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The Great beast.   A serpent of planetary proportion that surrounds the world, and has been this way for all of recorded history. For all who inhabit Vertinall, The Great beast is a part of reality, as absolute as the sun and sky. The Beast does not speak, it does not move, attack or even blink. It's shadow cast over the land, forever watching over it's subjects.   Many have spun tales and stories of the beast's origin, some of which spawned religions and cults that spread their belief throughout the land.   Some believe that the Beast is responsible for all life in the world, and is it's protector from evil.   Others believe the Beast to be a sign of end times; and that one day the beast will become active, destroying everything before it.   One thing remains certain; The Great beast will outlive us all.   Actually he might be dead. Honestly I don't think anybody has tried to check whether or not the thing is alive, it might just be a big old statue or something.   Let's get right down to it; Vertinall is a super weird place. Like REALLY weird. Lots of people say it used to be part of a planet, and then the great beast broke off Vertinall so that they could have it for themselves, but you're pretty sure that Bill from down the road told you that story, and he's on all KINDS of drugs so that was probably a load of crap he "learned" in a "book".   Who has time for books and history and stories anyway? Or even Adventuring? You knew a guy that did all of that once. You know what happened? He died. Just like basically everybody else that wants to do something that isn't shopkeeping, alcohol, or something else that's really boring.   Actually I think he's still alive. And pretty well off, too. But that's not the point.   Vertinall isn't a normal fantasy world. I mean, some of it is, it's pretty trope-y from a distance, but everything is all out of place, jumbled up, scrambled. People, races and places don't fit into their typical categories and fall into their normal stereotypes (but some of them totally do).   It feels as if this place was created by someone who has absolutely no idea what they were doing. But then again it's my world, how do I even know what a normal world should be? How can a person live in a world and think that it isn't normal when their concept of a normal world IS that place?   Do you see what I mean when I say that they must've had no clue what they are doing?   From the Orc regions of KOLD all the way up to the elitist Gnomes of Hoelondir, Vertinall has a gaggle of folks who really shouldn't belong in the same place, and you bet I'm going to tell ridiculous stories of every last one of them.   I hope you can join me for some fun and laughs, and watch me fail at making a coherent world.