and Lady Ceridwen provided him. Thus I turn to you for advice, Im hoping to find someone who could teach her in a scholarly sense, I would also like to hire a instructor for martial combat, she knows not how to protect herself and thus I worry for, this is relevant to my next query.   I was wondering if you knew of any trust-worthy soul I could hire as a bodyguard for Midna and Mery. Hence returning to Ironfalls after the rescue of your daughter, I unfortunately came to learn that some strange woman has been kidnapping Mery and hiding her in some demi-plane whilst impersonating her. I left this woman in Cynes care when I whilst I went to check on Mery and Midna. For whatever reason he let her go, I know naught why he would do that but as such with people like her around I need to seek out trust-worthy protection for my loved ones. Hence my inquiry.   Thank you for your patience in this regard, and I thank you for your time.   Sincerely in your debt, Lady Ashlyn Alarian


      An old man with fierce blue eyes ringed in gold sits atop a throne, a rough eyebrow raised in question at the aristocratic woman before him. As her eyes flash blood-red, the vision vanishes.   Golden desert sands fill your view as an orc woman, body mostly crafted of rough metal cybernetics, plunges a gauntlet-clad hand through the heart of a tall, dark-skinned figure bearing a series of dotted tattoos. As she wrenches it out, a glimpse of something blacker than night comes into view for a millisecond before the scene changes.   Deep water surrounds you, its inky blackness only penetrated by the blank white stare of a blue-skinned woman who, to Ashlyn, seems strangely familiar. As a tentacle wraps around her extended limb, you're taken away, and thrown into a maelstrom of images.   Armies clashing upon a battlefield, their banners – of which you count at least four separate factions - stained in blood. A darkened tower upon a desolate plain, wrapped in black fire that pushes up against an invisible shield... that buckles and cracks against the pressure. A great storm of winds and water, descending on the lands and devastating all in its path. A young girl with hair like fire, her skin patterned with turquoise runes, rummaging around in her mother's Bag of Holding and collapsing as the runes seem to react to something within. A black-haired man in a foreign land, kissing the hand of an ethereal beauty as a blade finds its home within his back. A small woman wearing stress upon her face holding two small children, each with pointed ears and slight tusks, against her.   The clash of two blades in a seemingly endless expanse of black, furious white eyes meeting fanatical red. A roar echoes through the mindscape as their blades meet, rumbling through your very souls – and you can feel the change in vision this time.   A teenaged girl, clad in pink, her golden hair matted and face stained with tears, falling unconscious in the arms of a man with the gleaming face of a golden dragon. An older ratfolk woman placing her wrist in a machine and looking out across the skies as electricity crackles around her. A young elven girl placing a bouquet of nightshade atop a freshly-buried grave before an older girl roughly yanks her away. And, finally, an aasimar woman laughing as she carefully arranges the corset of her clearly-annoyed older brother – who appears to be dressed in a gorgeous ballgown.
              To say the least today was incredibly exciting. It began with a vision of the past and future. Of people I've known once and people I haven't yet met. Though my friends were annoyed I feel as though we had the best possible ending to the events that transpired this day.   Firstly, a Thunderbird caused a bit of a ruckus outside town. I know them to live near waterfalls and that they are good omens, so naturally excited to see one. My companions were also excited, so much so that Cid threatened to make it his "bitch" so that he try and tame it I believe. I did my best to calm the Thunderbird.   Of course it wasn't a simple task. An ancient Magma Dragon had become excited by the Volcanic eruption that had been caused by our battle in the under dark. We teleported over to speak to the Dragon and learned that he was simply enjoying the explosive nature of the event. I could feel the desire to battle this ancient beast emanating from my companions, but thankfully I was able to talk them down using my crown that informed us that only woe would come from combating the Dragon.   As we left the Dragon declared that it knew we were champions shocking most of the my friends. Now here is where hell began for me. I have become even more terrified for those I love. There was a being impersonating and kidnapping and replacing Mery for an unknown period of time. There was one upside to it all, I learned that I can trust Cid completely. The moment I began to act he assisted me as best he could, though I had no intention to hurt her as long as she complied Cid rushed to help me defeat my foe.   However, Cyne threw himself in my way, either he doubted my resolve or he knew some secret I know naught of. I know naught which is worse, but he has once again insulted my honor.   It hurts to know mine own blood has no faith in me.   I believe I will have to ask Mery what she thinks we should do about this fake that has been taking her place. If it were my choice I would hide her away in the palace, but I feel that her and Midna would only feel like birds in a gilded cage. How I wish that times were safer so that I could settle down and live with them.   I wish we had met a hundred years earlier during my wanderings, we could have lived a peaceful life together.   I should hire a tutor to teach Midna some self defense. Possibly hire them both a body guard. Ill consult Mery and Midna about how they feel about this.   I believe I'll send a letter to Lord Andron asking for consul, he is a Steward after all I'm sure he can provide some wisdom or references. I hope he does not think me an inconvenience.


