Sun 2nd Sep 2018 06:47


by Ashlyn Alarian

Tis a joyous day! The healing worked!
Mary's mother has returned to Ironfalls with us. Mary was completely surprised. It was fantastic. Seeing them reunited made all the troubles of dealing with the Elves and their time traveling, reality warping nonsense worth it. Hopefully this will make up for all the time I've had to leave her alone and for not being home to assist with raising our children. I wish I could do more for her. I wish I lived in another time were I could sit down at home and spend all my days with them. I know that I will most likely never have this opportunity and that this quest I have been tasked with will most likely end me and/or consume me. I can only hope to make this world a better place for them whether or not I'm here to share it with them. I know this is selfish and Mary will most assuredly lecture me about making sure to come home, and I will tell her of course I will. I feel we both would know that interaction would be more ceremonial than genuine. At least for now my family is happy.
On an more distressing note, Celu has been kidnapped. By a Devil no less. This is after it decided that Pin owed it a soul. Usually I would lecture Pin but this time I'm in agreement with her, the Devil has falsely accused her of debt owed.
HOWEVER, she has now signed an actual contract with it and we're going into an accursed land to capture a soul to appease it to buy the return of our companion. This is better than their original plan to go hunt down a Lich and try to capture it's soul. It took quite a bit of debating and getting multiple professional opinions for my alternative plan to be accepted. We head to that accursed dome now to try and retrieve a soul of equal or greater than Celu's. Somehow they will have to capture a soul. This seems like a terrible terrible idea. If it takes longer than two weeks I will be leading the party out of this dome. I must make it back for the ritual, whether or not Celu is saved. Though I do truly want nothing more than to save her. Our true mission is of far greater importance.