Wed 11th Apr 2018 02:40


by Ashlyn Alarian

An old man with fierce blue eyes ringed in gold sits atop a throne, a rough eyebrow raised in question at the aristocratic woman before him. As her eyes flash blood-red, the vision vanishes.
Golden desert sands fill your view as an orc woman, body mostly crafted of rough metal cybernetics, plunges a gauntlet-clad hand through the heart of a tall, dark-skinned figure bearing a series of dotted tattoos. As she wrenches it out, a glimpse of something blacker than night comes into view for a millisecond before the scene changes.
Deep water surrounds you, its inky blackness only penetrated by the blank white stare of a blue-skinned woman who, to Ashlyn, seems strangely familiar. As a tentacle wraps around her extended limb, you're taken away, and thrown into a maelstrom of images.
Armies clashing upon a battlefield, their banners – of which you count at least four separate factions - stained in blood. A darkened tower upon a desolate plain, wrapped in black fire that pushes up against an invisible shield... that buckles and cracks against the pressure. A great storm of winds and water, descending on the lands and devastating all in its path. A young girl with hair like fire, her skin patterned with turquoise runes, rummaging around in her mother's Bag of Holding and collapsing as the runes seem to react to something within. A black-haired man in a foreign land, kissing the hand of an ethereal beauty as a blade finds its home within his back. A small woman wearing stress upon her face holding two small children, each with pointed ears and slight tusks, against her.
The clash of two blades in a seemingly endless expanse of black, furious white eyes meeting fanatical red. A roar echoes through the mindscape as their blades meet, rumbling through your very souls – and you can feel the change in vision this time.
A teenaged girl, clad in pink, her golden hair matted and face stained with tears, falling unconscious in the arms of a man with the gleaming face of a golden dragon. An older ratfolk woman placing her wrist in a machine and looking out across the skies as electricity crackles around her. A young elven girl placing a bouquet of nightshade atop a freshly-buried grave before an older girl roughly yanks her away. And, finally, an aasimar woman laughing as she carefully arranges the corset of her clearly-annoyed older brother – who appears to be dressed in a gorgeous ballgown.

To say the least today was incredibly exciting. It began with a vision of the past and future. Of people I've known once and people I haven't yet met. Though my friends were annoyed I feel as though we had the best possible ending to the events that transpired this day.
Firstly, a Thunderbird caused a bit of a ruckus outside town. I know them to live near waterfalls and that they are good omens, so naturally excited to see one. My companions were also excited, so much so that Cid threatened to make it his "bitch" so that he try and tame it I believe. I did my best to calm the Thunderbird.
Of course it wasn't a simple task. An ancient Magma Dragon had become excited by the Volcanic eruption that had been caused by our battle in the under dark.
We teleported over to speak to the Dragon and learned that he was simply enjoying the explosive nature of the event. I could feel the desire to battle this ancient beast emanating from my companions, but thankfully I was able to talk them down using my crown that informed us that only woe would come from combating the Dragon.
As we left the Dragon declared that it knew we were champions shocking most of the my friends. Now here is where hell began for me. I have become even more terrified for those I love. There was a being impersonating and kidnapping and replacing Mery for an unknown period of time. There was one upside to it all, I learned that I can trust Cid completely. The moment I began to act he assisted me as best he could, though I had no intention to hurt her as long as she complied Cid rushed to help me defeat my foe.
However, Cyne threw himself in my way, either he doubted my resolve or he knew some secret I know naught of. I know naught which is worse, but he has once again insulted my honor.
It hurts to know mine own blood has no faith in me.
I believe I will have to ask Mery what she thinks we should do about this fake that has been taking her place. If it were my choice I would hide her away in the palace, but I feel that her and Midna would only feel like birds in a gilded cage. How I wish that times were safer so that I could settle down and live with them.
I wish we had met a hundred years earlier during my wanderings, we could have lived a peaceful life together.
I should hire a tutor to teach Midna some self defense. Possibly hire them both a body guard. Ill consult Mery and Midna about how they feel about this.
I believe I'll send a letter to Lord Andron asking for consul, he is a Steward after all I'm sure he can provide some wisdom or references. I hope he does not think me an inconvenience.