    Weak. I am Weak.   I couldn't stop one man from accomplishing his nefarious goals. Even with the direct help of Sarenrae I failed. I must become stronger if I am to be a shield worthy of my comrades.   I could not stop his machine, I couldn't stop him, I couldn't stop his undead. The only success I had was in taking his strange gauntlet. I feel that I should invest some of my gold into bettering my ability to combat foes. I thought this selfish but now understand that I use what I have not for myself but for everyone, bettering myself raises the chance of success and thus allows me to protect Mery and Midna better.   -Insert Training Montage-


    Right now I sit in Cyne’s little demiplane of shadows. I must say for a personal plane of existence this is rather disappointing. If you can have a plane all of your own why would you choose one that is dark and dismal like this. At least I have some company now. The poor girl has suffered many wounds, though I have healed her to the best of my ability. She is not much of a talker and is rather scared of me no surprise. I hope my companions reach their destination soon this drab place is wearing on my patience more so than any other place would.


    We have taken the town! The bandits are dead and the demonic incursion underneath the castle has been dealt with. There is an altar to a Dwarven deity in the bottom of the keep as is to be expected in a Dwarven fortress.   I look forward having more time to develop some sort of monastery, dojo, center for worship and honing one's own skills. I would like to train the devoted to be able to defend themselves and others as I do. My style of combat seems to be very effective, it seems the training I received from my father has held up over the last millennium.   It is wonderful to spend time with Midna and Mery.   I do believe I need to look into investing my money into some viable and just business. I need to look to the future of Mery and Midna. Whilst it would be worth while investing all my earnings into better gear for myself I feel that is selfish. Whilst I know asking Cyne would make sense I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. He would attempt to fool me and advise me into funding some morally grey scheme and then feel pleased with himself. Pin was a merchant at one time I wonder if she has any connections, though I image I could mail my relatives in the Capital and ask them if they know of any reliable and trustworthy surveyors who could assist me in turning our small town into a place of industry.


    It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything as we’ve solely been traveling and there was naught to record. However last night we were besieged on our path by a Shadow Dragon and some Undead with a contingent of werewolves. The Undead and Werewolves were of no consequence but the Dragon killed Cid. Thankfully we brought him back though he is now a plant man.   Cyne was not understanding of my want to be left alone for awhile. For a lord of subterfuge and secrets he sure didn’t take the hint that I was making up excuses to be left alone in my wagon. Instead he insisted on trying to coerce me into following him around to do some chores of his.   So of course when he wouldn’t respect me and leave my cabin, I threw him out the window. It was a nice toss left a dent in the ground. Of course behaving like the privileged child he is proceeded to cast some curse upon me that rendered my senses useless for a small amount of time.   Thankfully he left me alone with my thoughts after that. Hopefully next time he’ll pick up on my hints before I have to throw him out on his pompous ass.


