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House Alas'thil

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  House Alas'thil is a drow noble house of Vaermyrhel and the extended Underdark. It is acknowledged as a noble house of the Aletheian Empire due to the treaties that first established the Aletheian sections of the Underdark.   It is largely known as one of the most efficient assassin organisations that Valathe has ever known, and holds the credit to a number of high-ranking kills across the continent. Leadership is matrilineal and almost exclusively passes on through assassination of the former matron. The House is one of the many drow noble houses to court the protection of a demonic patron - the demon lord Andirifkhu.   Currently, House Alas'thil claims rulership and dominion of the Aletheian Underdark - particularly centred on Vaermyrhel - after House Umbra's colossal failure and collapse. Matron Nivinle Alas'thil, as the Champion of Andirifkhu, sister to the Champion of Pharasma, and close ally of Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia, has few challenges to her powerful leadership.
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