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Sammis Nkrumah

Sammis Nkrumah

Time may take, but magic may preserve - and lo, here walks an example.
— scholar of Ironfalls
  Sammis Nkkrumah is a very strange individual. Despite his relatively young age, he is a relic of a long-forgotten time before the Worldrend: he was an apprentice on Terra Arcana prior to its fall, and survived the collapse as an unknowing statue in the possession of a demon.   He is human, and speaks a strange, forgotten language that predates Common. Fortunately, other tongues - like those spoken by dragons and angels - have not changed enough to be unfamiliar, and have thus given his modern-day saviours a means to communicate with him.   He has lived in Ironfalls since his rescue in 5623, and has since been taken under the wing of powerful mages like Liese Celadrion, Pin Whisperbreath, and Zalni Quigblast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It's... all gone...?
— Sammis, upon realising the world's changes
  Sammis Nkrumah is the ninth son of the long-destroyed House Nkrumah, which was reportedly a powerful arcane spellcasting House upon Terra Arcana. No trace of House Nkrumah has been found in the modern day, and Sammis does not know where his family's Istralan origin may have been.   When he was petrified, he was in service to the supposedly-renowned Pashet Tsekani, to whom he was both apprentice and servant. He was found in modern-day Tenaerul by the Lost Ones as a statue decorated in the Jewels of Tenaerul, with his heart torn from his chest and blackened through strange magics. Only pure magic and kindness saved him; the adventurers purified his heart with their healing magics and bathed it in the magical fountain nearby, and returned it to his chest to restore him to life.   Though initially greatly distressed by the dramatic time difference between his memories and the current year, Sammis has since settled into a relatively peaceful existence in Ironfalls. His status as one of the only remaining individuals with memories of places like the Broken Peace and Invideria is a well-kept secret out of concern for his safety.
Neutral Good
Current Location
Unknown - early 20s?
Date of Birth
Prior to 0 EA

Cover image: Sammis cover by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
Character Portrait image: Sammis Nkrumah by Hanhula (via Midjourney)


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