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Nivinle Alas'thil

Matron Nivinle Alas'thil, Champion of Andirifkhu

I have never seen one woman command quite so much fear and respect as the new Matron of House Alas'thil. It does make one wonder how she earnt it...
  Nivinle Alas'thil is the current Matron of House Alas'thil and leader of Vaermyrhel, and holds the title of Champion of Andirifkhu. She is currently the only known champion of a demon lord due to Kazric Szithna's change in patron.   She is also one of the most deadly assassins House Alas'thil has ever had the pleasure of knowing, with a kill count that no sane person could hope to match. She attacks with blade and magic in combination, using the night itself to strike fear into the hearts of her targets. Very few can say they have fought the Night's Razor in combat and lived - and those who have always bear at least a scar from the encounter.   Currently, she has joined the ranks of Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia's confidants thanks to her brother, and is assisting in the war effort from behind the scenes. She seeks any opportunity to stymie the plans of Riven Drast, seeing him as a threat to both her position due to his prior interferences with House Umbra and House V'drath, and an irritating threat to her realm at large. What her goddess has to say remains to be seen.

Physical Description

Special abilities

As a nightblade - one of the more rare skillsets, being that its powers lend themselves to the stealthy and the arcane - Nivinle can call upon the very essence of shadowstuff. Her particular skillset lends itself to intimidation, with one of her classic moves being to call upon chains of shadow to anchor her prey with their own fear. As a firstborn woman in a noble line, too, her blood flows with the royal powers of the women in her line -- granting her spectacular innate abilities, including being able to dispel magic and bend minds without a word.   As a Champion, her powers are a little more secret. Those who have fought her in serious combat - if they could speak from their graves - might have words about a woman with six arms and dancing razorblades in every hand, their own steps leading them into deadly traps, their every strike hitting illusions upon illusions. They might speak of white hair sharpened into a whip, lashing out and stealing lives. But very few have witnessed any such thing, and even fewer have lived.

Specialized Equipment

Any found without a weapon will be made to regret it.
— House Alas'thil teachings
  As is typical for all of House Alas'thil, Nivinle is heavily armed at all times. She wears daggers in every practical place, and carries a variety of weapons - all made from umbrite, the rare shadowstuff mined beneath Vaermyrhel - in a glamoured extradimensional space. Lately, with the influence of her patron, she has found it beneficial to add kukris into her repertoire of weapons. Whilst she has many methods of fighting, in typical drow style, she does generally favour two very sharp weapons paired with the deadly shadow-magics she calls upon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nivinle Alas'thil was born as the first and eldest daughter to Vasindra Alas'thil and Alaran Alas'thil, and was lavished with riches and lessons throughout her childhood as her mother inherited the position of Matron from the tragic and untimely death of Nivinle's great-aunt by the time Nivinle had reached her first birthday. It was not quite a spoiled childhood, but she did not want for anything physical. Instead, her position as heiress to the House made her a target.   She grew up distant from her peers, her free time occupied by the demanding training all Alas'thil nobility - and indeed, members of the house - were expected to go through. The training was no formality for her: the first assassination attempt came when she was still a baby, via a nurse's poisoned medicines. The first one she remembers is from a few years later - a member of their own House, seeking revenge against her mother. The taste of his blood as her father cut the man down above her bed is still one that lingers with her.   She made her first kill before she was even 20 years old. That particular dagger has stayed with her since, and taken many more lives of foolish would-be attackers.. or those equally foolish enough to draw the House's attention. Her mother took Nivinle as her personal assassin and guard thereafter, using the opportunity to groom the talented girl into being what she considered perfection. The young drow was quick to learn.   She had little contact with her siblings, especially after the youngest two tricked Aniks Alas'thil into slavery. Family occasions devolved into verbal spars, the relationships between siblings deteriorating until Vasestra Alas'thil tried her hand at an assassination attempt on her sister. The younger drow was lucky to live; Nivinle's mercy was rare, and this time only due to a cruel idea their mother had given her. She demoted Vasestra to courtesan, with their mother's permission.   As she entered adulthood, Vasindra began to expect greater things from Nivinle. She was expected to master her magic and her blade, to prove herself with assassinations more dangerous than anything the rest of the House faced, and to know all that went on in the Underdark. She became her mother's most skilled protégé, and established herself as one to be feared.  