    Well, that was an experience. My memories are coming back but are still a bit to hazy for me to start writing down. Though that might just be the drink. I’m a little hungover. I know I could just lay on hands but the pain is something nicer to think about than what happened yesterday.   I’m glad my friends were there with me, I would never have been able to get my memories back on my own, even if I hadn’t needed the help of their gods and had just needed to deal with the memory child I’d have failed.   I’m very glad Midna and Mery weren’t there.   Oh dear I guess I should write down what exactly happened with the ritual in case I ever have need to recall it.   First my friends were arranged in a circle around me and with a priest dancing and singing between us.   Then my friends were questioned by their respective gods, one of my friends was whisked away by her god and replaced.   Then I was asked why I liked my friends by Sarenrae herself, I must admit I lost my composure and I would have been the happiest I’d ever been if not for what happened next.   I HAD TO FIGHT CHILDREN AND A CLOUD, CLOUDS AND CHILDREN ARE HAPPY GOOD THINGS BUT THESE WERE EVIL. IF GOOD THINGS CAN BE EVIL THAN EVIL THINGS MUST BE ABLE TO BE GOOD AS WELL. This is a terrifying notion.   Then Aniks had to finish the ceremony for me as I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Killing a child that wasn’t evil nor good that looked like me.   Mind you I’m thankful, but I wished he’d told me to close my eyes or walk away before he killed her.   Thankfully the drink helps, I see why Pin likes it so much.


    The ball was an interesting affair. Several assassination attempts and a lot of dancing with Andrala Aletheia, Mery and Midna. It was delightful to meet Andrala, a member of my family who shared the same calling as I.   The most interesting part of the night for me was when some fool tried to trick an Archon into killing Cyne. With a simple explanation of the situation the Archon dealt out justice, Cyne was protected and everyone headed home. We then filled out paperwork, and played hide and seek with everyone in the castle.   Mery as usual has been my rock and anchor. Supporting my decisions and helping me take care of Midna. I could not ask for better partner. The patience and understanding she allows me is unbelievable.


    Goodness the past couple of days were eventful, I went out on a simple shopping trip and I ended up with an angry dwarf in my head after stopping a coup and a magic mirror. I started the day planning to buy toys for Midna and find Pin’s cousin, brother?, cousin?, I can’t keep track Pin kept calling him her brother but everyone else was calling him Pin’s cousin. It was weird.   After we bought the toys we went to the cousin/brother’s warehouse, there were armed thugs in there but we were able to get information from them peacefully. However the area they directed us to was about as peaceful as Port Amarin is honest. Even their door was villainous! “Fuck the police” was the phrase needed to open the door. Behind the door were undead gunslingers, I do not envy anyone on the wrong side of Cid’s wrath. He is a more powerful ally than I ever realized before, an undead gunslinger half the skill of him caused me much grief.   The hallway itself was filled with a dangerous trap, thankfully I passed through it unharmed. What I found past it though was alarming a man torturing and murdering innocent folk,and yet passed that was even worse a coup! Planning to murder and overthrow my family! I just found them after so long, I swear if anyone hurts them I will hunt them through every plane and hell they hide within with the fury of a revenant. Thankfully it didn't come to that, my friends and I were more than sufficient, plus we talked many of this rebellion into working to better their situation instead of lashing out and hurting others for imagined slights against them.   I hope they will be productive members of our new community. My concern though is with the Drow and Void wizard we faced, I feel something bad is going to happen at the ball. I have learned to summon weapons and my crown provides the ability to summon blades hopefully that will be enough.   After the battle and conversion of our enemies we went through a door that separated us through some foul magic, I grow tired of magic doors. It was bad enough when they would launch impossibly fit spikes out of them but now I'm finding doors that can split my companions through dimensions. Doors are in most cases evil, never trust a door. After we solved the conundrum of the door which tricked me into believing Midna was in danger damned thing I wish they had let me deliver justice unto it.   OH I just thought of a fantastic name for my scythe, I shall name it Justice!   Beyond the door was a mirror which surprise surprise also magical and devious. It drew us into it And then tormented my allies and myself with visions of our greatest sadnesses. The barkeeps was of family betrayal, Cids was of death and pain, our a android companion’s was of being tortured and having his free will stolen, Kazric’s was of turning into an Orc (I found his rather humorous.), I can’t recall Kraia’s I must have been distracted, Celu did not allow us to see her memories which worries me, Pin’s memories was of interrogation and loss of her mother, Licia’s was far be it the worst, she was betrayed by her beloved, if I ever encounter him I will judge him harshly and deliver vengeance.   Mine while brutal was only disturbing in that I don’t remember it. I was kidnapped by some strange turtle men like the one with the moustached man from so long ago, goodness it’s been nearly eighty winters since that day hasn’t it? I wish I had been gifted the idea of a journal long ago maybe I’d remember more ha! There was some relief though, to leave the mirror it had us share a happy memory and what we are most afraid of, I’m afraid of failing to protect my family, now that I have one of blood and one of battle, both of which I love in equal measure and my happiest memory is of reading the letters in my family’s tomb.   However this was the point it got bad, I ate an apple whilst in the mirror and suddenly I shared a mind with an angry dwarf who scorned sarenrae! As soon as we rescued Pin’s brother/cousin and were free I rushed myself to a hospital where I was thankfully cured. I was so happy Mery and Midna didn’t witness it, well Mery did and stayed with me but thankfully the angry dwarf’s craziness was mostly subdued by the time she got there. It did say some shameful things though. Now I spend my time playing with Mery and Midna, teaching our Android friends ethics and law. I now long for this ball to be over so I may return to travelling and doing some good for the world.


