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Terra Arcana

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  Following the events of the Second Divine War and its Arcane Compromise, all citizens of Istralar who could use arcane magic were transported to Terra Arcana with only a short period of warning to collect their belongings and say their farewells. Very few non-arcane wielders were permitted to accompany them, causing familial and societal schisms that many Istralan cultures still feel the impact of to this day.   Terra Arcana hung in view of Istralar's sky for centuries, and developed its own peoples, countries, and structures during that time. Invideria was one such city, prime amongst them.   All inhabitants of Terra Arcana were transported back to Istralar when the Worldrend struck. Many were returned to their ancestral homes, kept safe by the gods of their people; those without such ties were typically returned to places close to where they or their ancestors hailed from, or to churches to their personal deities.   This homecoming had an even larger effect on Istralan cultures than the people's initial departure, as the cultures and powers had shifted drastically since the casters had been banished. Organisations like the Keepers of Divinity rose from those who had remained, and those who had left sought to again build their own homes and nations, leading to the rise of countries like Fjolkandr.
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