Vaermyrhen Drow

I overheard some halflings talking about us. Called us crazy and despicably evil monsters who want to kill their children! I don't know what we'd even do with halfling children, they'd be useless slaves.
— drow to her sister
  Beneath the Everfall Mountains exists the central point of power for Aletheia's cave-dwelling populace. A formidable city, Vaermyrhel exerts control over the cavernous cities and weblike tunnels that are present throughout the entirety of the Aletheian Empire - and somewhat beyond it, as well.   The drow that call this city home are not quite like their siblings. Long were they surrounded by their most powerful and dangerous enemies. The dwarves of former Dhun Volkulgar lived in the mountains above them, sometimes narrowly missing drow tunnels with their dwarven mining exhibitions or archaeological digs. In the days where the Dhun stood as a kingdom of its own, Vaermyrhel regularly entered fierce battle with the dwarven country. Nearby, too, stood the elven lands of Ilendras - then a country, not a mere town, and one heavily allied with the Kingdom of the Galasthin Elves. With their people scattered through the depths, the Vaermyrhen drow had their work cut out for them.   Luckily - or unluckily, depending on who you ask - they were very good at attracting attention. The drow of Vaermyrhel and her surrounds were the first to discover the techniques to create umbrite through their dabbling in shadow magics. They were the first to actually advance the techniques of fleshwarping. And they were the first to seek out the patronage of fiends from the Outer Planes - attracting demonic attention to their species at large, and firmly twisting the morality of their kin to a place even their overworld allies could not defend.   They are not here to apologise for what they have done to thrive. They hold no guilt. The Purge is no concern of theirs.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Female names represent their social status and hold significant meaning.
Some examples include:
  • Nivinle
  • Vasestra
  • Elunestra
  • Eilistra
  • Shaedranis
Nivinle Alas'thil by AlbieDraws
Due to their matriarchal society, female drow have great expectations on their shoulders. Their names are longer, much like those of female elves - though neither group appreciates the comparison - and often have meanings intended to guide them to greatness in the name of their House. Transgender Vaermyrhen drow often delight in choosing the meanings of their own names, in this regard.

Masculine names

Male names are seen as less important and are usually shorter than their feminine counterparts.
Some examples include:
  • Aniks
  • Kazric
  • Rikzir
  • Alvir
  • Elryth

Family names

For the drow of Vaermyrhel, surname is quite often an indicator of one's House - either in being a member of a House directly, or through allegiance. There are a number of drow houses, each beholden to a different ideal - and a different patron deity.   Collectively, the houses recognised as noble by most Vaermyrhens - whether the House is based in Vaermyrhel or elsewhere - are:

  • House Alas'thil
  • House Aqu'nnen
  • House Arkenviir
  • House Aurazne
  • House Bastryzca
  • House Drangyn
  • House Du'rilth
  • House Eures
  • House Evlenth
  • House Fiz'ron
  • House Helviar
  • House Idriske
  • House Ivthral
  • House Karast
  • House Lastheria
  • House Misrivel
  • House Myrae
  • House Noqu'rae
  • House Skythurl
  • House Szithna
  • House Ralvanis
  • House Tuessiral
  • House Tythun
  • House Ulueph
  • House Umazu
  • House Umbra
  • House Usivrel
  • House V'drath
  • House Visthala
  • House Ymiril
  • House Zhareskal
  • House Zionid
  • House Zoviir
  • Culture

    Major language groups and dialects

    The fuck you mean I can't fuckin' write that we got the best godsdamned swears? It's the fuckin' language bit! We gotta write about ████████████!
    — Kazric
      Undercommon and Elven are the dominant tongues within Vaermyrhel and surrounding Underdark settlements. When spoken by the Vaermyrhens, the elven is much harsher than that used above-ground, and some formerly-benevolent words become curses and insults. Over time, the two primary languages have begun to bleed into a mixture that some are starting to call Deep Elven - it is possible that this will become the primary language of the Underdark in coming years.   The other major language used by civilised members of Vaermyrhel - slaves do not count - is known as 'drow sign language', colloquially. Many members of the upper echelons of society prefer silence and shadows, and communicating with handsigns alone has much benefit in their work. It is also used by members of Vaermyrhen society who cannot speak, as one of the favoured punishments in years past has been to permanently silence spellcasters and political opponents; slaves and victims of fleshwarping gone wrong, as well as those disabled through other means, also find uses for the sign language.

    Culture and cultural heritage

    Your loyalty is to me first, yourself second, your House third.
    — female drow to her daughter
      Vaermyrhen drow live terrifying lives, to an outsider's view. Their societies are matriarchal and rely on a cycle of lies, betrayal, and distrust. The menfolk are raised from birth to respect their mothers and sisters - even those who leave drow civilisations still carry the impact of that with them. The exact manner of servitude the men are subjected to varies from House to House, and family to family: members of the main line are often more respected, but not always.   Like all drow, Vaermyrhel's natives are uniquely suited for the darkness. Their culture has evolved around the ever-present shadow; they are masters of umbrite creation, of lights seen only by drow-like eyes, and of stealth.  
    Woah woah woah hold the fuck up, you ain't fuckin' finishin some bitch-ass writin' without talkin' about the best part of our fuckin' people! LET ME TAKE THE FUCK OVER
      Yeah they got a bunch of stabby shit goin' on, lotta slavin and beatin up assholes from round the continent. You wanna know the fuckin' best part of us, though? WE'RE HOT AND WE KNOW HOW TO ████ BETTER THAN ANY FUCKIN' HUMAN █████ COULD. THE FUCK YOU THINK WE LOOK LIKE THIS FOR? We got the rope, we got the knives, we got way more fuckin' spice than a fuckin white bread human bitch could even--  
    Matron Nivinle Alas'thil to a now-bleeding Kazric
    Kazric by Helena Nikulina
    Mostly located within the Aletheian Empire
    Cultural Leader
    Currently under the guidance of Matron Nivinle Alas'thil, matriarch of .
    Cultural Exports
    Umbrite, assassination, slaves
    Related Locations

    Cover image: Vaermyrhel by Hanhula via Affinity Photo & Artbreeder


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