    I went out into the slums today to try and help people out and make their lives better.   Turns out royalty is disliked, either that or I’m scarier than I imagine, which could be possible. Only one person even dared approach me, a small fetchling child. I gave her some gold, and thus learned that was a terrible idea. She was immediately mugged, I of course caught the mugger and gave him a good punch, he tried to shank me but my armor was more than sufficient.   After being spat on I decided it was a better idea to leave the people there to their own devices, all except the fetchling child. I convinced her to come on an adventure with me and thus I adopted her. She had no name and no decent clothing so I gave her both. I have named her Midna. Cyne was not pleased that he had more paperwork to do. I hope to teach her the ways of self-defense and the justice of Sarenrae. I’d like to ask pin if she could make something that will allow her to escape if she is captured. I was thinking along the lines of the cape of the montebank.   Mery will be surprised.   I can't wait to see what life she chooses for herself. I will do my best to support her in everything she does.


    As I headed down into the catacombs I seemed to lose track of myself and just walk, I came to a set of doors that seemed to call to me and I entered. I met the keeper of the the graves and she took me to my grave, there was a letter from my mother and father plus a locket (possibly magic, love you dad) with a picture of both of them. My mother’s name is Angelina and my father is named Edward.   My father was a great Warrior and my mother quite obviously leaned more towards the scholarly side of things. I had siblings as well, though they’ve long since passed as well. As I left the graves of my parents the keeper passed me two boxes containing their wedding and engagement rings, I’m going to have to get some sort of extra-dimensional safe that I can store all these things in.  
    MOTHER’S LETTER   For my Dearest Ashlyn,   From the moment you were born, we loved you. My pregnancy was quite unwelcomed by many in the Empire, who questioned me for becoming pregnant during a war, but your father and I deemed it worth it. We wanted you, my child. When you opened sky-blue eyes and laughed up at us, your skin radiant, your touch warm and welcoming, we could do nothing but fall for you. Wed feared that youd be born a human, losing the angelic heritage both your father and I hold dear, yet you displayed its hallmarks from your very first hour.   I took time away from my work as Empress to raise you; your father did similar. We wanted you to know us, to learn to love us, and we wanted to teach you so much - I showed you the way of the harp, the violin, the piano, and your father taught you how to trick the servants and tease your playmates. No matter what we taught, though, you were always quite independent - you snuck into the kitchens, once, taking a frying pan and using it against a boy whod made one of your friends cry. You were only 4 years old at the time, and your father was incredibly proud. He swore hed teach you how to use it properly when you were older, alongside other blades, and Id always thought he meant when youd reached adulthood until I walked in upon him putting you in a small suit of armour, looking like it belonged to a halfling, at age 7. You were so happy in it.   Whilst you spent time bonding with your father via the blades and via tricks, I tried to teach you some of the finesse of conversation and political situation at the time, about the wars and struggles we faced. It was not pleasant to put this on a child. But you were my child, and you needed to be prepared for the worst. You always stayed so positive and idealistic about it, swearing that youd stop them for us - we had no idea what was coming.   