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Keepers of Divinity

From the moment arcane magic came into being, divine being opposed it. Their will was made real in the form of their Champions, their clerics, paladins and faithful, their armies. This overwhelming hatred and fear transcended previous allegiances and forged new friendships and loathings, both among mortals and the divine.   Upon Istralar, inquisitions and executioner groups formed - precursors to the Keepers. It was after the Worldrend that the organisations began to join forces under the banners of gods such as Torag, firmly set against those who'd dare use the ill-gotten power. The weight their divine providers grant them has seen thousands of arcane casters dead, enslaved, jailed or otherwise pubished for their crimes.   Whilst their motives are good in their own minds, their actions are certainly not. Typical punishments for arcane casters that breach certain codes and rules (such as trapping souls, forcing people into different forms without permission, and any amount of mass destruction) range from life imprisonment, to slavery (for good causes, of course), and even to the removal of their magic or execution. Lesser punishments are common: the removal of tongues and fingers, use of brands, whips and public humiliation, and the burning of spellbooks are all considered to be lesser punishments.   The Keepers usually function quietly, letting themselves become familiar with the heredy before taking action. They often employ subterfuge and disguise, though all taken are given a fair, open trial before their trained Justiciars and Judges.

Public Agenda

Arcane magic is not to be trusted: it must be watched, contained, or destroyed. We will defend our lands against this blight at the bidding of our Gods, or else our world may also fall into oblivion.
Religious, Sect
Alternative Names
Defenders of the Light, Destroyers of the Arcane
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Feb 14, 2024 13:29 by spleen

hmmm the concept of divine and arcane magic being opposed (at least in the eyes of this particular organisation) is really interesting. i wonder if arcane spellcasters return the sentiment

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Feb 14, 2024 13:49 by Han

oh *** yes they do. there's a MAJOR level of animosity that goes right back to the gods & the divine wars; the magical disciplines are split on a worldwide societal level because of the chaos that arcane magic brought when it was introduced.   now consider: psychic magic is starting to appear........

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