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  The Starcrowned are a small research and investigation unit under the Alu'thaniel. Their initial purpose was to gather information on a major magical anomaly sweeping through the areas around the Tulaant Steppe, especially Yulan Sheng, and so they were sent across the land to investigate. They were kidnapped by the Heijian Tribe initially, and only escaped due to eventual cooperation with the Heijian leader Qaragan and the Steppe's own avatar.   When the anomaly they sought was revealed to be a Shard of the Void, they were split up across the surface of Yulan Sheng and the depths of the Endless Archive in its pursuit. Commander Lyadrí An'thimael was accidentally trapped in the Archive by Eirian Pa'lustris, and survived only through strange ley powers and a chance encounter with Jinne. All four of the Starcrowned eventually joined forces with the Lost Ones to defeat the Shard.   The encounter with leylines and the Steppe has granted each member of the Starcrowned some innate power over one of the four classical elements, manifested through strange markings on their bodies. These are allegedly a gift from Istralar herself, to be used in the protection of the planet against the corruption of the Shards. Since their encounter with the Unbroken March ended, all four members of the Starcrowned have begun looking to aid the Champions in their own way, and have sought to counteract the corruption they find present across the world.
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