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Thrinda Flametongue

Grand Archmage of the First Order Thrinda Flametongue

Rules are for normal people! We're arcane mages. We have laws, and those are practically made to be broken!
— Thrinda Flametongue addressing her Arcanium
  Grand Archmage Thrinda Flametongue is an aasimar-gnome from the Sylvancliffs, and both the founder and current head of Thrinda's Arcanium.   Born the daughter of infamous sorceress Lore Flametongue and a powerful celestial being, Thrinda grew up with a number of expectations on her small shoulders. She proceeded to take these expectations and effectively fling them into the Abyss before she'd even reached majority, thanks to her contributions to the dragon Uytalzanhir's research into portable methods of interplanar travel. Her life has been one chaotic incident after another, even after her mother disappeared (which some still suspect her of having involvement with), and she currently leads her Arcanium to catalogue her findings, look further into them, and teach others to join her in her helter-skelter quests.   Many theorise that her celestial parent was a deity or demigod of some stature due to the unnatural happenings in her presence. When asked about this possibility, Thrinda disappeared for a full year before returning and declaring that she would let someone else handle that investigation. Nobody has yet been brave enough to try, considering the aasimar-gnome smelt strongly of smoke and cloves upon her re-appearance.   Since the outbreak of the War of Empires, Thrinda has been assisting the Empire in its war efforts. She serves as an arcane advisor, preferring to stay far from the battlefield, and generally disapproves of the war's existence. That being said, the Medimian Empire's views on arcane spellcasters and their abominable Amethystine Regiment are more than sufficient motivation for her involvement.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
Investigating intriguing things
Current Location
Bright electric-blue.
Usually brunette with highlights that shift in colour.
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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