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Sunari Wilderness

The War of Magic. The Worldrend. Countless attempts at releasing imprisoned gods and unleashing demon hordes, at tearing through the fabric of the material plane, at bringing necromantic armies into existence. Divine rituals, arcane summons, alchemical explosions. No act is without consequence. The Sunari Wilderness is the physical representation of these consequences: a seemingly endless desert where magic runs wild. The usual universal constants don't seem so sure there: gravity alters randomly, time seems to stretch, then hasten, magic itself seems to stutter to a halt... or exaggerate itself to ridiculous quantities. Divine faith seems weaker here in most cases, particularly to Lawful deities - worshippers of Chaotic deities have less issue. Fey scholars have likened it to the First World, if the First World were to bleed onto the material plane and find itself corrupted by dark energies.   Great beasts, warped by the sands of the enormous desert, prowl the Wilderness, hunting down those fool enough to try to brave it. Tribal communities of any race imaginable form and wage war upon each other, harnessing the chaos by fully embracing it. It still claims them, in the end. It always does.


Sand. Endless sand. Improbable mountains that jut from below, twisted into crystals of a million colours. Floating masses of sand and ice, sand and rock, sand and earth. Rivers that flow upside-down with saltwater that evaporates to a shower of salt. Bursts of corrupted lava that crystallise, claiming passers-by. The ruins of beautiful ancient temples, shrouded in sands and withering ivy, slowly disappearing beneath the earth into the tumultuous caverns below...
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Mar 2, 2018 13:34 by Vertixico

This is a very cool concept for a magically warped region. The description is already very detailed but I hope you will expand on it somehow. I want to see some foolish adventurer walking in there. Also what kind of tribal societies are there? Do they know of the world outside of the chaos?

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Mar 2, 2018 23:31 by Han

I'm hoping to add a lot more on it - the Sunari Wilderness is absolutely HUGE on my worldmap (which, er, still isn't done). The tribal societies are pretty varied - some are Mad Max-esque, some have taken up worship of ancient gods in long-forgotten temples, some are relatively calm desert traders. It depends on the species and various cultures that've mixed to form them: a group of monks escaping from their ravaged mountaintop temples into the wilderness would form a far more peaceful group than a band of orcs who chose to move there to assert their dominance. There *are* a few established settlements, usually built in the more permanent areas (rocky structures, surface-exposed caves and the like), but any currency valued outside of the wilderness is generally worthless within. Food, drink, slavery and favours tend to be far more valued than shiny coins or bottlecaps.   Most people who live within have at least heard of the outside world through stories, but again, as it's such a massive area (think at least the size of China), some haven't. Those who end up in the wilderness from the outside tend to suffer greatly (from a number of factors... monsters, slavery, wild magic causing chaos, etc), and their stories aren't usually believed in entirety, though the smarter inhabitants are well aware that the outside world isn't as bad. Any who actually escape the wilderness permanently often suffer severe culture shock, and usually end up imprisoned... laws aren't exactly something that make a lot of sense to them, most of the time!

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