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Alysia Undria

Lady Alysia Elunedd Undria

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Pale skin, golden hair, her robes billowing in the wind-- I thought, for a moment, that those of Valathe were correct; that the angels would descend on us to cleanse us of 'sin', staining red our sacred halls. And then she smiled, and it was a kind smile. Warm, despite the chill of the unknown.
— Unknown scholar's notes on Alysia's arrival in Takawaoku

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lord Andron Undria and Lady Ceridwen Undria were nervous to have another child after their first, Cyne Undria. Andron had not been aware that Ceridwen was a tiefling, and it was only the swift intervention of Albion Aletheia that saved their firstborn from finding an early grave. Eventually, however, Andron decided he'd risk trying again. He hoped for an heir that carried on their angelic line, one preferably male to continue the name.   Only one of his wishes were achieved. Alysia was born frail and most certainly female, but unlike her brother, no demonic taint manifested at her birth. She was, to all present, a pure aasimar. Her father wept in relief, and held his delicate daughter with care. Her childhood was filled with love and light, and up until she was 6 years old, with a melancholy loneliness. Her tutors and relatives were all far older than her, and the few other children she associated with treated her strangely. She'd seen her older brother around the palace, but had never been able to do more than smile at him - generally receiving a startled and overly-bright smile back - before the two were pulled away by their respective mentors.   It took a tantrum for their parents to allow them to meet, and Alysia was ecstatic that it had worked. Under the watchful eye of their father, though, the bright spark she'd seen in her brother's golden eyes had dulled, and he acted coolly to her, eventually disappearing into shadows when she'd tried to persuade him to join her for a tea party.   She had been crestfallen, and turned her attentions elsewhere as a result. For years, she befriended the rest of the castle's inhabitants - servants, visiting nobles, merchants and all - but carefully avoided drawing her brother's attention. Her parents carefully danced around the topic in favour of nurturing the talent with divine magic she was beginning to develop.   Their trust in the divine turned out to be slightly misplaced. Whilst deities were willing to grant powers to their followers, they sometimes exacted a painful toll for such power. Alysia learnt this the hard way. Shortly after she'd turned 13, a surge of power flowed into her from the Heavens, and she collapsed under the strain - and began to scream as the lights of her room felt like fire against her skin. Thankfully, her brother had heard her fall. Cyne ran to her side and used his own powers to dim the room, and stayed there until morning.   Whilst the incident was painful and marked the beginning of Alysia's sporadic attacks of light sensitivity, they did mark the beginning of the siblings' close relationship. The two learnt to balance each other's weaknesses, and proceeded to terrorise their tutors as they began to attend the same classes despite the age gap. Any prejudice towards Cyne was innocently batted down by Alysia, and any criticism or harassment of Alysia was met with piercing stares from her older brother. This protective instinct extended to their other associates - 'friends' seeking to befriend Alysia for favours of any kind soon found themselves in trouble as Cyne looked in on their meetings.   Their parents could do little about this partnership, and in time found it valuable. Alysia was quite pleased with that; she liked having her brother as a friend and protector, and she liked the extra freedom that granted them both. As the two grew up, they began to walk different paths, but never truly left each other's sides. Alysia found herself enamoured with divine history and planar studies, and spent many days travelling between the various temples, churches and shrines of Aletheia to learn what her peoples thought of their gods. In the evenings, she'd find books from all corners of the world placed in her bags, occasionally with one of her favourite blue flowers.   She never spoke of the bad days, or the bad nights. Days where the sun burnt her skin and only the darkest shade could protect her from the agony, days where ruffians tried to take advantage of a princess praying at a shrine, days where her allies turned against her - for whatever reason. Nights where she'd have to frantically heal her brother without asking where he received the wounds, nights spent amongst dark cults in hope of learning, and nights full of visions and nightmares that dared plague her sleep.   There was much she didn't speak of. It was better that their parents didn't find out.


Family Ties

Currently second in line to the throne of the Aletheian Empire, after her brother, Cyne Undria.


Alysia Undria

Sister (Vital)

Towards Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia



Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia

Brother (Vital)

Towards Alysia Undria




After a rough start, the two siblings bonded over Alysia's curse and became close friends. They trust each other above all, and Alysia sees him as her closest confidant. Whilst they didn't get to spend much time together, they wrote often, and Alysia often wished she could ease some of the burdens her brother held away from her.   Her wish would come true shortly before her brother's birthday in 5626. The fall of Iomedae shattered the shield of Tenaerul, and only her brother's waning lifeforce could sustain it due to his Championship. Knowing that it would claim his life to leave the barrier up, Alysia sought help from one of the most powerful gods - the Prince of Darkness, Asmodeus.   She offered herself as his Champion so that she could sacrifice herself for her brother's sake, laying out protections for her brother in their infernal contract so that Asmodeus would take over as Cyne's patron and protect him in the coming days of war and darkness. Cyne was shattered by her loss, relying heavily on his new patron and his mortal allies to prevent himself from losing everything to his grief.

Relationship Reasoning

Other than their blood relationship and general friendship, the pair were mutually good for one another. Alysia had helped Cyne recover from wounds many a time, putting her divine powers to use. In turn, he had handled diplomatic situations so that she needn't be involved, and used his shadow magic to prevent light from reaching her during her attacks. She watched out for the dangers ahead with her oracle Sight, and he defended her from would-be captors - or suitors, if necessary.   Her fall proved how necessary she had been for him. One of her last actions prior to her fall had been to allow Licia Galewen to step somewhat into her shoes - not that the Champion could hope to match his sister's value, in Cyne's eyes.

Neutral Good
Current Location
5547 EA 5626 EA 79 years old
Pale blue with a golden ring around them.
Light blonde and slightly wavy.
Aligned Organization

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