Ascent to Matron

  When Riven Drast triggered the earthquake and subsequent eruption of Mount Elendûr, Nivinle was perfectly poised to take action. House Umbra, the House currently ruling Vaermyrhel at that time, was the epicentre of the explosive activity, and said explosion triggered a collapse of their property. With House Umbra fleeing in panic and her own mother suffering the pain of a coma-inducing poison Nivinle had procured, the assassin had little resistance when she stepped in to coordinate efforts against the collapse of the Underdark.  
She has never been one to suffer a simple life, and nor has she been one to suffer fools lightly.
— gossiping drow
By the time her brother was setting out on a mission to destroy the Unbroken March, her mother was tragically dead, and Nivinle had taken up the reigns of House Alas'thil.   This was much to the vague horror of every other drow House in the area as they realised who they now dealt with.
  Her opponents were soon either dead by her hand or by those seeking her favour, and it wasn't long before the mansion of House Alas'thil was also known as the Matriarch's abode as Nivinle took control of the settlement. To aid her endeavours, she established a small contingent of well-trained assassins to carry out her commands - these are her Silent Shades, and have stayed with her to this day.   Her plans didn't end there, and over the three years that her brother was away, she was not idle. She set up intelligence routes, created supply chains for arcane weaponry and tools, and began sowing seeds in both the Underdark and the world above. She would maintain her position - this, she was certain of. Though she did not interact with many of the above-ground nobles directly, the influence of the Underdark was - and is - noticeable in the War of Empires, and the fearsome chemical weapons Vaermyrhel have sent forth have - reluctantly, on the part of the soldiers - won many skirmishes.

Gender Identity





Family Ties

You live to serve our House. Do not waste my time by seeking reminders.
— Nivinle
  As Matron of House Alas'thil, Nivinle is understandably well-embedded into her family. Those bearing the Alas'thil name or wearing their symbol know to be wary of their Matron, and have learnt to obey her commands quickly and without argument in her time as Matron.   Her blood siblings see things a little differently. Her closest and least dysfunctional blood relation is Aniks Alas'thil, the Champion of Pharasma, with whom she shares a level of understanding. His choice of an elven partner is one many drow would despise, but Nivinle views the girl as a reasonable asset due to her Champion status and ties to necromancy.   Aniks and Nivinle have a fairly businesslike relationship, each one understanding that their deals are transactions; something even her supplicants fail to grasp as a necessity. His recent introduction of the bachelor Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia has raised his esteem in her eyes, and gained Nivinle a valuable new ally -- and potential suitor.   On the other side of the coin are her half-siblings. Daeris remains an unknown to the Matron of House Alas'thil: they have not yet had the chance to meet, and Nivinle has little desire to at the current moment unless the foreign drow proves useful. Vasestra Alas'thil is an ever-present thorn in her spine, and since Nivinle's ascension to Matron, has only become more tolerable by understanding that her life depends on her usefulness. Rikzyr Alas'thil is nothing more than a tool to be used and disposed of as necessary, like most male drow are: her plans for him are brief and ensure the House's long-term stability.   Her father, Alaran Alas'thil, is one of the few sources of her curiosity that she has not made overt attempts to resolve. She has a pulse on the Underdark's collective knowledge stream and keeps an eye open for any sign of him, but otherwise has little inclination to track him down.  


Nivinle Alas'thil

sister (Important)

Towards Aniks Aliforn



Aniks Aliforn

brother (Important)

Towards Nivinle Alas'thil



Neutral Evil
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of Andirifkhu, Matron of House Alas'thil, Leader of Vaermyrhel, Ally to the Crown, the Night's Razor
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
5494 EA 132 Years old
Aniks Aliforn (brother)
Current Residence
Burning gold
Long white hair, kept sleek with careful maintenance.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deep desaturated purple; closer to grey than to purple.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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