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  Daeris is a drow sorcerer with draconic blood running through her veins. The elder half-sister to Aniks and Nivinle Alas'thil, she yet grew up far from her would-be family in the depths beneath Galasthin, in the twisted Underdark society there.   She befriended Lyadrí An'thimael in the early decades of her adulthood, whilst out adventuring. They, and the rest of their adventuring party, traipsed across Xin-Jiyu to defeat a powerful necromancer who had menaced many of the nations from a hideout in Galasthin's far east. When their adventures ended, they each moved onto their dreams, and it so happened that Lyadrí and Daeris shared one: to remove the evil from the Underdark beneath Galasthin, and allow the drow who lived there to live a peaceful life.   With both elf and drow championing the cause, Galasthin was glad to oblige - as were its darker elements. Daeris found herself swept up in the Purge, ill able to tell when it turned from an attempt to free the oppressed and overturn the foul to an outright genocide. Few of her people lived, and her anger only grew.   Once it was finally ended, the only way it could be, Daeris left. She adventured alone, staying nowhere for very long, and eventually found a partner in the aasimar Altharin. The two can oft be seen flitting through the skies together, chasing their mutual hopes and dreams.   Daeris and Lyadrí remained close, and after Lyadrí's three-year disappearance with the Starcrowned and Lost Ones, the two became even closer. This connection would eventually lead her to meeting her half-brother, Aniks, and subsequently to becoming a Champion alongside him when he accidentally shared knowledge that only Champions and their ilk could possess. The relationship there is still new, but she's optimistic.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

From a glance, one would think Daeris is more martially adept despite her being a skilled sorceress. However this is due to her strengthening her draconic blood. She is short by draw standards.

Facial Features

Face dusted in white freckles and when drawing on her magic for long periods of time becomes slightly scaled. Notably having grown up in the Galasthin Underdark, if one was paying attention to Daeris. She does not have the same facial structure as many of her drow kin. Both her parents were from Northern Aletheia.

Identifying Characteristics

White freckles, draconic eyes, and often a silver mask on her person.

Apparel & Accessories

Dressed often in traveling garb, she is not one who often wears gear associated with sorcerers. However due to one elf in particular, Daeris’ wardrobe has greatly increased over the years. Which has also included a blue scarf she has taken from Altharin.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Daeris’ childhood had everything she would need to excel as a sorceress. Raised in a tower filled with magic, born with draconic blood in veins, and her mother Delvaese wanting to raise her child as a sorceress. She remembered being happy in that tower, barely understanding her second language but curious about everything. Then she was taken from her tower, a disagreement between Delvaese and a noble house in the Galasthin Underdark. The household who took her made sure the very young Daeris, her mother, was not coming back.
  Knowing that young drow could potentially be a useful sorceress later, Daeris’ life was never in danger once they confirmed she could produce magic. That didn’t mean she was treated well under that house. Daeris became a very shy and quiet child in the next decade and a half she spent in. She was less than a house servant, doing tasks of slaves and maid for house nobility. As well as magic lessons by their court mage which were harsh and often led to pain due to her youth and not being able to produce more than a spark. The young dark elf learned very quickly escaping was both painful and near impossible without help.
  Help, she found in the form of a house raid. With luck and in the midst of the chaos Daeris took was little she owned and fled. Daeris avoided the guards and out of the house wandered through caves. Hungry, sleeping in corners of cave tunnels with a tattered cloak to warm her, always watching behind her and as she went onwards and upwards. Till the caves opened, showing Daeris the sky for the first time in her life.
  Cold, hungry and amazed by the pale fiery light in the sky, Daeris wandered the surface. Finding what she thought was an abandoned building broke a window and climbed inside to shield herself from the cold. The dark elf eventually found a corner and had thought she could finally sleep. Only to be woken by a very confused half elf woman. Aurelia being the priestess in charge of the Church Daeris had broken into. Having found a somewhat feral looking if not scared child. Despite the strange introduction these two had, Aurelia took the small drow under her wing. Raising her, and teaching her about the surface and Milani.
  With the help of Aurelia, Daeris had become a messenger for the adventurers guild around town. Delivering messages and telling travelers their coin was ready. Learning what she could from the Adventurer, to eventually wanting to take up a similar profession. Eventually taking on smaller quests herself as she grew older, leading to her becoming a full fledged adventurer. Her first major quest was to deal with a rising undead population from an unknown Necromancer.

Gender Identity



The sorceress’ education has been a patchwork as she grew up. Before her death, her mother instilled basic lessons such as languages and writing but never could teach her about arcane magic. Daeris learned more about the world under the sun, from the priestess of Milani who took her in and let her live in her church. Leading her on smaller adventurers over the years of learning about her growing draconic magic.
Only after meeting Lyadri was a proper education instilled in her.


Before becoming an Adventurer, Daeris did work for a local adventurer's guild but as a messenger around that town. What coin she had was split between herself and the church. Currently Daeris is in the process of forming an adventuring guild in the town she currently lives in.

Failures & Embarrassments

Letting the Purge become an genocide, it took her a long time to except that she couldn’t have stopped what to happen and she saved as many as she could. That failure lives with her.
Without going into detail ‘the flag’ incident. While not mentioned a lot between her and Lyadri, it has been used as weaponized blackmail.

Mental Trauma

The Purge left her with nightmares after scenes of utter chaos and carnage through underdark streets. Her own draconic form is a focal point of how much destruction she caused. While the nightmares faded over time, her partner has seen a night terror or two of her.


Slavery, plain and simple. The Sorceress’ religion and personal views and experiences had made that extremely taboo for Daeris.


Religious Views

Daeris had alway been a strong believer in Milani, she doesn’t believe she is a new incarnation of one of her religions martyrs as some clerics of her faith do. Daeris has gone out of her way to deal with slavers when she is made away of them. She had attempted to grow a small garden of roses at her house, though she has never been great at brewing tea (often substituting tea for coffee in the morning).

Social Aptitude

Daeris has a force of personality, one that has grown over time and broken through many stereotypes of her people. Early in her life to avoid such problems Daeris began wearing a Silver mask, only later upon truly becoming an adventurer did she stop wearing it. Slowly growing into a sorceress that people would follow and trust. Most social situations she is comfortable with, though the more noble and fancy setting does cause her a bit of panic.

Hobbies & Pets

Icarus was a horse Daeris owned for a little while, but wasn’t able to keep due to the dangers. Which was often the reason Daeris had yet to pick up another pet while Adventuring. With her settling down with Altharin, they have spoken about a pet but nothing was decided on.
Her hobbies are very travel based, having a meticulously kept journal of travel destinations or spots she’s been to. Daeris does quite enjoy flying, especially in her draconic form. While not often given, she has given a very select few a ride on her back as a dragon.


Daeris has a few languages under his belt, but how she speaks is very informal. Though this changed as she got older and had to speak in a more formal setting.




Towards Lyadrí An'thimael


Lyadrí An'thimael

Friend (Vital)

Towards Daeris



Wealth & Financial state

In terms of wealth, she does have a dragon horde in her personal demiplane, and is currently funding the construction of an adventurers guild. So she is not lacking in funds.
Chaotic Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of Milani
Lilac and draconic pupils.
White and Short, recently kept very long and in a low ponytail.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light purple with white freckles.
5'8 ft
Other Affiliations

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