Established hundreds of years ago, Solariste has historically been one of the bastions of law and justice in the Aletheian Empire. The Keepers of Divinity have their headquarters here, and run an extensive military academy for those willing to follow their ideals. All lawful good deities are worshipped here, as are a few neutral good and lawful neutral. Lawful evil deities are looked down on, but not despised. The current headmaster of the Academy has been in his role for over five hundred years - as he's a gold dragon who proudly guards the site, having allegedly been charged to do so by Iomedae herself.   The largest prison system in the Empire's borders is located underneath Solariste, and very few are aware of it. In addition to a series of anti-magic wards and magical traps, a large amount of steel and adamantine were used in its construction, and battalions of highly-trained guards ensure the prisoners have no chance at escape. Whilst many criminals are killed, the risk of resurrection is high with certain elements, so a secure prison was needed. In the circles of criminals, Castrum Praesidium is spoken of only in terror.   The town is also famous for its breweries, blacksmiths, and crafts. Many wounded or retired soldiers settle down in the town with their families, and with little else to do, they take up trades. Some buy land nearby and become farmers, others pick up their hammers and assist in forging weapons and armour after undergoing training in the dwarven lands in the Everfall Mountains. Some turn to their churches and become monks, brewing alcohol in their free time, or simply open up taverns for their old drinking buddies.   The town's signature colours are white and gold, and all smaller residences are whitewashed with a special mixture that's said to use the blessed waters from Iomedae's church. The town's larger buildings, such as the town hall, academy and their variety of churches, are built out of white limestone mined in the southern reaches of the Aletheian empire (in a similar style to the real-life Basilica of Sacré-Coeur).


Disproportionately large amount of paladins, warpriests, clerics and inquisitors. A large amount of the population have basic familiarity with combat skills. Working-class individuals make up the majority of the population, with middle/upper class individuals usually being ex-soldiers who rose to high ranks and retired here. A number of lower-class workers have gradually migrated here to take advantage of the security and help keep the town food supply and coffers up.


The inner town is encircled by a wall that is constantly patrolled, and a smaller wall has been set up around the outskirts. Guard presence is heavy and the Academy even features a full-blown moat. Towers are set up even on the outskirts of the town to keep watch over the surrounding area, and the roads between Solariste, Lunaron and Roseford tend to have less crime overall as a result.

Large town
Approximately 6528


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