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Lore Flametongue

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  Lore Flametongue was (or, potentially, is) a wildly powerful gnome sorcerer infamous for her challenging personality and propensity to throw fire around. She was an emotional spitfire, and an arcane prodigy who rejected most existing scholarly material in favour of her own ways. She created a number of spells in her time, all of them inevitably with some chaotic twist, and supposedly fathered Thrinda Flametongue with no less an entity than a demigod.   It is not entirely known what happened to Lore. She was last seen disappearing into the depths of a fiery explosion that trembled across multiple planes, laughing madly as she went. Her daughter assumes that her mother isn't dead, for only some of Lore's failsafes went off, and she's seen some traces since that suggest Lore still lives. Given that it has been over a decade since Lore last stepped on Istralar, however, Thrinda and the rest of the world thus consider Lore to have passed into the realm of myth and legacy.

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