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Shards of the Void

This document stands as a living repository on our findings. Do not take it all as truth, and be wary of what could have changed.
— archivist
In the time before Terra Arcana, the gods waged war using weapons of incredible strength. Most saw fit to create armies of servants, bestow their guidance upon their faithful, or twist mortals into living bearers of their will.
  It is said that one chose to do otherwise. He reached beyond the planes, unto the Void, and took upon Himself fragments of what had once been. Fragments that should rightfully be nothing. Fragments that sought to become something once again, through the annihilation of all else. To them, He fed the brightest of light, the purest of fuels: Life.   In the times since, He has fallen into nothingness - likely a victim of a Purge, or one of the many fallen deities who saw fit to capitalise on the Worldrend, or another mysterious divine war. The shards, in His absence, grew quiet. We know little of them, save that they seek new beings to serve their purpose, each drawing on a single aspect of Life to spread their fell agenda.   Thus far, in recorded scripture, we have record of eight possible Shards. It is not known whether each is a genuine Shard, nor have the forces of Light ever been able to accurately find and study one. As such, the following information is largely speculation. New research, thanks to the exploits of the Lost Ones, their fellow Champions, and the generosity of Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia, has provided more information on each Shard - to maintain the integrity of this document, these expanded details are largely filed in their own reports.   The claim that the Shards are fully intelligent and relate more significantly to the events of the Arcane War is still being investigated, and this document may not be current with known information.

Current Whereabouts

The Gemstone of Life
Destroyed; merged with the Spiritblade
The Spiritblade
Destroyed, then reconstructed by Riven
The Harp of Virtue
Within Azsire's possession
Unbroken March
Destroyed; potentially merged with Iomedae
Earth-Mother's Gift
Mainland Takawaoku, exact tribe unknown
Justitia Aeternum
Lost within the Sunari Wilderness

The Alleged Shards

The Gemstone of Life

Reported to have disappeared in the Ilendran-Eivanfalr conflict over three thousand years ago, the Gemstone of Life was allegedly an enormous stone that seemed to slowly draw the life from all around it. The anomalous nature of the stone could not be determined as any direct form of necromantic magic, and particularly religious researchers began to feel unease in its presence.   Whilst containment was proposed to the King under Elendur, this ended up not being possible due to the item's disappearance.   Further research revealed that the Gemstone of Life seemed to have a tendency of appearing at the beginning or conclusion of significant world events, as detailed in its expanded report.
Update: The Gemstone resurfaced mid-5622 in the vicinity of Ilendras and Yuethin'tar. The quick assistance of the Lost Ones and then-Prince Aneirin 'Cyne' lead to its destruction before its influence could spread further than Port Amarin. Before its destruction, It appeared to be affecting the entirety of Serendel Forest with a dark curse that stole souls away inside of it whilst also sapping the forest's natural life.   Unfortunately, the Gemstone has apparently been returned to existence by the actions of Riven Drast. It now exists as a merged entity within the Spiritblade.

The Spiritblade

A special weapon carved of an unidentifiable black material, said to adapt to the needs of its wielder. Alone, this seems normal for a magical blade. However, the Spiritblade was said to speak directly to its wielder's mind, empowering and encouraging them no matter the odds, and has featured in multiple historical tales as a result.   In addition, it would drain the very spirits of those it slew - supposedly to continue its communication - and no amount of separation could stop its influence. Those who wielded extensively could even allegedly summon the blade. Prior to the current crisis, it was last seen in a major battle between Ordan and Terenholt, wielded by the would-be Empress of Ordan before her death.
Update: After some discussion, it would seem that the Spiritblade was located by the Lost Ones in 5623. It was utilised in combat against the Gemstone of Life by one Kazric Szithna and was lost in the aftermath, only to resurface in the hands of Lord Riven Drast. It is still under Drast's power, and is presumed to be currently in use in his ventures. News suggests that Drast may be planning on utilising the Spiritblade in his intended war.

The Harp of Virtue

Iskaldhan ballads speak of a harp that bewitches those who hear its tune, altering their minds to be virtuous and pure, and making whole anything that it sees as broken. It is hailed as a hallowed article, bestowed by the northern gods.   Suspicion has arisen about its true nature due to the effects of overexposure, and attempts to contact those who have passed on after hearing it as no spirit of the Song has ever responded to attempts at resurrection or contact beyond the grave.   Unsurprisingly, the virtuous 'warriors of the Song' meet with early deaths caused by their lack of caution and attempts to purge the 'darkness' - or if not these, then as a result of their own heroics.
Update: Through the combined efforts of The Lost Ones and Syrin's Band, the Harp of Virtue was defeated and imprisoned within Azsire's personal demiplane to prevent it accessing the outer world; to preserve the Harp's restored mental faculties, Dai Youshi sacrificed himself and his life-music.

Unbroken March

Shrouded in more secrecy than most, this book was one of the treasures hidden somewhere within the continent of Xin-Jiyu. It supposedly held a series of magical tales that altered themselves for each reader. Should the reader have reached the book's final chapter, they would have allegedly been granted great power. It is unknown if any had achieved this, as the Eastern natives still view it as incredibly unlucky to speak of the test. The fact that it persists in memory despite being unspoken of, with none living who seem to have even attempted its challenge, painted it as a possible Shard.  
Update: Both the Lost Ones and the Starcrowned encountered this Shard in 5622, combining forces to deal with it over the course of three years. It would seem that it had significantly more power than expected, allegedly possessing the ability to alter text in a large region around its location. It was found in the the Endless Archives and destroyed after an arduous struggle.   Recent information confirms that on the Shard's destruction, human goddess Iomedae absorbed its remnants into her deific portfolio. Iomedaean worshippers that draw magic from their deity have noted strange discrepancies, and her Champion Ypolita has somehow returned. It is currently unknown how these events occurred, but the involvement of the aforementioned parties is suspected.

Earth-mother's Gift

This potential Shard was only learnt of in the past hundred years. It takes the form of a beautiful mask from a tribe that once inhabited thick Takawaokan jungles in the wanderer's nation of Merahilani, stolen from them by the invaders that slayed them, though this is very likely not its original name or location.   Its magical properties have become legend - a mask that forces its wearer to be kind and caring, giving up all they own to others and even transforming them into more useful forms. This usually results in the death of the wearer.
  It is suspected to be the cause of Gaia's Lament, a calamity that has rendered the Southern Continent forbidden from all means of teleportation or travel and prevented the use of magic to assist with creating food or water.   Current attempts to retrieve the mask have been met with extreme hostility, with all falling within its presence being altered or absorbed upon death to help those defending it. This effect currently seems to apply to the entirety of the southern continent; all who die disintegrate into black smoke at current.  

Justitia Aeternum

Lost (possibly intentionally) within the sands of the Sunari Wilderness. If any whispers of it come to your ears, leave the area immediately.  
Do not attempt to secure this potential Shard. Death is inevitable.

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Author's Notes

Information contained within was compiled from research at Celesthem Temple. It is only as accurate as they could make it.

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