Lord Andron Undria

Lord Andron Undria

Lord Andron is a powerful paladin, and the nephew of the current Aletheian Emperor, Emperor Asterion Aletheia. Whilst steadfast in resolve, he is gentle at heart. He adores his wife, Lady Ceridwen Undria, despite her secretive nature resulting in his ineligibility to become Emperor, and in their son (Cyne Undria) being born a tiefling. He holds his daughter, Alysia Undria, very close to his heart, and whilst he also cares about Cyne, relations between the Lord and his heir have always been strained. It's not enough for him to disinherit the younger tiefling over, though - not that Asterion would allow him to, in the current political climate.   Though they courted for a few years before marrying, Ceridwen kept her tiefling race a secret from Andron. As she passed for a human incredibly well, Andron never noticed. When Cyne was born, their peaceful relationship was thrown into uproar - and Ceri still bears a scar upon her shoulder from the ensuing fight, a fact that Andron regrets. Andron, being rather less racist than most aasimar, decided to spare his firstborn son and instead has warned the boy that any sign of giving into his heritage's evil tendencies will result in his death. He keeps a sharp eye on Cyne's moves and often employs rogues, thieves, and sneaky adventurers to keep an eye on him. This has backfired brilliantly, as Cyne's evasion of his watchers has grown ever more skilful.   In his rule, Andron focuses on maximising profit in all towns, as he despises poverty and wants to see it eradicated. However, he neglects to actually look after the poor and assumes they do not try hard enough to succeed, hence there can be no help for them. He expects his two children to keep watch over Serendel Forest and the Everfall Mountains for him, and instead focuses himself on the other civilisations, such as Solariste , Lunaron, and Pinefold Hollow. There, he stations battalions of guards and builds many defences against the monsters of the night, as well as encouraging business through the towns with said defence. However, the Undrian guard can be harsh and prejudiced, fostering negative feelings in the more independent populace. As ordered by the emperor, he taxes the people fairly, though he refuses to tax any good or neutral church. He dislikes arcane magic, but refuses to ban it outright within the lands he has been granted control over, as a) magical items are profitable, and b) Thrinda Flametongue has visited him. Instead, he strictly controls the amount of magical items in the Undric Region, and is quick to provide excuses for arcane spellcasters to leave. His son being an arcane caster is another source of contention between them, particularly as Cyne takes every excuse to show off his powers.

Year of Birth
5459 (167 years old)
Golden eyes.
Warm-blonde semi-long hair.


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18 Apr, 2018 10:00

I enjoyed your description of Andron's and Cyne's relationship a lot. Also many small details give me so many details and views about the diplomatic and social structure in your world. Well done

18 Apr, 2018 13:27

Thank you!! ♡ I really love their relationship - Cyne doesn't enjoy the forced responsibility and Andron grows annoyed with his son's constant levity. I think you may enjoy the Emperor's article when I get around to writing it.   As for the diplomatic/social stuff, expect that to be expanded on in more detail in a future article. It'll either be in the Undria one, or the Aletheian Empire one.