It is my fault we lost you. It is my fault that the assassins were able to break in - our palace was recovering from a bout of illness, and we were short on guards, yet I didnt think to ensure your safety above heirlooms and artefacts. They took you, wounded your father and set off explosives. So many of our servants perished in the fires – your nursemaid, my ladies-in-waiting, our kitchen staff... it was horrible, and yet I had never felt more pain than realizing that you were gone. Our Lady's blessing restored your father, but no magic could locate you. We turned to desperation, calling in wizardry and sorcery for assistance, to little avail. It was after a year, soon after what would have been your 12th birthday, that I received a letter bearing the mark of Ordan. They had you. They included a picture – you were skinny, underfed, but alive. Your beautiful hair had been pulled back and they were keeping you in the clothes of a peasant, no sign of finery nor armour, but you werent harmed. They demanded that we surrender our borderlands to them for your safe release and return. They wanted land closer to Gothadrun, allegedly. Giving them access to our borderless southern coast would have spelt war for our homeland, however. I couldnt risk it. Thousands of lives hung in the balance.   We declined, and never saw you again. It has been fifty long years since then, with not a sound. We crushed Ordan's attempt at an attack, and demanded information from those we captured – nothing. Fifty years. You have two siblings, now. Arthur and Celia. Arthur is taller, his build resembling your fathers, but he favours debates and politics over the blade. His smile has aspects of yours, and his personality– oh, if youd grown up together, youd be almost inseparable. Hes just as positive and driven as you always were, and as the elder of the two, will carry that flame on to lead the nation one day. Celia, meanwhile, is so unlike you – shes a scholar, intrigued by the world and desperate to know all there is, but fearful of brawls.   I will always love you, Ashlyn. You were my precious daughter and heiress, and it pains me greatly to write this—you deserved a life so much better than what you were given. I can only hope that you passed peacefully and without much pain.   Goodbye, my sweetest child.   Love, Your mother, Empress Angeline Aletheia of the Aletheian Empire     ((ooc:This fuckin letter makes me tear up holy shit Han g fuckin g.))
    FATHER’S LETTER   Dear Ashlyn,   Im not one for words, unlike your mother. My place is on the battlefield. I trust that shes written enough for both of us by now, anyway. You have been, and will remain, my angel. When things get tough, I think of you, your mother, your siblings, and it's enough to give hope, to help us fight past any breaking point. The Lady Sarenrae may have only blessed us with your presence for 11 years, but those years were wonderful, and Ive missed you every day since.   I refuse to believe youre truly gone. We never saw your body, and Ordanians wouldnt kill a child. So, to you, my little angel, I leave this amulet. If you are miraculously alive, its function will reveal itself to you when the time is right. But even without the magic, it should remind you of us. Remind you of your real home. I can only hope that you'll find this and be able to use it one day.   I love you, Ashlyn. Goodbye, with the ever-burning hope that we'll meet again.   Your father, King Consort Edward Alarian of the Aletheian Empire, High Commander and General of the Kingsguard.


    I have spent the past few days working with Pin to try and teach her robotic friend morals. The fact that it asks questions that I have to think about myself is a good sign of progress. I’m excited to see what how it decides to lead it’s life.   So we were beset upon by a group of bandits, naught but one deigned to surrender. A young minstrel wiser than all his friends, all but a few were unfortunately slain in combat. The ones who lived were taken to be tried by Vanbrute in his homeland.   As of right now we are parked in very creepy town and I have locked myself in my cabin until we leave this town, I do not trust any place that suppresses any of my powers. No good and just place would suppress my holy powers. Pin taught me a knock I can do upon her door to make the train leave town and wait outside.   I should inquire with pin about getting better locks upon my doors. It’s not that expensive and I would like to know I’m relatively safe in my room. Hopefully soon we will arrive at our destination I’m excited to attend party!


