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Iryani Lilan

Captain Iryani Lilan

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  Captain Iryani Lilan is an undine paladin who serves as captain of the guard in Port Amarin, an important trade settlement in the Aletheian Empire. She was a key part in the formation of the Lost Ones as it was by her order that Ashlyn Alarian, Vanbrute Ironbeard, Azyel Lathronon, Cid La Flaga, Nazu, and Kraia Woodslough were recruited against a series of local threats.   She was nearly killed in 5623 by a strange force that took hold of her, creating from her an antithesis to her very being - an antipaladin - in a ritual that slaughtered the entire population of the town's church save for one samsaran woman. The woman was able to alert the party, and though this abomination of an antipaladin seemed linked to Iryani's very soul, it was through quick thinking and careful battle that they were able to save the Captain. The night was not without further tragedy, however: Kazric Szithna threw himself in the way of a spear intended for Vanbrute, and paid a very final price for his act of selfless bravery.   The captain has continued to hold control of Port Amarin over the past few years, though her job has grown harder in more recent days. She maintains connections to the Eagle's Shadows, largely to stop illicit smuggling rings from penetrating the port's strict border regulations.
Entirely black with white slit pupils
Sleek and red, usually pulled back into a ponytail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Blue and humanlike with small areas of scale

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