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We are far more sophisticated than those pigs.
— Ordanian commoner on their neighbouring nations
  One of the most historically power-hungry nations of the West, Ordan has claimed a reputation for stellar art and architecture, the finest wines in the West, and terrifyingly efficient combat tactics. It lies to the east of the Aletheian Empire, and shares a northern border with the former nation of Terenholt, the rebellious democracy of the Vostene Republic, and a few other small countries - many of which were once part of its own territory.   Whilst the Ordan of today is far smaller than its former self, it still bears a large amount of political influence due to its trade connections and continued military power. Thanks to the country's exploration efforts, they have a number of trade outposts set up throughout the Eastern Continent and upon Takawaoku, granting them access to a number of strange foods, spices and materials. Their largest forest, the Forest of Marillat, is also home to a myriad of unique flora and fauna, cultured over the past few thousand years by the Gardes de Marillat - a highly exclusive and isolated druidic order that swears loyalty to each and every one of their plants.   For the past three hundred years, Ordan has enforced conscription of every well-bodied male for at least three years as they reach adulthood, ensuring their military remains one of the most well-respected. Militaristic institutions, such as the Academie de Arts Arcaniques (a magical academy run by the clergy of Nethys) or the École de Valeur (a school for future soldiers, run by Iomedae's faithful), receive government sponsorship, and all citizens are encouraged to take up some sort of useful training - whether it be the creation of paintings or weaponry, or training as soldiers or mages from a young age.


Until 5625, Ordan was ruled by a strict patriarchal monarchy, reflective of the gender bias that remains present in Ordanian culture. The murder of King Charles Judicaël Régis de Vermailles et Autissécourt saw Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia place his only daughter, the half-elven Fleurie Isabeau de Vermailles et Autissécourt, as the new queen as he took Ordan as a subsidiary of the Aletheian Empire.

Public Agenda

War was a mistake.
— gossip
  Prior to the outbreak of the War of Empires, Ordan's aims mainly revolved around the expansion of their national assets. Many outside the country had become uncomfortable as the Ordanian army grew larger - particularly those in the smaller nations that were once part of Ordan themselves. Things came to a head with the war's outbreak, and Ordan's armies found themselves embroiled in the conflict that would lead to the loss of their true sovereignty.   Aside from their military goals, the country has largely focused on trade. The country prides itself on its freedom, culture and nonrestrictive (but relentless) law, and its art community has flourished. They remain internationally recognised as one of the art capitals of Istralar.


You cannot say we have achieved nothing, for we have! This latest issue, it is, how you say... just a setback!
— insistent soldier
  Ordan's history stretches back milennia, with their inception as the current nation of Ordan being dated back to the mid 3000s. Prior to that, they existed as part of the Aletheian Empire - and before that, the area was owned by a different nation entirely. Their historical links tie them quite closely to various other nations, particularly the Kingdom of the Galasthin Elves - the original homeland of the elves.   Their most recent events tie back to the aforementioned War of Empires. In the lead-up to the war, King Charles had stepped up recruitment for Ordan's militaries and expanded the nation's defences significantly. When the Medimian Empire came seeking to conquer them into being submissive allies in their assault upon Terenholt and Aletheia, they were ready -- threatening the larger empire and throwing themselves into the war as an independent threat. Surprisingly, with the Aletheian Empire focused on defending their own borders and preventing Medimia from taking Terenholt, and the Medimian Empire's assault focused largely on Aletheia, Ordan was able to hold its own for the first two years of the conflict.   It was after the ascension of Emperor Aneirin of Aletheia that King Charles made a grave mistake. He invited the young Emperor to Ordan, seeing him as weak and easily manipulated, and set up an assassination. The Emperor - an experienced assassin and a secret member of the Eagle's Shadows - had prepared for the assault, and handily turned the assassination on its head. The King was left dead, and Aletheia was poised to capture the entire nation.  
I won't deprive your people of their independence for the idiotic actions of your father. Send your men to aid us against the Medimians and I'll support your rule as best I can, Fleurie.
The Emperor gave them pity and left them their independence. King Charles's heir was not of his own bloodline, as Ordan's patriarchal line decreed that his daughter be skipped over -- Emperor Aneirin ignored this, seeking out Fleurie Isabeau de Vermailles et Autissécourt before her father's body had even gone cold. He spoke with the girl at length, befriending her and declaring that she would be Queen of the Empire's extended territory of Ordan.
  The Queen has taken to her role well, and life has changed little for her citizens. The country's soldiers have joined Aletheian forces and command, wearing the colours of both countries, and have been instrumental in forcing Medimia onto the back foot in the war effort.   However, the recent murder of Lord Andron Undria and the kidnapping of Lady Ceridwen Undria in the Ordanian town of Raveille has revealed a deep anti-Aletheian sentiment in the townsfolk and potential links to Riven Drast. The Aletheian Empire is likely to come down hard on their puppet nation once the operation to recover Lady Ceridwen is complete, regardless of its outcome, especially due to the implication that Prince Valérian d'Autissécourt, the Queen's cousin and third in line to the Ordanian throne, was involved in the treasonous conspiracy.

Demography and Population

Oui, the former rulers of this world chose us as a superior place to live!
— native in denial about Galasthin's continued existence
  The majority of Ordan's inhabitants are human, elven or a mixture of the two, though their cultures have shifted away from those of their kin elsewhere. Ordanian elves retain their passion for nature and fine arts, but combine it with human innovation, a fixation on trade, and an intrinsic sense of national pride.   Their traditional knowledge of weapons and magic is praised heavily by the government, and elven weaponry and tactics have been a large part of the country's previous military success. The humans, meanwhile, have developed a knack for trade and diplomacy, wielding underhanded tactics as just another of the nation's weapons.
Geopolitical, Country
Ordanian / Ordan
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Gold, silver, copper - uses Ordanian inscriptions
Legislative Body
Law of the Monarch
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Myths

Puppet state

Ordan & Aletheia have been rivals for centuries, dating back before the birth of Ashlyn Alarian. Their current relations are warmer than ever thanks to Aletheia's help in maintaining the nation's statehood, but the injuries left by the initial war casualties have yet to heal.

Character flag image: Flag of Ordan by Hanhula (via Armoria)


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