    Goodness it has been quite awhile since I have had a cause to write anything down. Last night whilst getting a glass of juice from the bar I had the chance to read our lovely barkeeps notes and it inspired me to write down my perspective of the strange events that transpire around me. I also hope that by writing these events down it might relieve me of the my paranoia, spending time around so many beings who give off evil auras yet I have not seen do any evil acts gives me cause to doubt my ability to tell who is evil and not.   To further expand on this topic of doubt, yesterday we investigated a tower that radiated evil and that attempted to suppress my connection to Sarenrae. Thankfully my lady’s strength still reached me despite the towers evil. As we climbed the tower I came to learn of two evil sisters from one of their prisoners whom I would rather not write about as I hope to forget the evils done to her. The first sister I encountered I offered the chance to surrender as she showed that she had a mind unlike the other undead in the tower. Despite her being some form of Vampire I deemed that she doesn’t seem to be evil, hence my doubts in my own abilities. We then continued upward where we encountered a Lich, normally I would have flung myself into combat with it but we had already scoured the rest of the tower and not encountered anything that could have been a phylactery and thus it would be rather pointless to slay it. It teleported away before we could attack it anyways.   The Lich before retreating however did attempt to lock us in the tower through some evil dimensional magic. The Vampire sister however unlocked it for us then passed out. Happily my friends decided we should bring her with us and not leave her in the tower, I was expecting them to just want to leave her there. I was busy tending to the poor Nymph so our delightful barkeep took charge of the Vampire.   As we left the tower we found ourselves back in Port Amarin! I was delighted to see the Port again even though I believe we are banned from it due to the corrupt mayor, someday when I’m strong enough I want to cleanse that town of corruption, then the whole nation.   After collecting ourselves and our bearings I and a few of my companions took our lovely Nymph friend to a gathering of Druids. I gave them a bit of gold and asked them to take care of her, even as we were leaving she looked as if she had begun the long process of healing. I swear I’ll make that Lich pay for that.   Also, I finally had the opportunity to summon my loyal horse, I named him Yoshi. Though I like Pin’s magical transportation device I do believe I’d like to get better locks or doors, probably both on my room. Speaking of Pin, she has asked me for assistance in teaching her new companion morals, this is something I think I’m quite capable of! Thankfully my lady the Dawnflower’s holy text “The Birth of Light and Truth.” is a fantastic source of morals.   Unlike many church’s holy texts that tell stories and are more historical in nature, my lady’s is more practical, explaining the beliefs of the church, offering advice on dealing with sin and temptation, and many parables of evil creatures seeing the light of the Dawnflower and turning to good, productive lives thereafter. Her book also contains simple folk remedies for common illnesses and injuries, as well as helpful hints for dealing with common supernatural or monstrous evils, such as that vampires are vulnerable to garlic.   I actually now write this journal in the back pages of the book, most copies of Light and Truth text have pages in the back like mine so that you can write your stories and uplifting experiences! I really do hope I Instill the virtues of the good in this friend of Pin’s. I have hopes to reform the more evil members of my party, for even my Lady communicates with Evil deities in the hopes of saving them from their dark ways, I can do my best to emulate this with my companions.   I also received a letter of invitation to a ball!  
    LETTER OF INVITATION   Dearest Lady Alarian of the Everflame,   Your recent defeat of the beast threatening Serendel Forest and assistance in Port Amarin, Ilendras and the Sylvancliffs have created for you a fearsome reputation as a warrior of the light, a fair paladin of your Goddess. It is due to these exploits that we cordially invite you and a guest of your choosing to the annual Starswept Masquerade Ball at the Moonlit Palace, on the final day of Autumn - the 31st of Lamashan.   The celebrations will begin at 4pm, and will continue until 2am. Lodgings, if necessary or requested, will be provided to you at the Palace. This year, the ball will be themed around the colours of Winter itself, as we say farewell to the remnants of Autumn's warmth and welcome the cool touch of Winter - please wear formal attire in a pleasing blend of the following colours, using cool tones only: Blue, white, silver, green, pink, purple, red, cream and brown. We also request that you wear a mask to fit our theme; professional craftsmen will be available if you so require them.   The Ball is strictly weapons-free, though you may store your weapons on the premises, and due to your deitys gifts, we must also request that you do not use your powers at the Ball unless directly bidden by the Lady Sarenrae herself or in defence of the Realm. We hope to see you there!   On a more personal note, Lady Alarian. We have heard through our son, Cyne, that you are considered a Princess; however, we are not aware of the nature of your royalty. Due to your status as one of the Lady Sarenraes favoured Champions, a Hero of the Forests and as one born of celestial blood, this must be discussed in person. Upon arrival in Undria, if you so choose to attend the Ball, please visit the Palace, as we have much to discuss. If you are indeed one of our family, or of similar stature, then there is some important information you need to know.   Yours sincerely, Lord Andron of Undria, Duke of the Undric Region, Steward of Aletheia and Prince of the Empire.

