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Priestess Jinne (a.k.a. the Dreaming Oracle)

Oh, to be as effortlessly holy as she. It must be quite the boring existence, mm?
  To sum her up in a sentence, Jinne is a samsaran worshipper and priestess of the Way of Runeblessed Dreams who assisted in the destruction of the Unbroken March and is currently involved in the recovery of the Harp of Virtue.   Yet a sentence is not enough to correctly evaluate a samsaran, and especially not a samsaran oracle. Jinne is the sort of oracle to See both into the future and past, though never with much clarity; the mists of time and space regularly confuse her, and her past lives - for samsarans reincarnate upon death - have woven a complicated path for her. Despite all her own actions, her visions and path collide in a maelstrom that can't help but pull her along it - she often finds herself far from where she longs to be, in situations that absolutely terrify her.   Still, she tries her best. Her faith is iron-clad and her friends numerous - not only has she befriended Lyadrí An'thimael and thus the Starcrowned, but she counts Sonja Ilsyth as her closest friend and partner, and has also struck up a tentative friendship with Aniks Alas'thil of the Lost Ones. Some of the other Lost Ones seem to be following Aniks's lead there - Talindë Ae'tharis had begun spending time with her prior to the incident at the Eckehart Mansion, for instance.   There was once the path she walked alone; this is now the path she will follow with friends. This is the Way laid out for her, and all she might meet: where dreams glance reality, and memory cascades on.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Which history are we talking about this time? Her latest? Does she even remember it properly?
  Southwards of The Sunari Wilderness, in the warm waves of the southern oceans, there lie chains of islands isolated from the rest of the world. One of them, the Chandrasma Archipelago, contains a sunlit island with a deep lagoon at its centre: Nishamani, the island Jinne calls home. She was born there under the bright sun and wild seas to a chorus of whispers and expectations, for her birth had been foretold by the highest-ranking cleric on the entire archipelago: a priestess of the Chandravamshi. Her birth-mother struggled greatly with the birth and retreated to the care of the Chandravamshi with her, granting her a loving, if unusual, family - a much-needed boon, for her mother had little knowledge of Jinne's other parent, and none on the island could identify him from her description.  
Born beneath, surrounded by, and painted in infinite precious blue, to seek blossoming seeds sown long ago does the wandering spirit wake anew.
Bright is her star and dark the coming days! To wake the dawn-path set before her, she must shine under all's gaze!
— translated fragment of prophecy

Her childhood was a kind one, much enriched by her close religious associations. Though the Chandravamshi were an all-female order, the classes they taught across the islands were open to all children, and Jinne travelled with her guide-family as often as she was able.

Nishamani remained where her home was, and where her mother largely stayed, but she developed a deep love for the floating temple on Sindhuputra and a healthy respect for the fires of Jyotsnavat throughout her lessons and travels.
  It was after twenty-two years that she began to feel odd. Her friends had grown into adulthood and left her behind in youth, and yet the newest priestesses entering the service of the Chandravamshi thought to treat her as if she were not the same age as them. The eldest priestesses still pushed her to train, to immerse herself in divine magic and the training they would give her, and yet none other than her was put under such pressure! Worse: her mother had fallen ill with a sleeping sickness, and would not wake no matter the healing they poured into her.   It was too much. Under the moon's pale light, Jinne fled, seeking solace in the lonely night. She took her small rowboat and set sail, her provisions set to last her until she hit the northernmost island of Arhasana. Unfortunately for the young samsaran, a storm would hit that night - the Rage of the Sunari had spun up a nasty hurricane thick with arcane magic, and the Chandravamshi were too busy raising what protections they could to look for one missing acolyte. Even if it were their prophecised one.   She clung to her boat and stared up at the thunderous sky, looked desperately for the stars she knew hid behind the tainted clouds. Towering waves crashed behind her, tossing the small boat from side to side like it were a leaf, threatening to dash it against the sharp corals and rocks surrounding the archipelago and all its islands as the strengthening winds seized the boat and began to lift it out of the seas entirely. Terrified and alone, she closed her eyes and whispered a prayer like none she had ever learnt, in a language that had always come to her naturally and yet never been understood by her fellows.   And she dreamed.

Personality Characteristics


With the voices of her past selves and the whispers of what will one day be ringing around her, Jinne has always been motivated to travel and follow the Path laid out before her. Her desires are simple enough: she wishes for a peaceful existence shared among all. But the Dream has other plans for her, and she wishes to become what she must, trusting that hundreds of lives lived to their fullest know best what Path she should take.


Religious Views

Religion is somewhat of a complex situation for Jinne.


Sonja Ilsyth


Towards Jinne




Towards Sonja Ilsyth


Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Priestess of the Dream
  • Spirit-seer of the Chandravamshi
  • the Returning Wanderer; the Prophecied Wanderer
  • the Ocean's Blade
  • the Moontouched
Year of Birth
5554 EA 72 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Prophesied birth.
Current Residence
Pure white.
Long blue hair kept in an often-messy plait.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light blue.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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