Tue 3rd Apr 2018 01:04


by Ashlyn Alarian

Goodness the past couple of days were eventful, I went out on a simple shopping trip and I ended up with an angry dwarf in my head after stopping a coup and a magic mirror. I started the day planning to buy toys for Midna and find Pin’s cousin, brother?, cousin?, I can’t keep track Pin kept calling him her brother but everyone else was calling him Pin’s cousin. It was weird.
After we bought the toys we went to the cousin/brother’s warehouse, there were armed thugs in there but we were able to get information from them peacefully. However the area they directed us to was about as peaceful as Port Amarin is honest. Even their door was villainous! “Fuck the police” was the phrase needed to open the door. Behind the door were undead gunslingers, I do not envy anyone on the wrong side of Cid’s wrath. He is a more powerful ally than I ever realized before, an undead gunslinger half the skill of him caused me much grief.
The hallway itself was filled with a dangerous trap, thankfully I passed through it unharmed. What I found past it though was alarming a man torturing and murdering innocent folk,and yet passed that was even worse a coup! Planning to murder and overthrow my family! I just found them after so long, I swear if anyone hurts them I will hunt them through every plane and hell they hide within with the fury of a revenant. Thankfully it didn't come to that, my friends and I were more than sufficient, plus we talked many of this rebellion into working to better their situation instead of lashing out and hurting others for imagined slights against them.
I hope they will be productive members of our new community. My concern though is with the Drow and Void wizard we faced, I feel something bad is going to happen at the ball. I have learned to summon weapons and my crown provides the ability to summon blades hopefully that will be enough.
After the battle and conversion of our enemies we went through a door that separated us through some foul magic, I grow tired of magic doors. It was bad enough when they would launch impossibly fit spikes out of them but now I'm finding doors that can split my companions through dimensions. Doors are in most cases evil, never trust a door. After we solved the conundrum of the door which tricked me into believing Midna was in danger damned thing I wish they had let me deliver justice unto it.
OH I just thought of a fantastic name for my scythe, I shall name it Justice!
Beyond the door was a mirror which surprise surprise also magical and devious. It drew us into it And then tormented my allies and myself with visions of our greatest sadnesses. The barkeeps was of family betrayal, Cids was of death and pain, our a android companion’s was of being tortured and having his free will stolen, Kazric’s was of turning into an Orc (I found his rather humorous.), I can’t recall Kraia’s I must have been distracted, Celu did not allow us to see her memories which worries me, Pin’s memories was of interrogation and loss of her mother, Licia’s was far be it the worst, she was betrayed by her beloved, if I ever encounter him I will judge him harshly and deliver vengeance.
Mine while brutal was only disturbing in that I don’t remember it. I was kidnapped by some strange turtle men like the one with the moustached man from so long ago, goodness it’s been nearly eighty winters since that day hasn’t it? I wish I had been gifted the idea of a journal long ago maybe I’d remember more ha! There was some relief though, to leave the mirror it had us share a happy memory and what we are most afraid of, I’m afraid of failing to protect my family, now that I have one of blood and one of battle, both of which I love in equal measure and my happiest memory is of reading the letters in my family’s tomb.
However this was the point it got bad, I ate an apple whilst in the mirror and suddenly I shared a mind with an angry dwarf who scorned sarenrae! As soon as we rescued Pin’s brother/cousin and were free I rushed myself to a hospital where I was thankfully cured. I was so happy Mery and Midna didn’t witness it, well Mery did and stayed with me but thankfully the angry dwarf’s craziness was mostly subdued by the time she got there. It did say some shameful things though. Now I spend my time playing with Mery and Midna, teaching our Android friends ethics and law. I now long for this ball to be over so I may return to travelling and doing some good for the world.