    5626 18 1

    Due to the constant stream of danger we have been in and the constant stress I have been under I fear I have neglected you dear Journal.   Many horrible things have happened since I last wrote in you I believe. The Emperor was murdered as was Alysisa, Cyne has since risen to the throne. We have begun to encounter creatures that are able to simply dodge away from me when I would normally strike them   We have been within a magical fey Mansion and it was an absolute nightmare. There was this really strange family with a lot of issues. The father was some insane bookkeeper who put people's souls into books (although this proved useful later.), the daughter who was scared of everything else in the mansion as far as I could tell. Finally the worst of the bunch, the son, he seems to have made some kind of deal with the fey and then reneged on whatever deal he made as far as I understand.   It started off as a trip to gain some strength and possibly some kind of magical weaponry if I understood our goals correctly. We went in with Midna watching us through a scrying spell so that she could get an idea of what we do.   Everything went to hell quite quickly though and we had to fight strange fey creatures all throughout the place and we eventually put the brother to rest and brought him to the father. Talinde was injured during this which sent Burdyr on the warpath. Thankfully we were able to get to Talinde in time so that resolved itself comfortably.   We then searched through the soul books and collected the few that we found with people worth saving. The greatest person found amongst the soul books is my fine companion Perci! They were the one who introduced me to the Bardic Arts so long ago and the inspiration for my old care-free lifestyle, how I wish the world allowed me to be so joyful and free still. We had quite a joyous reunion much to the pain of the party.   Soon after we finally left that horrible place and returned back to Ironfalls. I have not had such joy in a long time, my love, my child and my sister all in one place all safe and all happy. I wish this time could last forever, spending time together planning our wedding, eating cake made by a baking god, berating my Grandson in a loving manner. This time has truly been one of the most joyful in my long life.   As I write this Aniks, Licia and Malina sit around and discuss matters I assume are of grave import. I wish they talked less and acted more.       Since it has been awhile I will also record my earlier list of complaints toward my Grandson for posterity sake.   "A list of complaints regarding Cyne as written by Ashlyn Alarian at the request of my traveling companions.   1. How stereotypical he was sitting in a dark corner of a tavern when I first met him. A terrible first impression.   2. He refused me entry into buildings several times due to me not joining his cult “The Shadows”.   3. The fact that his cult is called “The Shadows”, how teenage boy of him.   4. He harassed me constantly the night after Cid was slain by a Shadowy Dragon when I refused to leave the train in the creepy town.   5. He robbed me of my senses that same night when I refused to leave my cart on the train.   6. He made several rude comments about me kidnapping people when I adopted Midna   7. His sexual relations with multiple members of my traveling party and their breakups due to them not being “Royals”   8. On more than one occasion he has made fun of my fear of untrustworthy doors.   9. Complained about the amount of paperwork that he would have to do for me to adopt Midna.   10. At the ball that we attended I had to talk down an Archon from slaying him. While the Angel was quite the joy to talk to, the fact that the Archon was willing to slay him in the first place makes me disappointed in Cyne. One who is in line to be Emperor should be a model citizen and one that an Archon would refuse to harm.   11. The many times he has referred to me as “Grandma”. That is a rude thing to call a Lady who is not your grandmother.   12. He made disparaging comments about servants of Sarenrae being terrible dancers, which as we all know are untrue.   13. Unable to keep it down when participating in sexual activities. Can hear through walls."


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