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Riven Drast

Lord Riven Drast (a.k.a. Son of the Abyss)

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I saw him on the battlefield once. The stench of death clung to the air around him, bodies - friend and foe - piled at his feet. Red dripped from the spikes of his ebonclad armour. He knew I was there, knew to meet my horrified eyes with his own.   I expected to see the glint of madness, or perhaps a lust for the fight.   I was a fool. His gaze was one of pure determination.
  Lord Riven Drast is a revolutionary warrior originally hailing from the Medimian Empire in the northern reaches of Valathe and one of the major driving forces of the troubles of the 5620s. He wields the Spiritblade, which in 5626 holds the power of both the original Spiritblade and the Gemstone of Life after the Shards collided near Yuethin'tar.   He leads the Drastic Reformers, as much by necessity as by desire, and seems to maintain some unknown connection with Elias. He is responsible for the death of Lord Andron of Undria and the kidnapping of Lady Ceridwen of Undria, the latter of whom was used by Elias to manipulate the Lost Ones into seeking the Earth-Mother's Gift in Takawaoku.   He seems to be able to use the Spiritblade to influence others. Syrin Elathien is one of few to survive this use of the Spiritblade, presumably only through the aid of Azsire's abilities as an avatar and potentially also Jinne's powers as a Priestess of the Way of Runeblessed Dreams.
Year of Birth
5521 EA 105 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unwanted twin pregnancy
Silky black hair cut roughly and pushed back. Slightly long.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Unearthly white with black cracks running through it.

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