Yiranna Adair

Yiranna Adair

Yiranna is a tall tiefling woman who's entirely faithful to her goddess, Dalenydra. Since she hit adulthood, she has travelled across the Aletheian Empire to rescue the fallen on battlefields as bidden by her goddess's tenets. She herself was once rescued from trouble by Ruben Goldblood, and served as the chief cleric at Fort Kildaine for years afterwards. Since the party disbanded Ruben's kingdom, she's found a new life for herself as one of the leading medical authorities in the fledgling town of Ironfalls.   She is currently working as the chief healer of Ironfalls and has been championing the efforts to construct better medical facilities. Current stand-in leader Mery Eventide has been in long discussions with Yiranna, Liese Celadrion (as one of the primary magical experts), and the other healers of Ironfalls to develop these before they're inevitably needed.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Slightly plump and physically weak. Entirely free of physical scars; generally in good condition.

Body Features

Her magenta skin seems to change in shade depending on the area seen, and two dark horns jut out of her head, hinting at her infernal heritage. Her teeth are very slightly pointed, and her deep pink eyes seem to glow slightly when she truly smiles. Her hair is long, thick and wavy, and is generally pushed out of her way to hang down her back.

Facial Features

Her face is longer and more oval-shaped, and her features are quite soft and warm. Her eyes are rounded, and her lips are fairly plump.

Identifying Characteristics

She has a birthmark in the shape of an Asmodean pentagram on her right shoulder.

Physical quirks

She becomes extremely uncomfortable and has to cleanse her hands whenever she touches something filthy. Starts shaking if she's forced to speak Infernal, and flinches at the sound of Abyssal.

Special abilities

Cleric of Dalenydra; specialises in healing magic.

Apparel & Accessories

Is usually seen in the robes of a Dalenydran battlefield healer - a red and white tabard.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At birth, she was abandoned on the doorstep of a small temple to Dalenydra by unloving, fearful parents. Whilst many of the congregation feared her strange features and infernal blood, the temple's priestess took her in. She was a test from their goddess, it was declared, to prove their compassion could overcome all evils. She had a lonely childhood, separated from the other children and forced to pay penance for her imagined sins by being utterly perfect in the eyes of the Temple. Despite their fear, she took care of each of them as they aged.   It was the arrival of a new priest that changed this. Fearing the tiefling's infernal appearance and refusing to listen to the calming words of the existing clergy, he set the guards on her and banished her from the temple. Lost, she travelled for years, living off the land and kindness of those she'd help along her way, until one day she became entangled in a conflict of her own. A group of villagers had seen her helping an older man back and tried to kill them both. Unwilling to attack them, she tried to surrender, only for her pleas to catch the attention of a nearby bandit group - the Goldbloods, who'd recently suffered a nasty loss that had left their leader, Ruben, unconscious and fading. The villagers were swiftly repelled by her new saviours, who begged her for help. Naturally, she agreed.   She and Ruben became friends of a sort over those weeks in the southern forests as she nursed him back to health, and she didn't hesitate to accept his invitation to the Fort. For years, he and the others within Fort Kildaine convinced her that their actions were good and pure, that Ruben was a hero and her saviour. It wasn't until Ruben had her heal the results of a demonic ritual he'd performed that she began to see the truth, and by this point, she wasn't able to do anything about it.   Still, he'd been her friend. Watching the party kill him, then sustaining heavy wounds herself from the half-orc, had only worsened her psyche, reverting her into the quiet, nervous perfectionist she'd been forced to be as a child instead of the warm nurse she'd become for her bandit family.   At the very least, she believes she can atone by helping this party, blessed as they were by the gods.



Mental Trauma

OCD and general perfectionist behaviour, especially during medical work, due to her upbringing. PTSD triggered by devilspeech, demon worship and angry shouting.

Intellectual Characteristics

Incredibly wise and soft-spoken. Well-reasoned and gentle.

Morality & Philosophy

Complete pacifist - is only allowed to defend herself. Neutral Good - rules don't matter if they're stopping someone from being saved, and everyone can be redeemed.


Anything demonic, daemonic or (to some extent) infernal.
Dark pink
Dark reddish-pink
Known Languages
Common, Infernal, Draconic, Dwarven.

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