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Istralar Timeline

  • Thousands of years in the past...
    The Worldrend
    Disaster / Destruction

    Fewer things are more horrifying to witness than a dark god breaking free from the planet that entrapped him. The events he brought down upon Istralar fell into that category, as a war between the gods fell upon the land itself and a new form of magic struggled to find its place.

  • After the Gods waged War
    The Sacrifice of Ypolita
    Religious event

    Death leaves a mark, particularly when caused by magic. The thousands that gave their lives for both sides in the initial War of Magic left deep scars on the earth itself, permanently corrupting the lands known as Tenaerul. This corruption began to spread, and would have consumed the entire continent had Ypolita, then-Champion of Iomedae, not sacrificed her life to contain it. The bright light she gave was enough for Iomedae to permanently ward the area, stopping the corruption from spreading... and leaving it as a mournful reminder of past wrongdoings.

  • 4914 EA

    13 /9

    A Crack in the Barrier
    Disaster / Destruction

    A cult of Rovagug's followers, in the spirit of spreading chaos, managed to overcome the barrier Ypolita's spirit had maintained all those years. Whilst the cult was destroyed by the might of the Aletheian Empire, the damage had been done, and a yearly ritual had to be put in place to maintain the barrier and prevent Tenaerul's spread.