One of the most historically power-hungry nations of the West, Ordan has claimed a reputation for stellar art and architecture, the finest wines in the West, and terrifyingly efficient combat tactics. It lies to the east of the Aletheian Empire, and shares a northern border with Terenholt, the Vostene Republic, and a few other small countries - many of which were once part of its own territory.   Whilst the Ordan of today is far smaller than its former self, it still bears a large amount of political influence due to its trade connections and continued military power. Thanks to the country's exploration efforts, they have a number of trade outposts set up throughout the East and upon Takawaoku, granting them access to a number of strange foods, spices and materials. Their largest forest, the Forest of Marillat, is also home to a myriad of unique flora and fauna, cultured over the past few thousand years by the Gardes de Marillat - a highly exclusive and isolated druidic order that swears loyalty to each and every one of their plants.   For the past three hundred years, Ordan has enforced conscription of every well-bodied male for at least three years as they reach adulthood, ensuring their military remains one of the most well-respected. Militaristic institutions, such as the Academie de Arts Arcaniques (a magical academy run by the clergy of Nethys) or the École de Valeur (a school for future soldiers, run by Iomedae's faithful), receive government sponsorship, and all citizens are encouraged to take up some sort of useful training - whether it be the creation of paintings or weaponry, or training as soldiers or mages from a young age.


Ordan is ruled by a strict patriarchal monarchy, reflective of the gender bias that remains present in Ordanian culture. The King, Charles Judicaël Régis de Vermailles et Autissécourt, has been in power for the past 30 years, after having his brother assassinated. As his mother, Madame Silvienne Cerise de Vermailles (née Sélverienne), is an elf, he is officially a half-elf. She remains a trusted adviser of his, despite his murder of her other son.

Public Agenda

The King's aims have mainly revolved around the expansion of Ordan's assets, and many outside the country have become uncomfortable as the Ordanian army grows larger - particularly those in the smaller nations that were once part of Ordan themselves. Aside from these, the country's trade partners have been pleased as trade has flourished. The country prides itself on its freedom, culture and nonrestrictive (but relentless) law.

Demography and Population

The majority of Ordan's inhabitants are human, elven or a mixture of the two, though their cultures have shifted away from those of their kin elsewhere. Ordanian elves retain their passion for nature and fine arts, but combine it with human innovation, a fixation on trade, and an intrinsic sense of national pride. Their traditional knowledge of weapons and magic is praised heavily by the government, and elven weaponry and tactics have been a large part of the country's previous military success. The humans, meanwhile, have developed a knack for trade and diplomacy, wielding underhanded tactics as just another of the nation's weapons.

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