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Wands? Staves? Bah, all I need is a good spellbook to get going! ...wouldn't mind a rod, though.
— old wizard
  Wizards are a peculiar class of spellbook-wielding mages that developed during the period of Arcane Emergence, shortly prior to the second Divine War. Upon seeing the emergence of arcane magic these avid scholars pounced on it, seeing the new magic as a fantastic new research opportunity. They discovered arcane schools and began to develop spells through imitation of sorcerers and other spontaneous-casting mages.   They are, essentially, the arcane answer to a divine cleric, though they require no holy symbol. Instead, wizards scribe their spells into a spellbook and must utilise that when casting.   Wizards usually specialise in one of the aforementioned arcane schools, though some prefer to tailor their magic to the elements (much like a druid might) or to one of the seven sins. Specialising in a school weakens their skill in other areas; a transmutation wizard, for instance, might neglect the schools of necromancy and divination.



None of the arcane schools - not the magical ones, the places you go to learn - accept the thickheaded! That's what paladin school is for.
— amused mage
  Wizards, with very few exception, are incredibly smart. They must have the dedication to spend years of their lives studying ancient tomes and learning in the hopes that they can pick up the ability to cast magic; they are not so lucky as sorcerers, who find themselves born with an inner pool of arcane energy.   They must also have access to some sort of school, mentor, or other means of learning. Wizards are rarely self-taught and those who try at least have access to the writings of those that came before, or to spontaneous casters they can attempt to copy. Thrinda's Arcanium and the Mages Guild are two such organisations that take students.

Career Progression

Wizards judge their power based on the inherent level of spell they can cast (as dictated by the amount of energy pulled by a particular spell). The spell level system was initially developed by clerics and druids as a method of standardisation; it was then adopted by sorcerers, wizards, arcanists, and other types of spellcaster later on.   Very minor wizards might only be able to cast cantrips - or 0th level spells - from their spellbooks, whilst the most powerful mages have access to spells up to 9th level. It is rumoured that spells beyond the 9-level system exist, but if they do, none have yet been publicised.


Social Status

Depending on the society in question, wizards may either be revered or reviled. Gildómar, as a nation with outright laws against arcane magic, despises wizards and keeps a close watch on any that visit. Meanwhile across the globe, Galasthin encourages the growth of arcane magic and praises aspiring wizards.   The Keepers of Divinity have a long-standing dislike of wizards, arcanists, sorcerers, and other arcane spellcasters, and treat them poorly in comparison to mundane or divine casters.
Alternative Names
Mage, spellcaster, book freak, false blood, thief of magic
Luxury in some places; outlawed in others.
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