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Port Amarin

Port Amarin is an expansive trade 'town' (really, it's large enough to count as a city) that happens to be one of the largest trade ports of the Aletheian Empire. It manages a lot of trade with the Northern Continent of Iskaldhal, in addition to numerous sailors from other parts of the world who pass by in their travels. W   At the docks, crews of sailors like to hang around with drinks ordered from the closest tavern, the Mermaid's Legs (the Legs to those who're too drunk to pronounce the full thing, short as it might be). Many ships pull into the docks daily, bringing a variety of cargo - food, drink, weapons, armour, and virtually everything else under the sun - as in addition to functioning as a trader and importer with outsiders, Port Amarin also serves as one of the major exporters of trade goods, particularly for the nearby elven and dwarven communities of Ilendras and Dhun Vulkulgar.   Further out past the Mermaid's Legs, various shops can be found selling any variety of things, from poultry to minor alchemical items and potions - any sale of magical items, however, is strictly controlled by the town guard and only certified shops are allowed to sell them. As it's such a hassle, most stick to mundane items.   Many religions practice in small temples, mostly a mix of wood and stone, in Port Amarin, with a few low to mid level clerics healing the townsfolk and occasionally helping out in the town guard. Paladins aren't common, but a few do exist in the town guard (or rarely as vigilantes). There are three main churches used by the townsfolk and visitors alike - the Church of Abadar, providing luck to those wishing for fortune and trade, the Chapel of Gozreh, to pray for the sea's grace, and the Church of All-Worship - a rare entity providing a forum for all to celebrate their gods. None of these specifically ban arcane casters, but the last once strictly forbid any show of arcane magics inside its halls, and had been known to forcibly remove spellcasters who prayed to certain gods such as Yuelral. Their policy was changed after the strange attack that led to the deaths of an entire congregation and an adventuring drow known as Kazric, and the possession of Captain Lilan. One of the few survivors of the attack, a samsaran oracle named Jinne, helped with the church's cleansing and was nominated to lead the clergy until Celesthem Temple could send assistants. Under her guidance, the previous arcane bias was eliminated and replaced with a sense of melancholy for the fallen.


Population is mostly human (40%), with significant elf, dwarf, halfling and gnome populations and a mix of more strange races (aasimar, undines, sea fey, orcs, et cetera).


The town is part of the Aletheian Empire, and as such obeys the Emperor - mostly. It's so far from the Capital, and is filled with so many of various races, that the mayor doesn't particularly care about the rulings of a far-off Emperor. The overall alignment of the town is true neutral. Or... used to be. After the events surrounding Lord Cyne Undria's visit to the town, the rescue of Captain Iryani Lilan by a group of adventurers (one of whom was later revealed to be the Lost Princess), and a string of seaside attacks originating from an exceptionally powerful aboleth (who was thwarted by yet another group of adventurers - the ifrit in that party had become infamous for his complaining about the sea afterwards), the mayor has been removed from his post and arrested on suspicion of treason against the Empire. Whilst no suitable candidate has replaced him yet, Captain Lilan has been temporarily holding the position and dealing with a drastically increased guard.


Nowadays, Port Amarin has a fully-staffed guard running 24/7 patrols of the town's main areas. Guard towers have been built around the edges of the city, and a host of merfolk, gillmen, aquatic elves and fey have begun to enforce the law in the surrounding ocean in exchange for an area to live in.

Industry & Trade

Very large trade industry, exporting goods from the Empire's northern regions (particularly from the Everfall Mountains and Serendel Forest, both large producers of fine crafts and weaponry) and importing from across the world. Those who aren't traders generally run businesses to support them or to manufacture ships, tourist favours and goods for them to trade.

Guilds and Factions

A variety of merchanting guilds have arisen in Amarin, usually having begun in Aletheia, Undria or one of the other trading towns. The Keepers of Divinity have a large presence in the town and assist law enforcement, and the Mages Guild has a small base of operations to assist magical item transactions.


A mix of wood and stone, as befits a port town, feature in most buildings. The rich tend to have sturdier stone buildings, whilst the middle-class and poor make do with wooden homes.


Port Amarin is located right next to the ocean, granting fantastic views from every angle. The lack of heat in this area of the ocean has contributed to reduced risk of hurricanes and tsunamis. To the back of the city is the beginning of Serendel Forest and the peaceful trading road across the plains towards Roseford.
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