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Rage of the Sunari

The storm raged for three days and then, blessedly, there was quiet - an odd quiet. An unnatural stillness. Dark clouds loomed on all sides and we knew that our suffering had not yet ended - that this calm was the briefest reprieve. We did not go to the dead, for there was aught we could do; I hurried my daughter to safety, feeling the weight of my husband's blank stare on my side.   When the winds picked back up, we knew then that our world had ended.
— survivor of an incident of the Rage
  In the hottest months, the seas grow warm. To residents of beachside civilisations, this is both blessing and curse. Blessing, as the waters become more relaxing to dwell in - and curse, as the dangerous winds generated by the Sunari Wilderness spin into furious hurricanes, drawing their fuel from the warm seas. Any particularly large hurricane originally born from the Sunari's harsh winds (as opposed to those from Takawaoku or simply born from nothing more than an errant currant) is known as one of the Sunari's everlasting rage.   Whilst normal hurricanes are dangerous, those borne of the Sunari are far more so. They are unpredictable and carry magic in their winds, causing utter catastrophe in their wake. These monstrosities most often collide with the northern shores of Takawaoku or the south of Valathe - many also spin off into the eastern seas, but vanish when approaching Kudara due to the mystery continent's odd circumstances.  

Historical Appearances

In the time of the War of Magic - when the gods fought to determine the fate of man - the Sunari, already scarred from the first Divine War, was further scarred. Magic ran rampant, divine and arcane, and tore holes in the fabric of the planet. The blood of gods stains that land, and their influence - chaotic in confluence, yet individually warped in their own way - is still present. But the Worldrend went one step further. What had already been a shattered land was further purged of any essence of justice, plunging it into a mortal hellscape not unlike the Abyss's fell reaches as Terra Arcana fell from grace and scattered its influence across the wasteland's sands.   Prior to all of this, the Sunari had still spawned hurricanes - but they were normal, like those that formed without the Sunari's 'blessing'. The first nations to meet the wrath of the new wilderness were not prepared: thousands of lives were lost as civilisations were simply swept away.   In modern times, the hurricanes are still massive threats to life. They no longer pose instant risk of death as magical warning systems grant some protection and time to flee, but many still die. Most recently, the Palati Islands - a small chain, mostly unprepared for devastation - were besieged by a Rage-influenced hurricane. Some were spared due to the diligent protections put up, but almost all structures on the ancient islands have been damaged or swept away. Two years on, the suffering shows no sign of ending for their people.   And yet with each day that passes closer to Summer, the risk of another hurricane grows.
Last Seen
Last landfall location
the Palati Islands

Cover image: Hurricane by Photo edit by Hanhula; source from NASA


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