Mount Elendûr

Atop the snow-capped mountains in the Everfall region, lost in blizzards and constantly changing surroundings, one might find the idea of warmth tantalising. One might also change their mind very quickly as the earth beneath them rumbled and fast-paced pyroclastic flows charged towards them.   Mount Elendûr has historically been one of the most dangerous places in the region. Not only is it terribly unstable, erupting fairly often and never truly becoming inactive, but there have been sightings of ancient red dragons lurking at its core. This hasn't stopped the dwarves of the nearby Dhun Volkulgar (and of other, smaller towns) fron harnessing the volcano's power and lava for use in their smithing. The Dwarven King's throneroom lies directly beside an area of strong lava flow, too, allowing the bright orange to light the room and providing an easy defence against would-be attackers.

Fauna & Flora

Whilst little is truly known about the volcano's inhabitants, creatures that enjoy magma have been plentiful there. Fire elementals have been seen dancing the surface, and massive thunderbirds have been spied in the lightning above it. Murmurs of more dangerous dragons lurking further down as the lava flows into the Underdark have never been proven, but even the drow take care when entering the volcanic territory.   Plantlife finds it challenging to survive, and very little manages to do so. The fauna of Mt Elendûr survive through other means, usually consumption of lava or attacking other creatures.

Natural Resources

Veins of raw umbrite, iron, mythril and an assortment of other mystical elements and precious gemstones run through the mountain, mostly untouched by mortal mines due to the risks.

Cover image: Istralar Generic Header by Hanhula (ft. photos from Phil Botha, Jonny McKenna, and Luca Bravo)


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